6 Best Label Makers For Home Use of 2022

Last update: 2022-11-25

While considering the best label maker for home use, we advise you to pay attention to the power source, keyboard pattern, and customization options.

Our tester teams have experience in searching and evaluating label makers for different purposes of use. For this year’s review list, here are our six picks:

Here are the best label makers for home use you can buy in 2022:

  • Compact & Lightweight (Monochrome Label Maker): DYMO ‎1955663
  • Long Runtime Battery (Monochrome Label Maker): NiiMbot D11
  • Easy To Set Up (Monochrome Label Maker): Brother PT-P710BT
  • Easy To Use (Color Label Maker): Brother PT70BM
  • Fast Reprinting (Color Label Maker): Brother PT-D202
  • Label Tape Saving (Color Label Maker): Labelife D210S
6 Best Label Makers For Home Use
Compact & Lightweight
DYMO ‎1955663
  • Monochrome Label Maker
Long Runtime Battery
NiiMbot D11
  • Monochrome Label Maker
Easy To Set Up
Brother PT-P710BT
  • Monochrome Label Maker
Easy To Use
Brother PT70BM
  • Color Label Maker
Fast Reprinting
Brother PT-D202
  • Color Label Maker
Label Tape Saving
Labelife D210S
  • Color Label Maker

Compact & Lightweight: DYMO ‎1955663

DYMO ‎1955663
DYMO ‎1955663
  • Great portability – the measurement of 3.5 x 6 x 12 inches & the weight of 0.688 ounces
  • Extra convenience - auto-off function & previewing text effects
  • Easy to create labels - ABC-style keyboard
  • No shift key
  • The labels are tricky to peel off

If you are in need of a handy-dandy little labeler that's easy to carry around for labeling anywhere, look no further.

The DYMO ‎1955663 measures 3.5 x 6 x 12 inches and weighs ‎0.688 ounces, making it the most lightweight and compact model that we tested.

Still, this label maker packs many high-end functionalities such as auto-off and previewing text effects.

It also gives you plenty of customizations, including 8 box styles, 7 print styles, and 5 font sizes. Its ABC-style keyboard lets you create labels about anything quickly, which is a great plus.

DYMO ‎1955663 Specifications

Label Width Range

12 mm

Highlight Features

The most lightweight and compact design

auto-off function & previewing text effects

ABC-style keyboard


We are quite impressed with the portability of the DYMO ‎1955663. Out of a bunch, it’s the most compact and lightweight.

Long Runtime Battery: NiiMbot D11

NiiMbot D11
NiiMbot D11
  • Eco-friendly – rechargeable batteries
  • No need to recharge many times – 2 months of lifespan per charge
  • Customizable – support making custom labels up to 0.6
  • Probably difficult to use for new users
  • No setting to mute the beep sounds

Designed with the environment in mind, the NiiMbot D11 is powered by rechargeable batteries so that you can save money on disposable battery purchasing and prevent waste.

Per full charge, its battery lasts up to two months, which is a lot longer than standard, especially at such a competitive price.

The D11's 2022 version is upgraded a lot. But what we were most impressed with is its more powerful performance and lightweight design than the prior versions, which is more convenient to use.

It supports making custom labels up to 0.6" in width from your smartphone. In addition, it offers many options of QR codes, barcodes, logos, and more.

NiiMbot D11 Specifications

Connectivity Technology

Wireless, USB

Label Width Range


Highlight Features

rechargeable batteries

2 months of lifespan per charge

support making custom labels up to 0.6" in width from smartphones


The NiiMbot D11 boasts the longest runtime rechargeable battery, making it the best eco-friendly monochrome label maker.

Easy To Set Up: Brother PT-P710BT

Brother PT-P710BT
Brother PT-P710BT
  • Easy to set up – including everything in the package for ready-to-start
  • Quick and effortless to make labels – a variety of pre-designed label templates
  • Versatile – able to make custom labels up to 1
  • Very expensive
  • Not efficient – The labeler automatically cuts off 1” of the labels before printing.

The Brother PT-P710BT is a bang-for-buck monochrome label maker that we tried.

It can make custom labels up to 1" in width, support wireless label-making and -printing via Bluetooth connectivity from multiple electric devices, such as desktops and Android or Apple smartphones.

Aside from providing a variety of symbols, frames, and fonts, it has many pre-designed label templates to choose from.

The PT-P710BT comes with everything, meaning that it’s ready to use right out of the box.

Brother PT-P710BT Specifications

Connectivity Technology

Bluetooth, USB

Label Width Range


Highlight Features

including everything in the package for ready-to-start

a variety of pre-designed label templates

able to make custom labels up to 1" in width


We love the Brother PT-P710BT and list it in this article because it’s easy to set up and highly customizable.

Easy To Use: Brother PT70BM

Brother PT70BM
Brother PT70BM
  • Intuitive to monitor - an 8-character LCD display
  • Accurate to input text - a QWERTY keyboard with raised keys
  • The instructions are confusing

The Brother PT70BM boasts a QWERTY keyboard with raised keys and an 8-character LCD display, which is visual to monitor and increases accuracy when you're making labels.

Compared to other color label makers, this option is a lot more user-friendly.

