5 Best Planters For Fiddle Leaf Fig of 2022

Last update: 2022-10-01

What are the key points when choosing a planter for your fiddle leaf fig?

This type of tree needs a good drainage system because it’s easy to get root rot and over-watering. Asides from this feature, you also need to take others into consideration. Let’s check what they are in the rest of my article. Before going into this part, please take a look at my top picks below:

Here are the best planters for fiddle leaf fig you can buy in 2022:

  • Best For Deep Planting: Novelty Full Depth Round Cylinder Pot
  • Self-Watering: Hbservices Usa Plant Pot
  • Unique Honeycomb Design: La Jolíe Muse Large Outdoor Tall Planter
  • Mid-Century Style: Rivet Mid-century Ceramic Planter
  • Minimalist Modern Style: La Jolíe Muse Ceramic Plant Pot
5 Best Planters For Fiddle Leaf Fig
Best For Deep Planting
Novelty Full Depth Round Cylinder Pot
    Hbservices Usa Plant Pot
      Unique Honeycomb Design
      La Jolíe Muse Large Outdoor Tall Planter
        Mid-Century Style
        Rivet Mid-century Ceramic Planter
          Minimalist Modern Style
          La Jolíe Muse Ceramic Plant Pot

            Best For Deep Planting: Novelty Full Depth Round Cylinder Pot

            Novelty Full Depth Round Cylinder Pot
            Novelty Full Depth Round Cylinder Pot
            • Sturdy plastic material
            • Stylish
            • Hard to take off the tray

            It’s crucial to choose the right size pot for your fiddle leaf fig because a too-small one will crowd the root system, leading to stare. Meanwhile, a too-large pot is an ideal and perfect environment for root rot problems, especially since this type of tree is prone to the root rot issue.

            What is the best planter for fiddle leaf fig?

            This tree needs a “dry house” with great drainage holes to keep its roots from being wet for a long time. Luckily, the Novelty full depth round cylinder pot comes with drainage holes at the bottom. They are smartly positioned on a snap-on tray, so there is no need to be worried that the water from your fiddle leaf fig planter can cause a mess on your indoor surfaces when you grow it inside your house.

            Here is the deal:

            All of the fiddle leaf figs love being watered deeply, and the Novelty full-depth round cylinder pot can meet this requirement. The design provides your plant with extra deep planting space for the healthy development of the root.

            Novelty Full Depth Round Cylinder Pot Specifications


            1.2 Pounds




            10.25 x 10.25 x 10 inches

            Highlight Features

            Deep planting space, Built-in tray


            Novelty full depth round cylinder pot offers more space at the bottom for your tree’s root growth.

            Self-Watering: Hbservices Usa Plant Pot

            Hbservices Usa Plant Pot
            Hbservices Usa Plant Pot
            • Clean, simple, and modern looking
            • Sturdy plastic
            • Easy to use
            • No instructions

            It’s straightforward for a fiddle leaf fig to be root rot, so your tree needs to be properly watered on a regular basis for healthy development.

            But what should you do if you are too busy to perform this task?

            In this case, the HBServices USA plant pot should be your saver because of its self-watering system.

            This planter comes with 4 hollow legs, containing soil and naturally drawing the water from the reservoir. Meanwhile, your plant is lifted above the surface of the water to protect the root system from being flooded continuously. Moreover, it is also useful in fixing the problem of over-watering. In sum, this self-watering system allows you to deep water your plant every 2 weeks.

            Besides, this smart design has extra big open slats at the bottom to maintain better air circulation without needing to poking holes in the soil’s surface. This feature can decrease the risk of root rot problem that is very common in planting fiddle leaf fig.

            This product has a really wonderful self-watering system because its clip-on watering accessory allows you to fill up the reservoir saucer rather than directly pouring water into your tree, causing overflowing or overwatering.

            Hbservices Usa Plant Pot Specifications


            1.1 pounds


            Plastic #5 Polypropylene


            10 x 10 x 9.1 inches

            Highlight Features

            self-watering, self-aerating, high drainage, additional large open slats, clip-on watering attachment, the integrated deep reservoir dish


            HBServices USA plant pot has a wonderful self-watering system, so it suits busy people perfectly.

            Unique Honeycomb Design: La Jolíe Muse Large Outdoor Tall Planter

            La Jolíe Muse Large Outdoor Tall Planter
            La Jolíe Muse Large Outdoor Tall Planter
            • Works best for tall trees
            • Lightweight
            • Easy to move
            • Not ideal for short and small trees

            If you want to use a fiddle leaf fig planter as a decor to add extra beauty to your space, this pot with a like-ceramic unique honeycomb design should be your solution. Its simplicity but uniqueness suit any classic and modern style of the house.

            You think that it has the appearance only, right?

            In fact, this product is very durable and functional, as well.

