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6 Best Magnifying Glasses With Light of 2024

Last update: 2024-05-15

For people with low visibility, a magnifying glass isn’t effective enough. You need an extra lighting feature to improve their visibility. Moreover, a good lighting system is also useful to illuminate objects in areas with weak lighting conditions. This function can strengthen the magnification when dealing with intricate objects. Once you understand the importance of the best magnifying glass with light, you can make a purchase from the list below.

Here are the best magnifying glasses with light you can buy in 2024:

  • Best For Coins (Handheld Magnifying Glass): AIXPI
  • Best For Reading (Handheld Magnifying Glass): MagniPros
  • Lightweight (Magnifying Glass With Stand): Surenshy
  • Best For Craft (Magnifying Glass With Stand): Vuejic
  • Comfortable (Head Mount Magnifying Glass): YOCTOSUN
  • Best For Long Duration (Head Mount Magnifying Glass): Dilzekui
6 Best Magnifying Glasses With Light
Best For Coins
  • Handheld Magnifying Glass
Best For Reading
  • Handheld Magnifying Glass
  • Magnifying Glass With Stand
Best For Craft
  • Magnifying Glass With Stand
  • Head Mount Magnifying Glass
Best For Long Duration
  • Head Mount Magnifying Glass

Best For Coins: AIXPI

  • Easy to hold and use
  • Quick to shine the light
  • A little heavy

With the 30x power magnification, the AIXPI handheld magnifying glass can help you inspect coins with fine details without distorting the image too much.

This product is made from high-quality glass material that provides you with great clarity and minimal distortion, playing an important role in viewing your coins.

In particular, its compact size allows you to hold the whole model in your hand comfortably. You can maneuver it while examining coins without feeling too tired.

Like other products in this list, the AIXPI device also has a lighting feature which comes with 12 pieces of high-quality and ultra-bright LED lights so that you can see the very small details on each coin.

AIXPI Specifications

Product dimensions

4.21 x 3.85 inches

Item weight

255 grams

Magnification Strength


Highlight features

12 pcs of LED lights

Double glass lens


With the high power magnification, the AIXPI Handheld magnifying glass is great for small items like coins.

Best For Reading: MagniPros

  • Easy to see
  • Good for reading
  • Lightweight
  • Hard to keep it from dusting and scratching without a cover

For reading purposes, you should consider a magnification range that is between 2x and 6x because a higher level will make the text too large unnecessarily. The MagniPros handheld magnifying glass allows you to navigate the text in a book easily since its 4x magnification power can magnify a whole page at a time. There is no need to move the magnifying glass continuously for reading.

For this product, the size of the lens - the field of view is large (4.5" x 7") enough to cover a large viewing area, so your hands don't have to move all the time while reading. This makes sure that you can read a large amount of text at once.

Like other options, this unit also has built-in lights that provide readers with extra illumination for reading in a weak light condition. However, what is the best part? It has the most advanced lighting system (12 SMD LED lights), and its anti-glare reflector can keep your eyes from glaring.

You can use this unit for a long time without feeling fatigue because of its weight of only 4 ounces and the grip with the ergonomic design.

MagniPros Specifications

Product dimensions

4.5"x 7"

Item weight

0.4 pound

Magnification Strength


Highlight features

Advanced lighting system

Anti-glare reflector

Large viewing area with crystal clear lens


The MagniPros Handheld magnifying glass is large enough for you to see a whole page of a book without moving the magnifying glass too much.

Lightweight: Surenshy

  • Accurate description
  • Simple to use
  • Versatile
  • Brighter lighting with the external power cord
  • Low intensity LED light with batteries

Do you need the advantage of a magnifying glass with stand that can keep both of your hands free for other tasks? However, this type of model is pretty heavy and bulky because it is designed with many parts compared to the handheld type, right?

Do you need to buy a magnifying glass for old people who have weak hands?

Do you need to carry one with you on the go?

In these cases, a lightweight magnifying glass is the best choice. With only 5.7 ounces, it allows old people to hold it in their hands longer and easier. Although this design has a stand to put on the desk so that your hands are free for other tasks, you can fold it up to use as a handheld unit.

Surenshy Specifications

Product dimensions

7 x 3 x 1 inches

Item weight

5.7 ounces

Magnification Strength

30x 10x

Highlight features

Dual power options

Portable handheld design


The Surenshy Magnifying glass with stand is functional, but as lightweight as a handheld unit.

Best For Craft: Vuejic

  • Clear magnification
  • Flexible
  • Small and difficult to see lamp control buttons

Most craft projects need to magnify small and very tiny details. To see them clearly, you can choose the Vuejic magnifying glass with stand that features 10x magnification power.

Unlike the short stand of the Surenshy magnifying glass above, 2 arms of this product are longer, about 12.8 inches to use this unit at different distances. Moreover, you can rotate the head 360 degrees to reach any angle of your craft project. Of course, this design frees your hands for doing your specific craft activity.

Vuejic Specifications

Product dimensions

12.8 x 4.33 x 12.8 inches

Item weight

2.44 pounds

Magnification Strength


Highlight features

360 degrees rotatable


The Vuejic Magnifying glass with stand allows your hands free for your specific craft activity.

Comfortable: YOCTOSUN

  • Easy to see every little stitch
  • Very clear
  • Straightforward to use, put on, and take off
  • Bright light
  • Heavy than regular glasses

Unlike other types, you will wear the head mount magnifying glass on your face. Therefore, if you make a wrong decision, you can feel uncomfortable while using it.

