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Most Comfortable Organic Mattress of 2024: Top 5 Picks

By Eugene WilliamsLast update: 2024-02-24

The most comfortable organic mattress means that it contains organic and natural ingredients without chemicals, especially it shouldn’t release or emit toxins. You can check this thing through some reputable certification labels on products.

Besides, it must provide you with sleep as comfortably as possible. Knowing your sleeping position can partly determine which organic mattress with specific features is the most suitable one.

Below is the detailed information about the top 5 organic mattresses that I can find on the market and what they work best for:

Here are the most comfortable organic mattresses you can buy in 2024:

  • Easy To Vacuum: BIO SLEEP CONCEPT
  • Best For Side Sleepers: SR Red Sunrising Bedding
  • Best For Kids: Naturepedic Organic Kids Mattress
  • Best For Stomach Sleepers: Mellow Hybrid Mattress
  • Best For Hot Sleepers: Happsy Organic Mattress
5 Most Comfortable Organic Mattresses
Easy To Vacuum
    Best For Side Sleepers
    SR Red Sunrising Bedding
      Best For Kids
      Naturepedic Organic Kids Mattress
        Best For Stomach Sleepers
        Mellow Hybrid Mattress
          Best For Hot Sleepers
          Happsy Organic Mattress

            Easy To Vacuum: BIO SLEEP CONCEPT

            • Affordable
            • Comfortable
            • Relaxing smell
            • Easy to maneuver
            • Not as supportive as a full-size mattress

            Vacuuming a full-size mattress is a challenging task because it requires you to use a lot of effort on your part. This compact futon allows you to flip and vacuum it easily and quickly.

            Is it essential to choose an easy-to-vacuum mattress while you always take care of it carefully and your mattress looks new all the time?

            Yes, because your mattress collects many allergens like dust mites that are invisible to the naked eye over time.

            BIO SLEEP CONCEPT Specifications

            Assembled Dimensions (Inches)

            Assembled Height: 8 inches

            Assembled Width: 75 inches

            Assembled Length: 80 inches



            Highlight Features

            A heavy outer cover featuring double-stitched seams

            A high-quality wool final layer


            You can vacuum BIO SLEEP CONCEPT easily and quickly to remove as many allergens as possible.

            Best For Side Sleepers: SR Red Sunrising Bedding

            SR Red Sunrising Bedding
            SR Red Sunrising Bedding
            • Pocket-friendly
            • Comfortable
            • Smelly

            This hybrid firm mattress is a combination of natural organic latex and innerspring. It is comfortable and cushioned enough to reduce pressure on your hips and shoulders, suiting side sleepers.

            Side sleepers shouldn’t sleep on a too cushy mattress since the gravitational pull can strain your spine. In this case, this medium mattress is an ideal solution. The 2.0 mm encased coil spring in the middle of the mattress helps you circulate blood better and reduce numb muscle and pain in your joints.

            SR Red Sunrising Bedding Specifications

            Assembled Dimensions (Inches)

            Assembled Height: 8 inches

            Assembled Width: 60 inches

            Assembled Length: 80 inches


            8 inches

            Highlight Features

            The 100% natural latex top layer

            852 Premium pocket coils

            Strong edge support

            OeKo-Tex Standard-100


            SR Red Sunrising Bedding can meet the specific requirements in terms of functionality of side sleepers.

            Best For Kids: Naturepedic Organic Kids Mattress

            Naturepedic Organic Kids Mattress
            Naturepedic Organic Kids Mattress
            • Fairly firm
            • Comfortable
            • Well-made
            • Heavy
            • Smelly but the smell will air out after a few days

            Why should you buy the Naturepedic Organic Kids Mattress for your kids?

            This versatile mattress comes with 2 good sides. The waterproof side is designed for small children who still wet their beds. After passing this development stage, you can flip the mattress to use a luxurious quilted side that makes the room’s overall design more beautiful.

            Kids are sensitive, so it’s easy for them to be allergic. You had better buy a non-toxic mattress. This product comes with GREENGUARD certification, which shows the mattress won’t emit high amounts of VOC.

