6 Best Inverter Generators for The Money of 2021

Last update: 2021-09-21

At the current, inverter generators are one of the best choices for a portable power source. They are compact, easy to use, and importantly, generate cleaner power than the traditional conventional generators.

A big struggle when choosing the best inverter generator for the money is, there are countless models on the market. Today, we will show you how to pick out the worthiest one for your needs.

Here are the best inverter generators for the money you can buy in 2021:

  • 1200 Peak Watts: Westinghouse iGen1200
  • 2200 Peak Watts: Honda EU2200i
  • 3000 Peak Watts: Generac GP3000i
  • 3400 Peak Watts: Champion 3400-Watt
  • 3800 Peak Watts: WEN 56380i
  • 6500 Peak Watts: Briggs & Stratton 30675 Q6500
6 Best Inverter Generators For The Money
1200 Peak Watts
Westinghouse iGen1200
    2200 Peak Watts
    Honda EU2200i
      3000 Peak Watts
      Generac GP3000i
        3400 Peak Watts
        Champion 3400-Watt
          3800 Peak Watts
          WEN 56380i
            6500 Peak Watts
            Briggs & Stratton 30675 Q6500

              1200 Peak Watts: Westinghouse iGen1200

              Westinghouse iGen1200
              Westinghouse iGen1200
              • Reliable & trusted - a 3-year warranty & meet all EPA, USFS, and CARB compliant
              • Long runtime & energy efficiency - 9 hours at a 0.8-gallon tank & economy Mode
              • Easy to transport – a weight of 33 pounds
              • Able to give more power if wanted – parallel capability
              • A bit hard to start

              Compared to other 1200-peak-watt inverter generators out there, we find the Westinghouse iGen1200 to be the worthiest buy.

              The reason is first, it’s made by a globally well-known brand, backed by a 3-year warranty, and besides, meeting all EPA, USFS, and CARB compliant for reliable use.

              Secondly, it gives much longer runtime (9 hours at a 0.8-gallon tank), and there has an economy Mode to maximize fuel efficiency. It gives 1000 running watts but you can pair it with other Westinghouse generators for more power, which is a big bonus.

              Another notable feature is the lightness, only 33 pounds, and you can easily carry it anywhere wanted.

              Westinghouse iGen1200 Specifications

              Peak Watts/Running Watts


              Noise Level

              52 dBA

              Max Runtime

              9 Hours of Run Time on a 0. 8 Gallon Gas Tank

              Highlight Features

              A 3-year warranty & meet all EPA, USFS, and CARB compliant
              9 hours at a 0.8-gallon tank & economy Mode
              Parallel capability


              In terms of the best 1200-peak-watt inverter generator for the money, you can’t beat the Westinghouse iGen1200.

              2200 Peak Watts: Honda EU2200i

              Honda EU2200i
              Honda EU2200i
              • Give the cleanest power and most stable performance – Honda inverter technology
              • Extra energy-efficient - exclusive Eco-throttle system
              • Superbly quiet - within 48 to 57 decibels
              • Lack of a gas cutoff switch
              • No run-time hour meter or fuel gauge

              It’s been a long time that Honda EU2200i rules the realm of 2200-peak-watt inverter generators, and we still haven’t found a worthy replacement yet.

              Out of a bunch, its inverter technology gives the cleanest power and most stable performance for highly reliable power as you get from household outlets. If you want more, just parallel it with another Honda generator.

              The runtime is also long enough for long-time applications or overnight power, all thanks to the added exclusive Eco-throttle system.

              In comparison to other similar counterparts, its noise level is also significantly lower, within 48 to 57 decibels, equivalent to a normal 2-person conversation.

              Honda EU2200i Specifications

              Peak Watts/Running Watts


              Noise Level

              48 to 57 dBA

              Max Runtime

              4.0 to 9.6 hours on a single tank

              Highlight Features

              Honda inverter technology
              Exclusive Eco-throttle system
              Noise level within 48 to 57 decibels


              For the best inverter generator giving 2200 peak watts, the Honda EU2200i is a no brainer.

              3000 Peak Watts: Generac GP3000i

              Generac GP3000i
              Generac GP3000i
              • Bring more than 50% starting capacity - PowerRUSH Technology
              • Easy to power electronics - USB outlets
              • A bit heavy & there’s no wheels provided
              • You’ll have to get on your knees to read its LED display

              This low-noise, compact generator will be a great addition to keep in the house and use when the electricity goes out when you go car camping or are tailgating.

