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7 Best Airtight Dog Food Containers of 2024

By Eugene WilliamsLast update: 2024-04-17

Airtight dog food containers are a great addition to add to the arsenal of any pet parent. They keep wet or dry dog food from insects, pests, and critters, as well as ensure your dog’s health. But did you know how to choose the best airtight dog food container for your furry friend? If not, read on.

Here are the best airtight dog food containers you can buy in 2024:

  • Largest Capacity (Plastic Container): GAMMA2 4380
  • Easy To Move (Plastic Container): IRIS USA 500088
  • Smallest Capacity (Plastic Container): Kytely K06DCSGE
  • Slim Shape (Metal Container): Simplehuman CW1886
  • Cute (Metal Container Design): Vumdua Airtight Dog Treat Storage Tins
  • Sturdy (Ceramic Container): ‎‎HB Design Co. DTC-WHITE
  • Easy To Clean (Ceramic Container): Barnyard Designs Airtight Dog Treat Storage Container
7 Best Airtight Dog Food Containers
Largest Capacity
GAMMA2 4380
  • Plastic Container
Easy To Move
IRIS USA 500088
  • Plastic Container
Smallest Capacity
Kytely K06DCSGE
  • Plastic Container
Slim Shape
Simplehuman CW1886
  • Metal Container
Vumdua Airtight Dog Treat Storage Tins
  • Metal Container Design
‎‎HB Design Co. DTC-WHITE
  • Ceramic Container
Easy To Clean
Barnyard Designs Airtight Dog Treat Storage Container
  • Ceramic Container

Largest Capacity: GAMMA2 4380

GAMMA2 4380
GAMMA2 4380
  • The largest capacity – 80 pounds in capacity
  • Able to remove bad moisture and keep in good moisture - a patented Gamma seal technology
  • Space-saving & easy to store away – stackable design
  • The handles are not really handy

The GAMMA2 4380 is perfect for those who want to store a huge quantity of dog food plus keep them fresh and dry. But rest assured, you can easily stack up these containers for storage when not in use.

This container is 80 pounds in capacity and is made in the USA from BPA-free recycled plastic.

Particularly, it utilizes a patented Gamma seal technology, which can eliminate harmful moisture while keeping good moisture in. So, dog food stays fresh for longer.

Its easy-access lid is another great feature, making it quick and easy to feed your furry friend.

GAMMA2 4380 Specifications


14 x 14 x 28 inches


80 Pounds

Highlight Features

80 pounds in capacity

a patented Gamma seal technology

stackable design


With 80 pounds in capacity, the GAMMA2 4380 is the largest capacity plastic dog food container we tested.

Easy To Move: IRIS USA 500088

IRIS USA 500088
IRIS USA 500088
  • Easy to move - four attachable casters
  • Rodent proof - snap-lock latches & airtight seal
  • The sticky labels on the front are hard to remove

If you frequently have to move your dog food container around the house for some reason, then an easy-to-move model like this will come in handy.

The IRIS USA 500088 has four attachable casters, and they all roll smoothly, so you can effortlessly push around instead of carrying it. A perfect choice for seniors, women, or people with weak arms.

The snap-lock latches and airtight seal make it rodent proof, while the clear container body allows you to check the food level at a glance.

IRIS USA 500088 Specifications


16.5 x 10.83 x 18.63 inches


25 Lbs. - 33 Qt.

Highlight Features

four attachable casters

snap-lock latches & airtight seal


We pick the IRIS USA 500088 for those looking for an airtight and easy-to-move plastic dog food container.

Smallest Capacity: Kytely K06DCSGE

Kytely K06DCSGE
Kytely K06DCSGE
  • Ideal for refrigerator or pantry - 3.5-pound capacity
  • Easy to pour - large pour spout opening
  • Easy to grasp - groove bottle design
  • The measuring cup could fit better

Looking for a small, practical, and airtight container to store your dog food? Check out the Kytely K06DCSGE.

This container can hold 3.5 pounds of dry pet food, making it perfect for your refrigerator or pantry.

