6 Quietest Cordless Vacuums of 2024

By Eugene WilliamsLast update: 2024-04-19

It’s a lot easier to do your chores on a Saturday morning with your favorite tunes in the background, knowing that you’re getting it done and getting it done efficiently. What if you could find a vacuum cleaner with incredibly quietness? We've made a roundup list of quietest cordless vacuum out there, take a peek!

Here are the quietest cordless vacuums you can buy in 2024:

  • Lightweight (Cordless Stick Vacuum): Fabuletta FSV001
  • Budget Option (Cordless Stick Vacuum): Wowgo S108
  • Best For Hardwood Floors (Cordless Stick Vacuum): SAMSUNG VS20T7512N7/AA
  • Best For Wet Spill Removal (Cordless Upright Vacuum): Tineco FW03US0001
  • Best For Carpets (Cordless Upright Vacuum): ROOMIE TEC SL587A
  • Best For Stubborn Pet Hair (Cordless Upright Vacuum): Hoover BH53420V
6 Quietest Cordless Vacuums
Fabuletta FSV001
  • Cordless Stick Vacuum
Budget Option
Wowgo S108
  • Cordless Stick Vacuum
Best For Hardwood Floors
  • Cordless Stick Vacuum
Best For Wet Spill Removal
Tineco FW03US0001
  • Cordless Upright Vacuum
Best For Carpets
  • Cordless Upright Vacuum
Best For Stubborn Pet Hair
Hoover BH53420V
  • Cordless Upright Vacuum

Lightweight: Fabuletta FSV001

Fabuletta FSV001
Fabuletta FSV001
  • The most lightweight – 3.3 pounds of weight
  • Powerful - 24,000Pa of suction power
  • Easy to check the vacuum’s status – bright LED display
  • No hardwood floor brush

The Fabuletta FSV001 is a versatile, excellent option.

As one of the most lightweight models of cordless stick vacuums in our review, it provides 24,000Pa of suction power to easily complete any vacuuming tasks without hurting your wrists.

Our testers love its large-capacity battery, which can last up to 45 minutes per full charge.

Its filtration system is also decently efficient, capturing 99.97% of dust molecules as small as 0.3 microns to ensure your home is free of dust and allergens.

As a great plus, the LED display makes it easy to check the status of the vacuum.

Fabuletta FSV001 Specifications


3.3 pounds


9 x 8 x 41 inches


45 Min

Rating Power


Max Suction Power


Highlight Features

3.3 pounds of weight

24,000Pa of suction power

bright LED display


At 3.3 pounds, the Fabuletta FSV001 is hands down the most lightweight cordless stick vacuum we tested.

Budget Option: Wowgo S108

Wowgo S108
Wowgo S108
  • The most affordable
  • Easy to clean hard-to-reach areas – bright LED light & 180-degree swivel motorized brush
  • Less interrupt the cleaning process - extra-large 1L dust cup
  • Wish the batteries were more durable

The Wowgo S108 is a strong cordless stick vacuum cleaner featuring a 4-stage full sealed filtration system at an unbelievable price. While you can purchase a lighter and more powerful model, it'll be challenging to have one for less dough.

The S108 excellently beats all less pricey options while providing comparable performance to many pricier ones.

It offers 12kPa, can capture 0.1-micron tiny dust and particles, and lasts up to 40 minutes if fully charged. Better yet, it features LED light and 180-degree swivel motorized brush, making it a breeze to clean hard-to-reach areas.

The low noise design is friendly to your baby and pet, while the extra-large 1L dust cup means you can keep going longer without having to empty it.

Wowgo S108 Specifications


4.6 pounds


17.76 x 11.38 x 7.56 inches



Rating Power


Max Suction Power


Highlight Features

bright LED light & 180-degree swivel motorized brush

extra-large 1L dust cup


The Wowgo S108’s price is hard to beat for its performance. This is the best budget option we found.