              It delivers 3000 peak watts and 2300 surged watts, and also the most outstanding option amongst other similar inverter generators, with an emphasis on PowerRUSH Technology.

              For those who don’t know, this advanced tech brings more than 50% starting capacity, meaning that you’ll do more with less.

              Regardless, we really like the provided USB outlets for charging electronics, such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones, more easily.

              Generac GP3000i Specifications

              Peak Watts/Running Watts


              Noise Level

              69dB @ 0'; 55dB @ 20' and 53dB @ 30' .

              Max Runtime

              one gallon every 10 hours of use

              Highlight Features

              PowerRUSH Technology
              USB outlets


              If you have a whole house generator for ordinary use during a power shortage, then this 3000-peak-watt inverter generator is worth investing in.

              3400 Peak Watts: Champion 3400-Watt

              Champion 3400-Watt
              Champion 3400-Watt
              • Easy to start - electric start with the three-position ignition switch
              • Portable & easy to move around - The handle and added two back wheels
              • Safe to use - low oil shut-off sensor
              • Versatile and convenient - powered by either propane or gasoline
              • Heavy
              • Require frequent refueling with gas – small gas tank
              • No run timer

              Making this Champion 3400-Watt inverter generator stand out from others is the ultra-quiet operation and the convenient electric start with a three-position ignition switch.

              Easy to see that it is a very user-friendly design and also safe to utilize, whether for home use or camping. The handle and added two back wheels really come in handy for easier transport as its weight is a bit on the heavy side.

              Besides, this Champion is one of the rare 3400W inverter generators featuring a low oil shut-off sensor.

              The best part is it can be powered by either propane or gasoline, with a runtime of 7.5 to 14.5 hours at a quarter of load. Very impressive!

              Champion 3400-Watt Specifications

              Peak Watts/Running Watts

              Gasoline: 3400W/3100W

              Propane: 3060W/2790W

              Noise Level

              59 dBA at 23 feet

              Max Runtime

              7.5 hours at 1/4 Load (h.) run time on gasoline

              14.5 hours at 1/4 Load (h.) on propane

              Highlight Features

              Electric start with three-position ignition switch
              The handle and added two back wheels
              Low oil shut-off sensor
              Powered by either propane or gasoline


              Whether for homeowners or RV-ers, the Champion 3400-Watt is all the most favorite choice as it’s always ready to use whenever they need it the most.

              3800 Peak Watts: WEN 56380i

              WEN 56380i
              WEN 56380i
              • Easy to track the remaining fuel - fuel display
              • Long-lasting durability - consume up to the remaining gasoline in the carburetor
              • Run powerfully, quietly and offer only the cleanest power - 212cc 4-stroke OHV engine & EPA III and CARB compliant
              • The fuel tank is a bit small
              • Heavy & bulky

              The WEN 56380i gets the highest scoring from our experts due to its convenience.

              Unlike other similar counterparts, it has a fuel display where you can easily track how much gas is left in the tank as well as an estimate when to refill it.

              Moreover, it features one 5V USB port, one 12V DC receptacle, one AC 120V NEMA TT-30R RV receptacle, and 2 three-prong 120V receptacles. Like the Champion 3400W, it’s equipped with fuel shutoff function.

              Our most favorite thing is it consumes up to the remaining gasoline in the carburetor so, on the next refueling time, there’ll be nothing left. This makes the machine last much longer.

              Its 212cc 4-stroke OHV engine is one of the most highlight points as it’s not only powerful but also runs quietly and generates the cleanest power. A persuasive proof is this inverter generator meets EPA III and CARB safety standards.

              WEN 56380i Specifications

              Peak Watts/Running Watts


              Noise Level


              Max Runtime

              8.5 hours @ ½ load

              Highlight Features

              Fuel display
              Consume up to the remaining gasoline in the carburetor; 212cc 4-stroke OHV engine & EPA III and CARB compliant


              Start up easily, run quietly, and look nice, the WEN 56380i is the best 3800-peak-watt inverter generator on the market.