            Naturepedic Organic Kids Mattress Specifications

            Assembled Dimensions (Inches)

            38" x 75" x 7"


            7 inches

            Highlight Features

            A waterproof side and a quilted side

            Pass all government flammability requirements

            UL/GREENGUARD certifications

            Premium organic cotton


            Naturepedic Organic Kids Mattress is ideal and perfect for kids at any development stage.

            Best For Stomach Sleepers: Mellow Hybrid Mattress

            Mellow Hybrid Mattress
            Mellow Hybrid Mattress
            • Sturdy
            • No chemical smell and fiberglass
            • Beautiful
            • Soft and removable bamboo cover
            • Not right description

            This hybrid mattress can balance support and conform, which is helpful for stomach sleepers. While the cushioning foam layer lets you sleep as comfortably as possible, sleeping on your stomach on the support layer can reduce strain on your neck and spine.

            Its “just right” firmness from the pocket spring base can prevent your midsection from sinking in deeply. This keeps your spine and joints in proper alignment and minimizes your back pain and aches.

            Mellow Hybrid Mattress Specifications


            8 inches

            Highlight Features

            Body conforming foam

            Pocket Spring base

            Odor-controlled memory foam


            Mellow Hybrid Mattress is excellent for stomach sleepers because it reaches the balance of cushioning and support layers.

            Best For Hot Sleepers: Happsy Organic Mattress

            Happsy Organic Mattress
            Happsy Organic Mattress
            • Safe
            • Odorless
            • Comfortable
            • Sturdy and well-built
            • Smelly

            Do you want to sleep well at night or a sweaty body tossing and turning?

            Your choice, of course, is the first one, right?

            Hot sleepers should choose a cooling mattress like Happsy Organic Mattress because it’s hard to sleep with a high body temperature. This mattress comes with a pocketed springs support layer, which allows air to flow through the bed. So, you will have cooler experiences by decreasing the amount of trapped heat in your bed.

            This product is made from moisture-wicking wool that can absorb a small amount of your sweat or other liquid into its fibers so that you feel cool and dry during the night.

            Happsy Organic Mattress Specifications



            Highlight Features

            Pocketed springs

            Breathable coil system and moisture-wicking wool


            Happsy Organic Mattress provides you with cooling and dry sleeping experiences at night.

            How To Choose The Most Comfortable Organic Mattress?

            To choose the most comfortable organic mattress, you need to consider 2 aspects: comfort and organic-specific certifications:

            What Are The Organic-specific Certifications In Mattress?

            Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS): a product with GOTS contains 95% of certified organic material while the remaining 5% doesn’t have chemicals.

            Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS): this label shows a product containing 95% organic latex. Companies must follow social & environmental regulations to achieve GOLS.

            The US Department of Agriculture (USDA): this is applied on agricultural products, which use organic standards of the US Department of Agriculture. Products with USDA usually have 95% organic ingredients. You can find this certification on mattresses made from fiber materials, such as wool or cotton.

            Organic Content Standard: this certification shows that non-food products like mattresses have certain organic materials.

            Other Certifications

            OEKO-TEX Standard 100: products don’t have certain chemicals.

            CertiPUR-US: You can find this certification on foam mattresses. Polyurethane can meet specific standards without having flame retardants, heavy metals, and certain kinds of phthalates.

            Greenguard & Greenguard Gold: products won’t release a high amount of VOCs; for example, Greenguard Environmental Institute (GEI) is free of formaldehyde.

            Intertek’s Indoor Air Quality Certification: this means VOC emission compliance.

            eco-INSTITUT: products are tested for hazardous chemicals and odor testing.

            What Type Of Organic Mattress Can Provide You With The Best Comfort?

            This depends on your needs because each type comes with different outstanding features, such as edge support, temperature regulation, off-gassing, pressure relief, motion isolation, and firmness.

            To be more careful, don’t believe in the company’s description only. You should read customer’s reviews because users can tell you how your mattress performs truly.