We appreciate the included measuring cup and the large pour spout opening so that you can pour food easily mess-free.

Also, the groove bottle design is easy to grasp and perfect for indoor, outdoor, or traveling use.

Kytely K06DCSGE Specifications


7.09 x 4.53 x 12.2 inches


3.5 lbs.

Highlight Features

3.5-pound capacity

large pour spout opening

groove bottle design


The Kytely K06DCSGE is a great choice for those who need an airtight plastic container with the smallest capacity.

Slim Shape: Simplehuman CW1886

Simplehuman CW1886
Simplehuman CW1886
  • Perfect for tight spaces – slim-shape design
  • Space-saving - the measuring cup with a magnetic base
  • Low-maintenance - fingerprint-proof exterior
  • The locking handle is plastic, not metal
  • Wish the wheels were larger

If you are in need of an airtight metal container with a slim shape, our favorite pick is the Simplehuman CW1886.

With only 10.4" thick, this container is designed to make the most of tight spaces. Still, it can hold nearly 32 pounds of dry dog food. To make it more space-saving, the measuring cup is designed with a magnetic base so that you can easily attach it under the lid.

The built-in rear casters increase the container's mobility while the fingerprint-proof exterior makes it low-maintenance and remains shiny looking for longer.

Simplehuman CW1886 Specifications


18.1 x 10.4 x 23.2 inches


32 lbs.

Highlight Features

slim-shape design

the measuring cup with a magnetic base

fingerprint-proof exterior


The Simplehuman CW1886 boasts a slim-shape design with only 10.4” thickness, making it a great choice for tight spaces.

Cute: Vumdua Airtight Dog Treat Storage Tins

Vumdua Airtight Dog Treat Storage Tins
Vumdua Airtight Dog Treat Storage Tins
  • Cute design - farmhouse-style design with a cute image on the front
  • Budget-friendly
  • A bit pricey

If you want your dog food container to double as a decoration item, then try this one.

The Vumdua Airtight Dog Treat Storage Tin comes in two universal color options: black and white - that easily match any home decor style. In addition, it has a farmhouse-style design with a cute image on the front.

A compliment for the two handles on the side which double as a holder for the measuring cup. The top handle is also convenient.

The powder-coated galvanized steel construction is durable and easy to clean.

Vumdua Airtight Dog Treat Storage Tins Specifications


6.69" (L) x 5.9" (W) x 9.05" (H)


5-6 lbs.

Highlight Features

farmhouse-style design with a cute image on the front


Looking for an airtight metal dog food container with a cute design? Then, our favorite pick for you is the Vumdua Airtight Dog Treat Storage Tins

Sturdy: ‎‎HB Design Co. DTC-WHITE

‎‎HB Design Co. DTC-WHITE
‎‎HB Design Co. DTC-WHITE
  • Made of food-safe and sturdy ceramic
  • Easy to open – a top handle
  • A nice decoration item – off-white exterior with cute allover paw imprints and the bone-shape top handle
  • A bit tricky to clean

This practical and sturdy container is the perfect way to store your pet's treats while keeping them fresh. No stale treats here!

It's made from food-safe and sturdy ceramic, and features a rubber-lined lid, an airtight lid, and an easy-open design - keeping dog food, kibble, dental sticks, and treats moisture free and delicious.

The off-white exterior with cute allover paw imprints and the bone-shape top handle makes it perfect to add a touch of style to your home décor. No need to reach inside a cupboard!

‎‎HB Design Co. DTC-WHITE Specifications


5" Round x 9" Tall


5.2 pounds

Highlight Features

Made of food-safe and sturdy ceramic

a top handle

off-white exterior with cute allover paw imprints and the bone-shape top handle


The HB Design Co. DTC-WHITE is our recommendation for those seeking an airtight and sturdy ceramic dog food container.

Easy To Clean: Barnyard Designs Airtight Dog Treat Storage Container

Barnyard Designs Airtight Dog Treat Storage Container
Barnyard Designs Airtight Dog Treat Storage Container
  • Easy to clean - smooth and sleek finish
  • Space-saving – dimensions of 5
  • You’ll have to refill the container frequently
  • Wish it had a top handle

This ceramic dog food container has an airtight lid with a silicone ring to keep out moisture and preserve freshness, whether it's dry dog food or treats.

