5 Best Recliners For Tall Man of 2024

Last update: 2024-05-25

It’s difficult to find the best recliner for tall man because he has a special height and body frame. If you don’t know how to make the right purchase, you will waste a large amount of money while receiving the discomfort. Thus, it’s better to consider one from the list below. All of them have large dimensions to support your special height and large-sized body frame.

Here are the best recliners for tall man you can buy in 2024:

  • Best For Sleeping: Irene House 9188E Recliner
  • Elegant Design: ANJ Recliner Chair
  • Power Lift Recliner: CANMOV Recliner Chair
  • Budget Option: COMHOMA Recliner
  • Breathable Fabric: Dreamsir Recliner Chair
5 Best Recliners For Tall Man
Best For Sleeping
Irene House 9188E Recliner
    Elegant Design
    ANJ Recliner Chair
      Power Lift Recliner
      CANMOV Recliner Chair
        Budget Option
        COMHOMA Recliner
          Breathable Fabric
          Dreamsir Recliner Chair

            Best For Sleeping: Irene House 9188E Recliner

            Irene House 9188E Recliner
            Irene House 9188E Recliner
            • Easy to assemble
            • Comfortable for small people to sleep
            • Affordable
            • Straightforward to clean its fabric
            • Effortless to press the large buttons on the remote
            • Heavy

            The Irene House 918E Recliner is a 2-in-1 model because you can use it for both relaxing and sleeping. If you want to sleep, simply adjust the chair at a lay flat position by using the remote.

            Moreover, it is redesigned with a bigger size that fits well with tall and large people. This large size allows you to sleep more comfortably compared to a fitted-sized chair since you have more space for free movements.

            Irene House 9188E Recliner Specifications


            40.9"D x 37.8"W x 46"H

            Weight Capacity

            400 lbs

            Highlight Features

            2 side pockets

            Dual okin motor

            4 vibrating massage nodes

            One heating system

            High quality metal frame

            Padded high density sponge


            The Irene House 9188E Recliner is designed for different purposes such as relaxing, sleeping, and watching TV.

            Elegant Design: ANJ Recliner Chair

            ANJ Recliner Chair
            ANJ Recliner Chair
            • Easy and quick to assemble for old people
            • Quiet
            • Comfortable
            • Soft material
            • Roomy
            • Slightly heavy

            Do you want to buy a recliner for a tall man to relax? Do you need a decorative item to add a piece of beauty into your space? The ANJ Recliner chair can meet these requirements because of its elegant design.

            It has an imitation leather texture - a beautiful finish that combines well with any decoration of your nurser, bedroom, and office.

            ANJ Recliner Chair Specifications


            99.2 lbs


            39"D x 32.3"W x 39.8"H

            Weight Capacity

            350 pounds

            Highlight Features

            Ergonomic backrest support

            Multiple reclining positions

            270° swivel and smooth gliding and rocking motions

            A built-in USB port

            Three-proof technology Cloth


            Thanks to an elegant design, the ANJ Recliner Chair can become a functionally decorative item to add into your space.

            Power Lift Recliner: CANMOV Recliner Chair

            CANMOV Recliner Chair
            CANMOV Recliner Chair
            • Comfortable to sleep in
            • Durable
            • Easy to assemble
            • Not super soft

            Why should you invest in a recliner with lifting function?

            If you need to buy a recliner for those who have limited mobility or physical strength like elderly, the CANMOV Recliner chair is a wonderful solution. Simply press the button on the side of the chair, you can control the lift to reach your desired position (from 110 to 150 degrees). This means that it can lift the whole chair up to help people to stand up easily. After using, customers also said that this chair helps you stand up and sit down easier.

            CANMOV Recliner Chair Specifications


            40"D x 42"W x 43"H

            Weight Capacity

            350 lbs

            Highlight Features

            Lifting feature

            8 vibrating nodes

            5 massage modes

            USB Charge Port

            Dual Side Pockets


            The lifting function of the CANMOV Recliner Chair helps users with limited mobility or physical strength to stand up easier.

            Budget Option: COMHOMA Recliner

            COMHOMA Recliner
            COMHOMA Recliner
            • Easy to put together
            • Comfortable
            • Great price
            • Odor
            • Bad-written instructions

            Can you buy a good-quality recliner for tall man with a tight budget? Luckily, the answer is yes. The COMHOMA recliner is a budget option. In spite of a cheap price, you can still enjoy basic features and functions of a good recliner.

            The combination of the padded headrest and foot support board gives you a good reclining experience, if your weight is under 400 lbs (its weight capacity).

            This product also has some convenience features such as 2 cup holders and side pockets so that you can enjoy your relaxing movements long without leaving it to take something.

            It allows you to adjust the chair at different angles, from 110 to 160 degrees for many purposes such as reading, watching TV, and napping. You can even enjoy its rocking function.

            When it comes to massage functions, you can easily choose a suitable mode among 5 massage settings by using its remote. Besides, this chair has 4 massage parts, a heat function for the lumbar part, and vibration strength.

            COMHOMA Recliner Specifications


            42 kg


            37.4"D x 40.94"W x 35.8"H

            Weight Capacity

            400 pounds

            Highlight Features




            Heated and swiveling features

            360 degree swivel and 150 degree recline features


            The COMHOMA Recliner is a budget option, but it is very functional with many useful features.

            Breathable Fabric: Dreamsir Recliner Chair

            Dreamsir Recliner Chair
            Dreamsir Recliner Chair
            • Comfortable and beautiful
            • Easy to recline
            • Wide and big
            • Lightweight
            • Straightforward to put together
            • Hard to push down

            Do you want to buy a recliner to use on summer and hot days? Or do you need a model that works well for those who are sweating heavily? The Dreamsir recliner chair that is made from breathable fabric is what you are looking for because it can keep you from sweating when sitting for a long time.

