5 Most Water-Efficient Washing Machines of 2022

Last update: 2022-10-02

Many people wouldn't want to imagine living in a house without a washing machine. The only thing that might make some people hesitate in equipping one washer in their home is its high water consumption.

But the good news is a lot of modern models have overcome that caveat. If that’s also what you are looking for, here are the 6 most water-efficient washing machine options out there:

Here are the most water-efficient washing machines you can buy in 2022:

  • Quiet (Top Load Washing Machine): FRIGIDAIRE Top Load Washer
  • Best For Small Spaces (Top Load Washing Machine): COMFEE' Portable Washing Machine
  • Best For Smaller Loads (Front Load Washing Machine): RecPro RV Washing Machine
  • Best For Big Families (Front Load Washing Machine): LG WM3998HBA
  • Energy-Efficient (Front Load Washing Machine): Samsung WF42H5000AW
5 Most Water-Efficient Washing Machines
FRIGIDAIRE Top Load Washer
  • Top Load Washing Machine
Best For Small Spaces
COMFEE' Portable Washing Machine
  • Top Load Washing Machine
Best For Smaller Loads
RecPro RV Washing Machine
  • Front Load Washing Machine
Best For Big Families
  • Front Load Washing Machine
Samsung WF42H5000AW
  • Front Load Washing Machine

Quiet: FRIGIDAIRE Top Load Washer

FRIGIDAIRE Top Load Washer
FRIGIDAIRE Top Load Washer
  • Ideal for families with kids or seniors – extra-quiet operation
  • Able to disinfect your clothes – four temperature options
  • Convenient - fabric softener dispenser
  • Unable to control the water level

Our next pick is the FRIGIDAIRE Top Load Washer. It has so many great features but the most notable one is its surprising quietness when operating.

Unlike other contenders that we tested, it hardly vibrated during a wash and the motor worked silently, which is perfect for those families with young kids or seniors.

The roomy 4.1-cubic-foot capacity is enough for washing a thick blanket. The fabric softener dispenser is a big bonus. And, we really liked the four temperature options, which come in handy to disinfect baby clothes.

FRIGIDAIRE Top Load Washer Specifications


27 in. X 43 5/16 in. X 28 1/8 in.


‎114.8 pounds


4.1 Cubic Feet

Highlight Features

extra-quiet operation

four temperature options

fabric softener dispenser


If quietness is your top priority when looking for a top-load washing machine, then we highly recommend the FRIGIDAIRE Top Load Washer.

Best For Small Spaces: COMFEE' Portable Washing Machine

COMFEE' Portable Washing Machine
COMFEE' Portable Washing Machine
  • Perfect for small spaces - 0.9-cubic-foot capacity & dimensions 31.5
  • Too short power cord
  • Short water drainage hose

The COMFEE' Portable Washing Machine is our favorite pick for those who live alone.

It features a 0.9-cubic-foot capacity and the overall measurement is 31.5" H x 17.7" D x 18.1" W, perfect to fit inside a cabinet, bathtub, or any narrow corner. It also has a handle and four casters for portability.

Small yet functional, the machine offers 3 levels, 5 pre-programmed options, and a lot of adjustments in spin time, rinse time, washing time, and more.

Besides, it is added with AUD function, which can automatically adjust itself to be balanced and prevent vibration or emit a sound alert if it can't fix the unbalance.

COMFEE' Portable Washing Machine Specifications


18.1 x 17.7 x 31.5 inches


44.1 Pounds


0.9 cu. ft

Highlight Features

0.9-cubic-foot capacity & dimensions 31.5" H x 17.7" D x 18.1" W

a handle & wheels

AUD function


The COMFEE' Portable Washing Machine is one of the most compact and lightweight models on the market, making it a fantastic choice for small spaces.

Best For Smaller Loads: RecPro RV Washing Machine

RecPro RV Washing Machine
RecPro RV Washing Machine
  • The 13-pound weight capacity
  • Portable & space-saving – measurement of 35 x 25 x 25 inches
  • Able to capture your coins – the coin trap
  • No complaint

Out of the front-load washing machines we tested, the RecPro RV Washer might be the one with the smallest capacity, which is ideal for singles, dorms, or camping.

This model is measured by only 35 x 25 x 25 inches, its maximum weight capacity is 13 pounds, and it can reach 1,200 RPM speed.

It also features many options and adjustments to let you easily customize each wash.

Lastly, the added coin trap is one of our most favorite features.

RecPro RV Washing Machine Specifications


33 1/2" high by 23 1/2" wide by 22" deep


160 pounds

Weight Capacity

13 pounds

Highlight Features

The 13-pound weight capacity

Dimensions: 35 x 25 x 25 inches

the coin trap


The RecPro RV Washing Machine highlights a 13-pound weight capacity and a compact design - which is a great pick for smaller loads during camping.

Best For Big Families: LG WM3998HBA

  • Multifunctional - washer/dryer capabilities with vent-free
  • Able to wash faster – 30-minute washing cycle
  • Ideal for a large family - 4.5-cubic-foot capacity
  • Wish it had a lint filter
  • The instructions are slightly vague

Contrasting to the above pick, this front-load washing machine features the largest inner tube - 4.5-cubic-foot capacity, that can easily accommodate bigger loads of a family.