              6500 Peak Watts: Briggs & Stratton 30675 Q6500

              Briggs & Stratton 30675 Q6500
              Briggs & Stratton 30675 Q6500
              • Allow for powering various appliances and devices at a time – multiple outlets
              • Ease of use – remote control compatibility
              • Ideal for people with tight storage space – measured by 25.53” L x 21.12
              • Can’t be shipped to California
              • Remote is not included
              • A little difficult to start the first time

              The most powerful inverter generator in this review - Briggs & Stratton 30675 Q6500. Combining with various outlets provided, no doubt when it’s able to power a wide range of appliances and devices at the same time.

              Besides, its runtime is one of the longest amongst other contenders so you can rest assured to use it during long-term power shortages or full-time RV life.

              What we like the most about this unit is its compatibility with a remote controller for ease of use.

              Another bonus is its compact size (compared to other similar models), which is a perfect size for those who have limited storage space.

              Briggs & Stratton 30675 Q6500 Specifications

              Peak Watts/Running Watts


              Noise Level

              66 dBa at ¼ load, at 7m away

              Max Runtime

              14 hours at 25% Load

              Highlight Features

              Multiple outlets
              Remote control compatibility
              Measured by 25.53” L x 21.12" W x 21.43" H


              For the good size and powerful performance, Briggs & Stratton 30675 Q6500 is the best 6500-peak-watt inverter generator.

              How To Choose The Best Inverter Generator For The Money?

              Purpose of Use

              Before looking at any inverter generator, you have to know what you will use it for, then you will figure out the capacity or power you need.



              Camping and RV

              Charge portable electronics, small electric tools


              Operate an air conditioner (11,000 BTU), refrigerator, small appliances


              Home backup

              Essential appliances like the refrigerator and air conditioner



              Run mid-size electric tools like portable heaters, drills, rotary hammers, and chainsaws


              For job sites, it’s worth noting that some larger tools like MIG welders require higher-wattage, conventional generator while tools like table saws and air compressors need to run on at least dual inverter generators with at least 2400 starting watts.


              While this isn’t the first thing to consider, its value shows when there are troubles operating your generator.

              If you have to choose between two equally good products, opt for the one with good warranty policies that will give you better support in case the generator is faulty or broken.


              A user-friendly is good, especially for those not familiar with this type of appliance. You should choose a generator with additional features that help you use more easily such as low-gas shutoff, low-oil shutoff, and a gas meter.

              Which Brands Make The Best Inverter Generator For The Money?


              Founded in 1869, this company has a long history and rich experience in energy solutions for households. It focuses on upgrading and enhancing technology to offer more power and higher quality.


              Honda is too popular already. But regarding generators particularly, it offers a wide range of selection along with various useful features. Its products are perfect for power backup at businesses and homes that run smoothly, quietly, and fuel-efficiently.


              Over the past 60 years, Generac has become the leading brand in home backup generators. It’s earned a reputation for high quality and affordability.

              Champion Power Equipment

              While this brand is young, it has created its own footprint in the industry by offering generators with high portability, efficiency, power output, and quietness.


              This brand has been offering affordable, high-quality power tools since 1951, having shipped more than 50 million units worldwide. It has earned success in the field thanks to a dedicated Research and Development team that designs the best products.

              Briggs & Stratton

              Briggs & Stratton provides a diversity of power solutions for households with the aim of making life easier and better for consumers.


              Is an inverter generator better than a regular generator?

              This depends on your specific needs. An inverter generator is better when you look for a compact, quiet, lightweight, environment-friendly product that’s safe for sensitive electric devices. But it’s costlier than a conventional generator.

              On the other hand, a conventional generator is better when you simply look for power.

              How long do inverter generators last?

              Typically, an inverter generator can run for 10,000-20,000 hours of use.

              Is it okay to leave a generator running all night?

              Yes, it is, provided that your generator is capable of running for 8 hours non-stop. However, you have to consider the CO emission and operation noise.

              How many hours does the generator last?

              This depends on each brand and model, but generally speaking, a generator can last for between 10,000 and 20,000 hours of use.

              Can an inverter generator run a refrigerator?

              Yes, totally. A 3000-4000W generator for home backup can run a refrigerator along with some other essential appliances.

              Can I put a quieter muffler on my generator?

              Yes, you can. Use a muffler for the exhaust on your generator to make it quieter. A larger muffler will reduce the noise better.


              We hope you have figured out what to look for in the best inverter generators for the money. Apart from power output, you should also search for a good warranty, which will come in handy in the future when you use the generator for a long time.

              If you need a buying guide for other products, don’t hesitate to consult other posts on our website.

              Eugene Williams
              Eugene Williams

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