If comfort is your top priority, you should choose the YOCTOSUN head mount magnifying glass that is lightweight enough for anyone not to cause strain on the head and neck, leading to discomfort.

There is a soft forehead padding that can add extra comfort when wearing for a long time. Thanks to an ergonomics eyeglasses bracket, you can comfortably wear it with a pair of glasses inside while the rubber head strap can prevent falling effectively. After using, many customers said that this magnifying glass is very comfortable to use.

YOCTOSUN Specifications

Product dimensions

6.9"L x 2"W

Item weight

12.6 ounces

Magnification Strength

1.5X, 2.5X, 3.5X,5X

Highlight features

4 interchangeable lenses

Acrylic resin

5H grade


Adjustable Brightness Levels

Ergonomics eyeglasses bracket


It is very comfortable to wear the YOCTOSUN Head mount magnifying glass even with a pair of regular glasses.

Best For Long Duration: Dilzekui

  • Nice design
  • Clear to see
  • Convient
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Easy to adjust the head band
  • Loose hinge joint

The Dilzekui head mount magnifying glass is a worthy and long-term investment because its battery life can last 300-500 times charge. With a full charge, the battery can last for 4-8 hours continuously because the LED light lasts longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. The batteries of this product are rechargeable, so you can charge and use it over and over again.

Dilzekui Specifications

Product dimensions

13.15"L x 2.79"W

Item weight

6.3 Grams

Magnification Strength


Highlight features

Rechargeable & adjustable LED light

5 replaceable lens

Shatterproof crystal clear acrylic lens

Double lens slot design

Comfortable & adjustable headband magnifier


The Dilzekui Head mount magnifying glass is a worthy and long-term investment because of its long battery lifespan.

How To Choose The Best Magnifying Glass With Light?

Which Diopter Lens Should You Choose?

The diopter is the curvature of a lens. When the diopter increases, the lens is thicker, leading to greater curvature. Thus, light rays will fill a greater portion of your retina, making the objects look bigger. If you need more magnification, choose a lens with a higher diopter.

How Large Will The Field Of View Be?

The field of view means the size of the magnified area. The lower the field of view is, the more powerful the lens is. A more powerful lens can make details look bigger, but you can see less visible objects.

Why Should You Consider The Light Feature?

This feature can enhance the viewing capacity, especially, in areas with dark or weak-lighting conditions. The brighter the light is, the less powerful from the magnifying glass you need. And the less magnification is needed, the bigger the field of view you have.

What Is The Best Lens Material?

While portable magnifying lenses are made from plastic, desktop versions are made from glass with a weighted stand. If you want, you can invest in more expensive magnifying models which are packed with a lens cover or shape to keep the bright light contained.

Which Brands Make The Best Magnifying Glass With Light?


This brand specializes in manufacturing high-quality magnifying glasses and visual aids. Their products suit different purposes such as reading, crafting, and tasks requiring detailed inspection.


What magnification do I need for a magnifying glass?

Perhaps you think that magnification with the highest level is the best choice. But, you should choose one based on what you use your magnifying glass for.

If your vision is acutely low or you need to see microscopic detail, it’s best to invest in the magnification level of 10 times and upwards. For normal uses, you should consider the magnification strength between 2x and 7x. Below are specific examples for different magnification tasks:

  • A large 2x handheld magnifier works best for daily reading.
  • A more powerful 5x illuminated device can meet your requirements of clearly seeing food labels, fine print, and financial tables.
  • Finally, you need a more powerful 10x loupe for your coin-collecting hobby.

Is it good to read with magnifying glass?

It is good to read with magnifying glass, especially for old people with age-related vision issues. Its glass or plastic convex lens will magnify objects like small prints.

Although there are many types of magnifiers, not all of them work well for reading tasks.

It’s better to consider a hands-free magnifying glass so that you can hold the book in your hands.

The light feature of a magnifying glass allows you to enhance reading at night.

If you choose a model with a large surface area, you can view and read and magnify a whole page.

In case you want to read on the go, you had better invest in a product that is made from scratch-resistant materials.

Can you wear magnifying glasses over prescription glasses?

You can wear clip-on, flip-up magnifying glasses over prescription glasses so it's ok to use them for near-vision tasks. This type leaves both of your hands free, so I strongly recommend it for fishermen who need to fly-tie or bait.

What are the disadvantages of a magnifying glass?

Any magnifying glass has its own limited magnification and field of view, so they aren’t sufficient in all cases. You just can view a small portion of the object at a time, so you need to move the magnifying glass to view different areas.

Some magnifying glasses will cause distortions such as color fringing and blurring, badly influencing the overall image quality. Besides, the lens material quality can also affect the magnified image’s clarity.

If you choose a handheld tool, it’s tiring to hold it in your hands for an extended period.

Magnifying glasses require you to reach a close proximity for good performance.

What type of magnifying glass do coin collectors use?

One of the most common magnifying glasses for coin collectors is the loupe magnifier because it can provide a high magnification and detailed viewing of small objects and fine details.


In sum, you need to invest in the best magnifying glass with light, if you require the combination of the magnification and lighting for better vision in a dark place or areas where natural lighting is lacking. However, not all of them work the same, so you should buy one depending on your purpose.

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