The rustic farmhouse look will surely add charm to your kitchen countertop while the dimensions of 5" x 5" x 8" is generous enough to hold 3.6 pounds of food.

But the best part is this ceramic container is very easy to clean, thanks to its smooth and sleek finish.

Barnyard Designs Airtight Dog Treat Storage Container Specifications


5" x 5" x 8"


3.6 Pounds

Highlight Features

smooth and sleek finish

dimensions of 5" x 5" x 8"

Rustic farmhouse design


In search for an airtight and easy-to-clean ceramic dog food container? Don’t hesitate to pick the Barnyard Designs Airtight Dog Treat Storage Container

How To Choose The Best Airtight Dog Food Container?

When it comes to choosing an airtight dog food container, there are a few things you need to take into account to make sure you pick the best one for your needs.

Here are the top factors to consider:

Type Of Lid

The first thing you need to think about is the type of lid the container has.

Some lids are better sealed than others, so make sure to pick one that will create an airtight seal.

This is especially important if you plan on storing the container in a place where there might be dust or other particles in the air.


Ask yourself: “what size of dog food container do you need?”

This will depend on the amount of food your dog eats and how often you need to refill the container.

If you have a small dog, a medium-sized container should suffice. For larger dogs, you'll need a bigger container.


The most common materials used for airtight dog food containers are plastic, ceramic, and stainless steel.

They all have their pros and cons.

Stainless steel is a good option because it's durable and won't interact with food.

But it’s expensive and heavy—so dog food containers made of stainless steel may not be as easy to move around. Some dogs can also chew through metal, so if yours is a chewer, you'll need to choose a different material.

Ceramic is non-toxin, easy to clean, and looks beautiful. But this material is prone to crack or break.

Plastic is lightweight, easy to move around, see-through, and durable.

However, it might interact with food and cause off-flavors. Not saying that some dogs can chew through it. So, it's really up to personal preference which one you choose.

Easy To Store

Finally, you need to decide where you're going to store the container. If it's going in a cupboard or pantry, make sure it's not too big or bulky so it doesn't take up too much space.

Which Brands Make The Best Airtight Dog Food Container?


25 years ago, IRIS USA was the first organization to create clear plastic storage containers for American homes. Today, IRIS USA keeps on providing an ever-growing line of pet products, small appliances, home goods, and more in their dedication to finding solutions for everyday life.


Founded in 2000, Simplehuman specializes in producing innovative kitchen, bath, and beauty tools.

Customers in the US and international markets love their products because they use the latest innovations in technology and materials to create new levels of product performance.

Plus, they go through rigorous testing to make sure their products will look and work like new for years of use.


Do you need an airtight container for dog food?

Yes, you do. An airtight container dramatically keeps dog food (both wet and dry) fresh for longer, which prevents food waste and ensures your dog's health.

Is it better to keep dog food in a bag or container?

According to Dr. Nelson, the whole bag of dog food should be kept inside an airtight container because this way helps add a barrier to seal in oils and fats, keeping dog food from becoming rancid later.

How long does dog food last in an airtight container?

Dry dog food can last up to 8 weeks if stored properly in an airtight container.

What temperature should dry dog food be stored?

Dry dog food should be stored in a cool and dry place that’s under 80 degrees F.

Can canned dog food be stored in an airtight container?

No, they can’t. The proper way to store canned dog food is in the fridge. But take note that this type of dog food usually lasts for more than 2 hours.


There are so many different types of airtight dog food containers on the market, it can be hard to know which one to choose. But we hope that through this complete buying guide and review list, you can narrow down your search and find the perfect option for you and your furry friend. Thanks for reading!

Hi, my name is Eugene, the ultimate home enthusiast! I write buying guides and ideas on how to create a warm and welcoming home. Join me on my journey to make everyday in your house a staycation in the comfort of your own space!

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