            Dreamsir Recliner Chair Specifications


            105 pounds


            36.2"D x 42.9"W x 41"H

            Weight Capacity

            350 lbs

            Highlight Features

            The bold square cushion design


            You can take a nap on the Dreamsir Recliner Chair without sweating because it is made from breathable fabric.

            How To Choose The Best Recliner For Tall Man?

            How Large Should A Recliner For Tall Man Be?

            Normally, a regular-sized recliner can't fit a tall man, so you need to check the dimensions of the chair, your specific height, and other measurements to make the right decision.

            It's very easy to take your own measurements, so I will talk about the dimensions of the recliner here. The default measurements on the website is the information of a non-extended recliner. To know if it fits you, makes you feel comfortable or not, you need dimensions of a fully extended recliner.


            • Ensure that your recliner is long enough to accommodate your lanky frame.
            • A standard desk recliner may not be comfortable for those who are six feet tall.
            • Normally, a tall man will have a large-sized body frame, so you also need a chair with a large width and depth of seat and backrest.

            Which Features And Functions Of A Recliner Do You Need?

            Each model has some specific features and functions. Depending on your needs, choose suitable things, for example, adjustable features for more precise support.

            Extended Backrest

            This function can provide tall people with adequate support to accommodate their full height for supporting and resting the head, neck and upper back properly and comfortably.

            Extra Seat Depth

            Tall people usually have a pair of longer legs, so this feature is very essential to keep their legs from hanging off the edge. The extra seat depth can offer optimal leg support to prevent discomfort.

            Adjustable Leg Rest Or Ottoman

            This feature allows tall people to fully extend their legs while reclining. It helps you circulate blood properly and minimize strain on your legs and your lower back.

            Adjustable Headrest

            This feature allows you to adjust a personalized position to individually support your neck and head so that tall people can reach optimal comfort and relaxation.

            Recline Position

            A recliner with many recline positions allows you to adjust the backrest and leg rest at different angles.

            Which Brands Make The Best Recliner For Tall Man?

            Irene House

            This brand specializes in home furniture and decor. Their products are famous for stylish designs, durable construction, and affordable prices. And they aim to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of customers’ living space. Some of their product lines include sofas, chairs, tables, beds, rugs, lighting fixtures, wall art and other home furnishings. Their furniture is made from high-quality materials like solid wood, metal frames, and durable upholstery fabric.


            Should your feet hang off a recliner?

            Having your feet hanging off the recliner seems uncomfortable, but this design can distribute your body weight evenly on your legs to be as comfortable as possible. If your heels just stick out from the footrest edge, it can improve circulation and distribute body weight. Besides, it brings other benefits below:

            This position helps the fluids in your body move smoothly and minimize swelling.

            It helps your legs relax through pressure distribution.

            This leg elevation can minimize your back pains and Sciatica symptoms.

            The pressure is evenly distributed over your legs to improve circulation for preventing varicose veins.

            This position can also increase stability and minimize the risk of falls.

            According to many studies, elevating your foot with a recliner can relieve the pain of arthritis patients.

            Moreover, this position also helps you relieve stress, relax the body, and calm the nervous system.

            However, don’t dangle off. If not, it can cause some drawbacks:

            If you elevate your legs for too long, it can harm your posture, leading to inactive muscles.

            In case you sleep in your recliner for a long time, your joints can be stiff.

            It is very painful for people with back and joint complications.

            What size chair for tall people?

            The ideal chair size for tall people should allow people to sit up straight while keeping their legs crossed at the right angle at the knees and the feet stay firm on the floor comfortably.

            If your height is average and the body shape is big, the seat height should be at least 19-20 inches off the ground.

            In case your height = the average height + 2-3 inches, the seat height should increase by an inch. For example, a 6 ft tall person requires 19-inch seat height while a 6 ft 3 inches tall person needs a seat height of 20 inches.

            For big and tall people with long upper leg bones, the seat depth must be 19 inches at minimum.

            Average big and tall people require a high seat width (over 19 inches) to comfortably spread out and rest their thighs.

            What is the difference between a power recliner and a lift recliner?

            The biggest difference between a power recliner and a lift recliner is that the latter has a powerful lifting system which can tilt the back and base of the chair forward to help elderly and disabled people to stand up.

            Is a recliner good or bad for your back?

            The answer is yes. A reclined position can help your spine reduce pressure, especially, reclining by at least 135 degrees can relieve back pain effectively.

            If your back is painful after sitting on a recliner, everything happens for a reason. For example, a recliner without proper lumbar support can hurt your lower back. Or a recliner that has a gap between your lower back and the chair can cause you to slouch. Slouching can add extra pressure on the ligaments and your lower back’s muscles, making them lengthen, tighten, and hurt.

            How do you know if a recliner fits you?

            To choose a recliner that fits you, determine the height, depth, and width of a recliner.

            You buy one from an online shop, so you can’t sit in the chair to test out the fit, the feel, and comfort, right? If so, determine your height and choose a recliner that is within your height range.

            For the depth of the seat, ensure that your knees can be bent at a 90-degree angle and your feet reach the floor comfortably. When laying back, your shoulders should lie at the seam where 2 back cushions meet naturally.


            The best recliner for tall man is really a worthy investment because it helps people with special height relax in a recliner comfortably. However, determine your exact height and other measurements and the dimensions of recliners to make the right decision.

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