            Memory Foam

            This type of mattress can perfectly contour your body to support your pressure points. Your back might be hotter because your body sinks into the mattress, prohibiting airflow.

            Although it isn’t natural, many manufacturers add into their products extra plant-based ingredients like soy recently.

            Polyurethane Foams

            This type is cheap to produce, but it has a lower density, leading to lower durability. The polyurethane foams work great at the first stage, but they break down quicker than regular memory foams.

            You can’t find an OEKO-TEX certification label but CertiPUR-US in this type of mattress due to the feature above.


            There are 2 types of latex:

            Synthetic latex is petroleum-based with lower durability and higher price. It has experienced the vacuum process, creating superior heat transfer, so you won’t feel hot while sleeping.

            Natural latex is made from rubber trees’ sap without having chemicals, but this type won’t experience the vacuum process.

            The ideal solution is the blended latex of natural and synthetic materials, bringing both benefits of 2 materials above.


            Innersprings are coils, providing you with better support and bounce. There are 4 types as follows:

            • Bonnell coils are the first version, like an hourglass with a simple structure. I don’t strongly recommend this choice because it isn’t durable. The Bonnell coils will pop through your mattress and poke your body.
            • Continuous coils are a single wire woven together to create a coiled support system. It has a simple design and low price, but this type of innerspring isn’t durable.
            • Offset coils have a honeycomb construction, offering more structural integrity than others. Though they are not cheap, you will get what you pay for.
            • Each pocketed coil has its own pocket that features extra contouring and isolated support for better motion isolation.


            Are you not sure about your body type and sleep position?

            You should consider a hybrid that is the combination of all-foam mattress and innerspring. This type offers both advantages of these units, meaning perfectly contouring your body and supporting pressure points on your body.

            Which Brands Make The Most Comfortable Organic Mattress?

            Although there are many famous organic mattress brands worldwide, Naturepedic is the best, in my opinion.


            The best organic Naturepedic mattresses are produced in the USA. They are high-quality because each unit is created from domestic or imported fabric and their crafted mattresses.

            What’s more, the company and manufacturer remove toxic chemicals from bedding and mattress products. It, of course, is more expensive because of organic ingredients.

            They purchase materials from trustworthy sources and produce each model with care in exchange for great user experiences, health, safety, and the environment.


            Are organic mattresses worth it?

            Yes, for those who have sensitive skin because it contains fewer toxins that trigger allergies. This eco-friendly solution provides you with cooler air for sleeping better and produces less odor (VOCs), especially it can last longer.

            How long do organic mattresses last?

            While the regular mattresses should be replaced every 7-10 years, you can use a natural mattress longer. In general, your organic mattress can last from 20-25 years under good maintenance, like protecting it with a pad or a cover.

            Are organic mattresses good for back pain?

            Yes. The traditional memory foams are suitable for back pain. Although the current memory foams might not be 100% natural, many of them are CertiPur-US certified, eco-friendly, free of harmful chemicals, heavy metals without producing VOCs. This type of mattress can contour your body, relieve pressure on your pressure points, including your back.

            Do stomach sleepers need a firm organic mattress?

            For stomach sleepers, it’s better to invest in an organic mattress with a medium level of firmness, providing ample support as long as the hips and midsection won’t be pushed too far.

            Are luxury organic mattresses good for side sleepers?

            Any mattress, which can help side sleepers reduce shoulder pain and lower back pain, is good.


            Depending on individuals with different sleeping positions, you need to find mattresses with various features that can support your body as well as possible while sleeping.

            An organic mattress, of course, contains natural ingredients without having chemicals, emitting toxins. The different certifications tell you about the different standards of each model, so don’t forget to check and read them when making a purchase.

            Finally, remember that the most comfortable organic mattress must meet both requirements about comfort and certifications (showing safe ingredients without or with fewer chemicals.)

            Hi, my name is Eugene, the ultimate home enthusiast! I write buying guides and ideas on how to create a warm and welcoming home. Join me on my journey to make everyday in your house a staycation in the comfort of your own space!

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