How Do You Style A House With Low Ceilings?

Last update: 2022-08-09

The ceiling is commonly the surface bringing light to a space or helping to reduce outdoor noises. It also plays a huge role in terms of design. A low-ceiling room might create a feel of oppressive and stiffness.

But luckily, there are ways to overcome that disadvantage. Read this article on “how do you style a house with low ceilings?” to learn more:

Paint The Walls And Ceiling White

How Do You Style A House With Low Ceilings?

One seamless, bright shade is an effective trick to soften boundaries and make a low-ceiling room feel taller.

How Do You Style A House With Low Ceilings?

And, white is the best color choice because of its neutral and versatile look. But homeowners still have many good alternatives, such as beige, mint green, and light yellow.

Avoid dark colors.

Use A Single Color From Floor To Ceiling

How Do You Style A House With Low Ceilings?

To level up the height illusion, consider painting the entire room with a single color - from the floor to the ceiling (including the door and window frames).

This helps prevent the eye from being interrupted by architectural features and woodwork around the door.

Adding some vertical lines from the floor to the ceiling is another great idea to draw the eye up and down the wall, making the room feel a bit taller.


How Do You Style A House With Low Ceilings?

This trick has been a hot trend at the current in-home designing and it's versatile to be applied to any space, especially low-ceiling spaces.

The best combo is wall-framing, white painting from floor to ceiling, and artwork - which distracts the eye from the space's disadvantage. Once walking into the room, you will look at the artwork first, then the wall framing.

Add A Tall Decoration Item

To create an illusion of height, another great idea is to add extra-tall items, such as a foraged branch or delphiniums that reach up to the ceiling.

Your target is to choose slim and tall decoration items and avoid thick and short ones.

How Do You Style A House With Low Ceilings?

A slim-line, tall freestanding lamp or bookcase is another good consideration. Minimalist design will even keep the room from appearing bulky or cramped, which creates an open feeling.

Pay Attention To Lighting Layout

A common mistake in lighting layout that makes a low-ceiling room look even lower is installing spotlighting close to the ceiling.

This type of lighting often casts a horizontal glow and only creates one pool of light, which makes the space terribly look flat and low.

Solutions: Swap out ceiling spotlighting for the table, floor, and wall lamps. Plus, make sure these lighting types cast a vertical glow that highlights the room's height.

How Do You Style A House With Low Ceilings?

Choose lights with varied color temperature ranges - from daylight white to gentle yellow - in order to add layers of lighting to the room, making it look deeper and feel roomier.

Choose An Appropriate Way To Hang Blinds And Drapes

In low-ceiling rooms, the way you hang blinds and drapes play a huge part on how the entire space looks.

The dead space between the ceiling and the top of the window is commonly the reason that makes it feel lower. Therefore, you should find a way to cover it cleverly.

Focus on the blind and drape length; make sure it touches the floor and if you can go up to the ceiling, do it.

How Do You Style A House With Low Ceilings?

The longer the drapes and blinds, the taller the illusion created to the room.

Bonus tips: To hide the attachments, consider using a pelmet.

Choose The Right Wallpapers

If you don't like to paint the whole room, using wallpapers is a nice alternative. But there are a few rules you should follow to make the ceiling look taller:

  • Only choose the most prevalent color to bring a cohesive look for the space
  • Pick out vertical stripes to draw the eye up and down the wall, not across the width.

How Do You Style A House With Low Ceilings?

Use Mirrors

For a low-ceiling room, choose tall and narrow mirrors for the best height illusion.

How Do You Style A House With Low Ceilings?

This is deemed to be a smart move because not only does a mirror reflect natural light to make the space brighter but it also creates the illusion of more space.

To get most of this trick, you should hang the mirror a bit higher than usual.

Opt For Low-Slung Furniture

This is a popular trick about playing with proportions.

How Do You Style A House With Low Ceilings?

Low-slung furniture brings a lot of benefits to a low-ceiling room: they are simple in both function and form while making the ceiling feel taller by showing more wall/wallpaper area above it and avoiding blocking light streaming into the room.

Paint A Dark Accent Wall

This trick is about distracting the eye from the low ceiling.

How Do You Style A House With Low Ceilings?

Choose an accent wall (which is usually the wall opposite from the door) and paint with a dark color - like deep gray or black. It makes the room feel deeper and more spacious.

Some homeowners combine it with low-slung furniture to double the height illusions by distracting the eye from the low ceiling and playing with proportion.


In a nutshell, there are two common ways to style a house with low ceilings:

  • Choose and arrange furniture appropriately to create an overall even proportion
  • Distract the eye from low ceilings to other features in the room, such as artwork, accent wall, or other decorative items.

I hope that the previous ideas helped you learn more on how to style a house with low ceilings, which also matches your tastes and budget. Thanks for reading!

Eugene Williams
Eugene Williams

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