            This planter is made from recyclable plastic and natural stone power, so it is sturdy and environmental-friendly. The pot is a piece of beauty when growing your fiddle leaf fig inside your house. And it is also a “big hero” with a high protection level when you put it outside in challenging weather conditions because this material is peel, rust, and fade resistant.

            When it comes to the function, it has a built-in tray that can keep excess water at the bottom, so the root rot and over-watering aren’t big problems anymore.

            La Jolíe Muse Large Outdoor Tall Planter Specifications


            8.68 pounds


            Recyclable plastic, natural stone powder, and wood powder


            20” H x 13.8” D

            Highlight Features

            unique honeycomb design, rust, peel, and fade-resistant, built-in tray


            The La Jolíe Muse Large outdoor tall planter’s pretty honeycomb design is a wonderful beauty piece of any house style.

            Mid-Century Style: Rivet Mid-century Ceramic Planter

            Rivet Mid-century Ceramic Planter
            Rivet Mid-century Ceramic Planter
            • Well balanced
            • Thick and sturdy
            • No drain holes

            While mid-century style is characterized by functionality and simplicity, the Rivet ceramic planter combines these features.


            It doesn’t have too many patterns and stays in a color range (2 tones of pale green and white), although there are many color options. The iron stand is the simple and effective accent of the whole planter. It raises the pot at a higher position and keeps it from the ground to protect your fiddle leaf fig from your pets.

            Rivet Mid-century Ceramic Planter Specifications


            12.76 Pounds


            Stoneware, Ceramic, Iron


            12.6 x 12.6 x 17 inches

            Highlight Features

            an iron shelf/stand


            Rivet mid-century ceramic planter is designed for lovers of the mid-century style because it is full of mid-century details.

            Minimalist Modern Style: La Jolíe Muse Ceramic Plant Pot

            La Jolíe Muse Ceramic Plant Pot
            La Jolíe Muse Ceramic Plant Pot
            • Easy to assemble
            • Sturdy
            • Useful for both indoor and outdoor
            • A little pricey but worthy

            Are you a big fan of the minimalism concept?

            This minimalist modern model is a perfect choice.

            The minimalist modern style means applying the bare essentials to produce a simple and compact planter. The La Jolíe Muse Ceramic Plant Pot owns this design and style. It features simple cylinder lines with a white base and blue ribbon details as accents.

            2 attached wooden pieces of stand create clean lines for your item; mostly, they are very beneficial to keep your pot upright without falling easily.

            La Jolíe Muse Ceramic Plant Pot Specifications


            7.73 pounds


            Planter - Premium ceramic, Stand - Wood


            Stand - 9"W * 9.3"H
            Planter - 7.3"W * 5.6"H

            Highlight Features

            minimalist modern design, versatile wooden stand, smooth glazed finish, drainage hole, and rubber plugs


            The minimalist modern La Jolíe Muse Ceramic Plant Pot is an excellent combination of minimalist design and modern design.

            How To Choose The Best Planter For Fiddle Leaf Fig?

            What is the best planter size for fiddle leaf fig?

            The best planter for fiddle leaf fig must reach the balance to the overall plant size. This means that it shouldn’t be too big or too small.

            Planting a small fiddle leaf fig in a major planter is so silly; mostly, it’s effortless to get a drainage problem. Meanwhile, a huge tree is unstable in a too-small pot; importantly, its improper proportions can’t offer visual balance.

            You have to measure your tree and container to get a snug fit. Here is the rule to have exact numbers:

            • Measuring the total diameter across the top and bottom of your fiddle leaf fig tree can get the full diameter.
            • If you make an online purchase, you can look for information about each pot’s total height on the manufacturer’s website.
            • Your planter should be at least 2 inches bigger than the diameter of your plant’s top and bottom.

            What are the suitable colors and textures for your fiddle leaf fig?

            Keep in mind this rule:

            No matter which pot you choose, make sure that it doesn’t compete with your plant color and texture.

            If your plant is brightly colored and variegated, it’s best to buy a solid or plain planter.

            In case you apply a patterned pot for your flowering plants, it will complete with flowers.

            Lucky for those who love colorful things, all of the readers here want to find a pot for fiddle leaf fig that has a smooth texture and a solid color, so you can pick up an eye-catching planter for it. Of course, it is also perfect to choose a simple pot for this type of tree.

            Do you want to buy a planter for root-bound fiddle leaf fig?

            In this case, you need to replant your root-bound fiddle leaf fig in a bigger pot. Specifically, it should be 1-2 inches wider than your container.

            Why? Are these numbers too low?

            There are 2 reasons:

            First of all, this type of plant tends to be snug in planters.

            Next, if you give your tree a much bigger planter, it will focus on filling the pot with growing its roots system instead of growing new leaves.

            Are drainage holes critical?

            The drainage holes play a vital role in developing your fiddle leaf fig tree.