Best For Hardwood Floors: SAMSUNG VS20T7512N7/AA

  • Best for hardwood floors - intense suction power up to 200 AW & a Turbo Brush
  • Prevent dust buildup - clog-reducing Jet Cyclone technology
  • Long-lasting, up to 1 hour
  • Expensive
  • Heavyweight

With intense suction power up to 200 AW and a Turbo Brush, the SAMSUNG VS20T7512N7/AA is perfect for those who are looking for a powerful way to clean their hardwood floors without scratching them.

But that's not all.

This model can pick up pet hairs, tiny dust, and debris from low-pile carpets, as well as clean tight, deep corners with no difficulties thanks to the included handy accessories.

Although the SAMSUNG VS20T7512N7/AA isn't among the affordable cordless stick vacuum cleaners, it's worth investing in. No model could match its 5-layer filtration that can trap 99.999% of microdust.

The other advantage of this model is the clog-reducing Jet Cyclone technology, which means it can clean its filters while cleaning your home to prevent the buildup of debris.

SAMSUNG VS20T7512N7/AA Specifications


6 lbs.


9.8"L x 8.5"W x 44.5"H


60 minutes

Rating Power


Highlight Features

intense suction power up to 200 AW & a Turbo Brush

5-layer filtration

clog-reducing Jet Cyclone technology


Regarding performance on hardwood floors, the SAMSUNG VS20T7512N7/AA blows away the competition in a similar price range.

Best For Wet Spill Removal: Tineco FW03US0001

Tineco FW03US0001
Tineco FW03US0001
  • Able to clean wet or dry messes - a 2-in-1 design
  • Powerful – the 150W motor
  • No need to clean the tube and brush roller – the self-cleaning cycle
  • Pricey

In the market sector of wet-and-dry cordless upright vacuum cleaners, the decent performance of the Tineco FW03US0001 stands out.

With a 2-in-1 design, this model can vacuum and wash your floors at the same time without having to switch between devices. It leaves your floors completely dry and streak-free in a matter of minutes, thanks to its over 90% water recovery rate.

The hands-free self-cleaning cycle means you'll never have to touch a dirty roller again - just click the button and the machine will clean itself.

This model is perfect for cleaning up wet or dry messes on hardwood or sealed floors.

Tineco FW03US0001 Specifications


9.92 pounds


11.3 x 10 x 43.3 inches


up to 25 mins

Rating Power


Highlight Features

a 2-in-1 design

150W motor

self-cleaning cycle


On the hunt for the best cordless upright vacuum for wet spill removal? Don’t hesitate to pick the Tineco FW03US0001

Best For Carpets: ROOMIE TEC SL587A

  • Ideal for carpets - dual high-power motors
  • Easy to convert from an upright stick vacuum to a handheld vacuum - the versatile 2-in-1 design
  • Short runtime

Looking for a reliable cordless upright vacuum that can work well on carpets? Look no further than the ROOMIE TEC SL587A.

This versatile model boasts dual high-power motors that offer insanely powerful suction to make quick work of dirt, dust and debris.

Plus, the versatile 2-in-1 design converts from an upright stick vacuum to a handheld vacuum, making it perfect for cleaning all kinds of surfaces - from carpets and floors to furniture and stairs.

Its 6 LED corner lighting ensures you can see every nook and cranny - so no dirt will escape your notice.

ROOMIE TEC SL587A Specifications


4.5 Pounds


12.01"L x 9.06"W x 44.49"H


up to 23 minutes

Rating Power


Highlight Features

dual high-power motors

the versatile 2-in-1 design


On the market for the best cordless upright vacuum for carpets? Try the ROOMIE TEC SL587A

Best For Stubborn Pet Hair: Hoover BH53420V

Hoover BH53420V
Hoover BH53420V
  • Able to capture stubborn pet hair – the exclusive Power Vortex Suction technology
  • Prevent pet odor – antimicrobial pet filter and brush roll
  • Long-lasting, up to 35 minutes
  • Heavy
  • Wheels need more improvement

This pick is best for those in need of a perfect cordless upright vacuum for tackling stubborn pet hair throughout their home.

Using the exclusive Power Vortex Suction technology, the Hoover BH53420V can remove all dirt and pet hair on multiple surfaces. Whether it’s a hardwood floor or a carpet, you can quickly vacuum them with just the touch of a button. No need for bending down and changing the cleaning brush anymore.