For the best performance, the manufacturer offers two tape sizes: 12mm and 9mm. It also gives you 54 font variations, 9 type styles, and 6 sizes.

Brother PT70BM Specifications

Connectivity Technology


Label Width Range


Highlight Features

an 8-character LCD display

a QWERTY keyboard with raised keys


If you’re looking for an easy-to-use color label maker at a good price, the Brother PT70BM is an awesome pick

Fast Reprinting: Brother PT-D202

Brother PT-D202
Brother PT-D202
  • Fast-reprinting – memory function that support saving 30 label designs
  • Versatility - 600+ symbols, 97 frames, 10 styles, and 14 fonts & exclusive home-organization templates
  • A bit cumbersome

There are certain labels that you want to print again and again. And the Brother PT-D202 can help you do that quickly.

Instead of re-making the label from the start, this label maker allows you to save the label design for later printings. It supports saving up to 30 different labels.

Moreover, it allows you to preview the label design prior to printing. Its extra-large LCD display is a big plus, by the way.

The PT-D202 offers 600+ symbols, 97 frames, 10 styles, and 14 fonts, along with many exclusive home-organization templates to ensure meeting all your labeling needs.

Brother PT-D202 Specifications

Connectivity Technology


Label Width Range


Highlight Features

memory function

600+ symbols, 97 frames, 10 styles, and 14 fonts

exclusive home-organization templates


The Brother PT-D202 will be a great choice for folks who want fast reprinting color label maker

Label Tape Saving: Labelife D210S

Labelife D210S
Labelife D210S
  • Cost-efficient - the Narrow setting
  • Flexible - Able to print 55 different labels
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor uses – including a durable pack of label tape
  • Not eco-friendly

For folks who want to optimize the cost of label tape, we highly recommend the Labelife D210S because it boasts the "Narrow" setting, which helps print more labels with less tape.

Another handy feature of this labeler is it allows you to print different labels just with a touch of a key. It can print up to 55 different labels.

The D210S comes with a pack of TZe-231 black-on-white label tape. Compared to the tapes of other brands, we love this one for its durability. It holds up well to different temperatures, weathers, fades, abrasion, and water to be used both indoors and outdoors.

Labelife D210S Specifications

Connectivity Technology


Label Width Range

3.5mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm

Highlight Features

the "Narrow" setting

Able to print 55 different labels

including a durable pack of TZe-231 black-on-white label tape


The Labelife D210S can print more labels with less tape without compromising the label quality, making it the best label tape saving option.

How To Choose The Best Label Maker For Home Use?

Power Source

Label makers are commonly powered in two ways: plug-in or by batteries. Each comes with specific pros and cons.

Plug-in label makers are known for their consistency. But they cannot work during power shortages plus you might face the risks of tangled power cords.

Battery-powered models are more convenient to use because they operate separately from electricity outlets and have no hassles of power cords. However, you need to pay attention to the runtime of their batteries.

Keyboard Style

Label makers come in two common keyboard styles:

  • Alphabetic-style keyboard - the traditional, which is easier for kids to use
  • QWERTY-style keyboard - the modern, which is suitable for adults due to its standard typewriter keyboard layout

Customization Options

The more customization options, the easier for you to design your own labels.

  • Ask yourself: What add-ons do you really need in a label maker: frame choices, symbols, font options, tape sizes, or all of them?
  • Do you often need to print one or some labels over and again?
  • Do you want your labeler to be connected to a smart device or computer?

Which Brands Make The Best Label Maker For Home Use?


Founded in 1958, DYMO is the world's leading brand in providing a complete range of innovative products for home, worksite, warehouse, and office. They help people simplify their tasks and make them look more professional.


With a thick history, Brother Industries, Ltd. is one of the most successful Japanese multinational companies in the electronics and electrical equipment industry.

They are dedicated to manufacturing and distributing a variety of products, including label printers, multifunctional printers, fax machines, etc.


Do I need a label maker?

You should have a label maker if you want to organize items around your home, store, or office plus you have illegible handwriting.

What can I do with a label maker?

You can use a label maker for:

  • Managing cords behind your work desk or TV
  • Helping you learn a new language
  • Organizing your closet, pantry, or fridge
  • Labeling different types of snacks and foods served in a party
  • Making gift tags
  • Naming your house plants
  • Labeling different jars of spices in your kitchen

Is Dymo or Brother better?

We would say each brand has its own strengths.

While Brother labels are unbeatable for its top-notch durability, Dymo is super-pleasant to use.

How do I connect my label maker to my computer?

It depends on the brand and the version of your label maker. For example, if yours is a Brother label maker, you can connect it to your computer using the USB cable and power cord.

It’d be best to carefully read the manuals of the product before use.

How do I keep my Brother P-Touch from wasting tape?

To keep your Brother P-Touch from wasting tape, follow this guide:

Step 1: Press the Power button (found on the upper left side of the labeler), then input your label

Step 2: Press the Function button (found in the center of the labeler), then the Length function appears on the screen

Step 3: Press then push the right arrow button; input the length (in inches) of labels that you want

Step 4: Press the Return button.


To wrap it up, there are three key factors to consider when choosing the best label maker for home use. You should also determine your budget and shop from a reliable brand. We hope the provided information helps you make the right decision. Thanks for reading!

Eugene Williams
Eugene Williams

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