            Improper drainage can cause nasty conditions such as root rot and overwater.


            Is this design your favorite one?

            If so, you had better plant your fiddle leaf fig in a planter with drainage holes in advance. After planting successful, you can put this container into a decorative pot.

            Which Brands Make The Best Planter For Fiddle Leaf Fig?


            Novelty has produced and sold sustainable and attractive products in the lawn and garden categories since 1922. After a lot of innovation in designs, the Novelty Manufacturing Co. has had a line of high-quality and popular gardening products all around America.

            This brand has all basic and classic high-end planters and pots, such as cylinder pots, patio planters, flower boxes, lawn and garden accessories. Their products vary in styles and price range.


            Do fiddle leaf figs like big pots?

            No. Instead, this type of plant likes to be snug in its planter. If you plant it in a too-large pot, it will grow its root system more than developing new leaves.

            Should I repot my fiddle leaf fig?

            The fiddle leaf fig doesn’t like change because it gets acquainted with a specific routine and location. If you disrupt its preferred routine and environment, it is very easy to get the risk of shocks like droopiness and leaf drop.

            However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t repot your fiddle leaf fig. You need to repot if your poor plant must face more severe threats than root shock. At this point, we need to consider when to repot and when not to repot our fiddle leaf fig:

            Please repot your fiddle leaf fig when it becomes green light.

            Your tree needs a new “house” if it outgrows its old pot.

            If your dog cocked ít leg against your tree, the chemicals in its urine could badly influence the root. In this case, you need to change a new planter at the drop of a hat. Before putting it into a new pot, don’t forget to rinse contaminated soil out of the root ball. Placing pebbles on the soil can stop your pets from your plants in the future.

            In the event of bacterial infection, I don’t highly recommend you to repot. Instead, it’s better to get rid of affected leaves and put your tree in an area with bright light. In case this way is useless, repotting your plant is a must. But, the chance of survival is 50/50.

            Root rot? Why do your plants get root rot?

            If your fiddle leaf fig is overwatered, but you have great drainage, you can save it by putting this plant under nice lighting, applying root rot treatment, and in any way helping your tree drier.

            In case the methods above are helpless, it’s time to change a new pot.

            Do you need to repot when seeing fungus or mushrooms on the soil?

            No, if you can treat this condition well.

            Let you remove your tree with a spoon, after that sprinkling cinnamon around the soil, exposing it under lighting and not overwatering.

            In case you see the brown spots repot your tree immediately.

            There is no need to repot when seeing red light leaves.

            Do fiddle leaf figs like to be root bound?

            Yes. This issue doesn’t severely affect plant growth; even this type of tree will grow fine in your pot.

            How do you encourage fiddle leaf figs to grow?

            Pruning the fiddle leaf figs

            At which height do you want your branches to grow from?

            Let you determine this thing; then, you can cut off the stem at this point. Don’t cry over what you cut because you can propagate a new plant anytime.

            This way will activate dormant buds under the cut because the hormone (auxin) won’t move up the stem anymore. Instead, it will redirect to the buds closest to the cut point.

            If you want to get several branches, it’s better to prune above a cluster of leaves, even a group of leaves.

            Typically, you can see the outcomes in one-two weeks or longer.

            Pro tips

            Apply clean and sharp cutters.

            Make a cut of stem on an angle.

            Wipe off any sap by using a clean paper towel.

            Notching the fiddle leaf fig

            Notching means that you will make small cuts and notches up and down the stem or trunk.

            This method is divided into 2 styles:

            The first style is to make a diagonal cut around the trunk above a node or a leaf.

            The second style is similar, but you will make 2 cuts (around 1-2mm) and remove a section or a small chunk of the trunk.

            This style requires good skill because you need to get it right without cutting too deep. If not, you can decapitate it accidentally.


            This way works best on a mature tree or woody stem and shouldn’t be applied for a green stem. Or it’s better to wait until your plant matures.

            Pro tips

            A sharp craft knife works more effectively than using a pair of cutters.

            Directly make a notch above a node or a leaf.

            Pinching the fiddle leaf fig

            Pinching is pruning without using cutters. You will pluck the top bud off the plant instead of getting rid of a section of the stem.

            You just should apply this technique if your tree has reached a height point that you want it to branch from.

            It’s okay to pinch your plant with your thumb and pointer finger. However, if your tree is too hard to break off with your fingers, you can apply cutters.

            Should I put rocks at the bottom of my fiddle leaf fig planter?

            Yes, because putting rocks at the bottom of your fiddle leaf fig planter can keep your tree from root rot.


            The best planter for fiddle leaf fig is” a functional, safe, and durable home” for your tree. This means that it can provide your fiddle leaf fig with an environment for comprehensive growth. Of course, some of my recommendations are a beautiful piece to decorate your living space. You can pick up an appropriate unit with your styles and needs.

            Eugene Williams
            Eugene Williams

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