Moreover, it is integrated with a dryer function with no vent required.

An excellent 2-for-1 washer/dryer combo for those who want to save their living space. Our clothes during testing with this model were completely dried with wrinkle-free and none-static-electricity.

Another highlight point is its washing time, which is cut down to 30 minutes - which is faster and more time-saving.

LG WM3998HBA Specifications


41.75 x 31.5 x 29.5 inches


236 Pounds


4.5 cu. ft.

Highlight Features

washer/dryer capabilities with vent-free

30-minute washing cycle

4.5-cubic-foot capacity


If you’re looking for a multifunctional, ultra-large front-door washing machine for your family, the LG WM3998HBA is worth the investment.

Energy-Efficient: Samsung WF42H5000AW

Samsung WF42H5000AW
Samsung WF42H5000AW
  • Energy-efficient – Energy Star certification & shorter drying cycle
  • Low-maintenance – new self-cleaning technology
  • Practical – a lot of add-ons
  • It knocks sometimes

This wonderful front-load washing machine is labeled "Energy Star". That means it will end up saving you hundreds of bucks on energy costs in its lifetime whereas still washing all loads without a hitch and the clothes coming out is very dry and clean.

With this model, you've got 9 customizable options and 8 pre-programmed settings to choose from, along with some practical add-ons like three dispenser trays, door lock, child lock, etc.

It runs quietly with little vibration during our testing. And, the most impressive feature is its self-cleaning technology - which is low-maintenance.

Samsung WF42H5000AW Specifications


33 x 38 x 27 inches


192 Pounds


4.2 Cu. Ft.

Highlight Features

Energy Star certification & shorter drying cycle

new self-cleaning technology

a lot of add-ons: three dispenser trays, door lock, child lock, etc.


The Samsung WF42H5000AW has the perfect balance of large load capacity and energy efficiency. It’s also customizable, easy to use, and very practical.

How To Choose The Most Water-Efficient Washing Machine?

Water Rating

One of the easiest ways to know if a washing machine is water-efficient is to check the number of stars for the water rating (commonly found on the product and the product packaging). The more the number of stars, the more water-efficient.

Types Of Washing Machine

Between a top-load and a front-load washing machine of the same size, the front-load one is up to 70% more water-efficient because it can pick clothes up and repeatedly drop them into the wash water.

But nothing is perfect; the biggest disadvantage of front-load washers is too long wash cycles.

If time matters a lot to you, either choose a front-load model with a quick-wash cycle option (but this function might not suit heavy loads) or a top-load model with an eco-program.

Washing Programs And Functions

Although a washer with multiple washing programs and functions costs a bit more than a more basic model, choosing the right cycle and function for the load and your needs for each wash, significantly helps you save water, energy, and money in the long run.

Bonus tips: Aside from choosing a washer with eco-program as stated above, consider two other washing functions: spray rinse function and reduced load function.

Load Capacity

Choosing a washer with the wrong load capacity for your needs is one of the most common causes of water wasting.

Too-small load capacity forces you to divide your clothes into multiple washes while too-big load capacity is not only bulky but also wasteful in both water and energy.

In general, a 7- to 8-kilogram load capacity washer is perfect for a family of 3 or 4 people. A 9- to 10-kilogram load capacity model is ideal for a bigger family of 5+ people.

Which Brands Make The Most Water-Efficient Washing Machine?


Kenmore was established in 1913 in America by Transformco, an affiliate of ESL Investments. They specialize in household appliances and are well-loved by worldwide customers for providing high-quality products of various sizes, designs, and styles at affordable prices.


Founded in 1918, FRIGIDAIRE is one of the most well-known home appliance manufacturers in the world. In terms of washing machine, their products distinguish themselves for the unique agitator pulsated up and down.


LG is a long-standing Korean company specializing in telecommunications, chemicals, and electronics products. So, for modern, smart, and water-efficient washing machines, this is a great stop.


What does the Water Rating Label mean?

The Water Rating Label refers to the amount of water that machine will consume per load, per flush, or a minute.

Is it worth buying a water efficient washing machine?

For long-term use, then yes, a water-efficient washing machine is worth buying despite its expensive upfront cost.

How many liters of water does a washing machine use?

During an average cycle, a regular washing machine uses about 50 liters of water per wash.

Do top load washers use more water?

Yes, they do. Compared to front-load washers, the top-load one consumes a lot more water because it needs to soak your clothes for a full duration of wash cycle.

How to reduce washing machine water usage?

To reduce washing machine water usage, you should opt for a WELS Label with 4+ stars because that means the machine is proven-tested to be water efficient. Besides, running it on a full load in cold water helps save both water and energy a lot.


That's the end of this article. Hopefully, our intensive review of the most water-efficient washing machine will help you decide which one is the right for your needs. Thanks for reading!

Eugene Williams
Eugene Williams

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