About Us

Hi, I’m Eugene Williams. My love for house renovation started when I got married. As a DIY lover, my wife inspired me to renovate our house and turned it into a nature-friendly and beautiful place for our souls. The birth of my son also marked another level of my understanding of home improvements and decorations. I turned our backyard garden into a playground for my son. It is the most meaningful project I have done so far!

Then my friends asked for my advice related to housing renovation or decorations. Of course, I couldn’t hold my happiness at those moments. Times went by and my passion for home improvements and decorations is getting bigger. I started to take this job seriously. I learned more about this field at a professional level and applied the knowledge to my very first projects. It had been 15 years since then. I had gained a lot of experience and technique through study and practices. And here we are! I have decided to put everything I know into a place where not only me but other DIY lovers, home-decor enthusiasts can access.

Everything I have learned can be found on this website. Anything from house building to decorating tips, skills, and advice.

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