There’s more. This cordless upright vacuum cleaner comes with an antimicrobial pet filter and brush roll for pet odor protection.

Besides, its 3X larger dirt cup capacity means you won't have to empty it as often.

Hoover BH53420V Specifications


3.3 Kilograms


4.33"L x 3.74"W x 17.32"H


up to 35 minutes

Highlight Features

the exclusive Power Vortex Suction technology

antimicrobial pet filter and brush roll


The Hoover BH53420V is best suited for stubborn pet hair removal.

How To Choose The Quietest Cordless Vacuum?

While many people think that cordless vacuums are inherently quieter than their corded counterparts, this is not always the case. In fact, some cordless vacuums can be just as loud – or even louder – than their corded counterparts.

So, how do you choose the quietest cordless vacuum? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Noise Level

Decibels is a measure of how loud the vacuum is. This factor is worth considering if you have sensitive hearing or live in an apartment where noise carries.

A high decibel level means a loud vacuum and one that is likely to disturb your peace.

You'll want to look for vacuums with a low decibel level, around 50 dB or less.

Many vacuums will have a noise level rating (usually in decibels) listed in their specifications. This can give you a good idea of how loud the vacuum will be when in use.

Type Of Motor

If you are looking for a quiet cordless vacuum, you will want to look for one that has a brushless motor. These types of motors are much quieter than traditional brushed motors.

Another option is to look for a model that has a detachable hand vac. This way, you can use the hand vac for quick cleanups without having to turn on the full-sized vacuum.

Size Of The Vacuum

Smaller vacuums tend to be quieter than larger ones. They're also easier to maneuver and store. But take note that small vacuums may not have the same suction power as larger ones.

If you have a lot of floor space to clean, or thick carpets, you'll need a vacuum with more suction power.

If you have mostly hard floors or live in a small space, a smaller vacuum will be just fine.

Which Brands Make The Quietest Cordless Vacuum?


SAMSUNG makes the quietest cordless vacuum. The noise level is so low that you can barely hear it running. And, because it's cordless, you don't have to worry about the vacuum being too loud for your own comfort.


Founded in 1988, Tineco is dedicated to manufacturing premium household electronics and appliances that are smart, easy to use, and handy. The company is also a reliable address for those who want to vacuum without disturbing others.

Their products averagely have a noise level of just 50 decibels, so it won't disrupt your peace and quiet.


What noise does a cordless vacuum make?

A cordless vacuum makes white noise.

Is there a cordless vacuum that makes no noise?

No, there isn’t. Cordless vacuums can produce quite a bit of noise—at 60 decibels or under, however, none of them are completely silent.

How many decibels is a quiet vacuum cleaner?

A quiet vacuum cleaner emits less than 60 decibels of noise.

Why does my vacuum sound like a lawn mower?

If your vacuum sounds like a lawn mower, the possible causes are:

The machine suctions hard materials, stones, or a large amount of dust which now are bouncing inside its engine. Turn off and check the dust bin.

Also, check the vacuum hose and discard any large debris, if available.

How can I make my vacuum quieter?

Here are ways to make your vacuum quieter:

  • Change into a cordless model
  • Change the motor’s location
  • Consider choosing a vacuum cleaner with low noise level rating
  • Fix or replace the broken fan, if there’s any
  • Inspect for broken brush bearings
  • Remove any clogs
  • Clean or replace the filter
  • Cover the air outlet
  • Pick a vacuum cleaner with sound-dampening features


After reading through this list of the quietest cordless vacuums on the market, you should have a better idea of which one will suit your needs best.

Cordless vacuums are becoming increasingly popular because they offer a high level of convenience and are much quieter than their traditional counterparts.

If you're looking for a vacuum that won't disturb your peace and quiet, any one of these models would be an excellent choice.

Hi, my name is Eugene, the ultimate home enthusiast! I write buying guides and ideas on how to create a warm and welcoming home. Join me on my journey to make everyday in your house a staycation in the comfort of your own space!

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