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Best Microwave Heating Pad For Back of 2024: Top 8 Picks

By Eugene WilliamsLast update: 2023-12-09

Snowy days are coming, so your back pain, and muscle aches are becoming worse, right? Have you found a suitable solution for your health problem?

In this post, I recommend the best microwave heating pad for back that can minimize your back pain conveniently. You just need to put it in your microwave, take it out and use it.

Here are the best microwave heating pads for back you can buy in 2024:

  • Most Durable (For Upper Back): REVIX
  • Best For Big Figures (For Upper Back): PhysioNatural
  • Best For Sensitive Skin (For Upper Back): Huggaroo
  • Ultra Soft (For Lower Back): Relief Expert
  • Best For Long-Lasting Heating (For Lower Back): Romfox
  • Best For Even Heating (For Lower Back): UNCN
  • Unscented (For Whole Back): ComfortCloud
  • Most Durable (For Whole Back): TheraCool
8 Best Microwave Heating Pads For Back
Most Durable
  • For Upper Back
Best For Big Figures
  • For Upper Back
Best For Sensitive Skin
  • For Upper Back
Ultra Soft
Relief Expert
  • For Lower Back
Best For Long-Lasting Heating
  • For Lower Back
Best For Even Heating
  • For Lower Back
  • For Whole Back
Most Durable
  • For Whole Back

Most Durable: REVIX

  • Convenient
  • Nice smell
  • Extremely soft
  • Comfortable
  • High price

When looking at the product pictures, you can easily recognize that this item is made from a very soft material. However, this is not the only benefit of the REVIX heating pad. Apart from the softness, this material is also durable enough to last for a long time even when you use it regularly.

REVIX Specifications


Neck: 3.75 inches

Back: 7.75 inches

Shoulders: 19.6 inches


Filling: 100% natural herbs and organic flax seed

The soft skin-friendly Minky cover

Highlight Features

High-collar and extension-shoulder

Hot and Cold thẻapies


The cover of the REVIX heating pad for the upper back is made from soft and durable material, so you can experience a comfortable feeling when using it every day.

Best For Big Figures: PhysioNatural

  • Effective in relieving your back pains
  • Soft
  • Pliable
  • Pleasant smell
  • Heavy

Is your painful area wide? Or does your body form big? In these cases, you need a heating pad that is larger (wider and longer) than a standard model.

The PhysioNatural heating pad is what you are looking for. It has an extra long rear back wrap and a 4-inch tall collar to expand the length of the application. In particular, the manufacturer gives their customers a special present - aromatherapy eye pillow (4’’ x 9’’).

PhysioNatural Specifications


Minky Fabric Neck & Shoulder Wrap: 19 inches x 15 inches

Minky Fabric Eye Pillow: 4 inches x 9 inches


Soft and cozy Minky fabric

Highlight Features

Stress relieving aromatherapy

High collar

Large and curved PhysioNatural wrap


The PhysioNaturalheating pad for upper back can heat the targeted pain points in any position on a wide back.

Best For Sensitive Skin: Huggaroo

  • Sturdy
  • Luxurious design
  • Detailed instructions
  • Safe
  • Reasonable
  • Heavy on your neck

Do you have sensitive skin and nose?

The Huggaroo heating pad can protect you from the allergen because it is made from 100% polyester fabric that is hypoallergenic to sensitive skin. Besides, this product doesn’t come with any fragrance, so it’s safe for sensitive noses.

Huggaroo Specifications


17 x 18 x 4 inches


100% polyester fabric cover

Clay beads and flax seeds filling

Highlight Features

Fragrance Free


The Huggaroo heating pad for the upper back is safe for your sensitive skin and nose because it is hypoallergenic.

Ultra Soft: Relief Expert

Relief Expert
Relief Expert
  • Soft
  • Hold the heat well
  • Super long velcro straps
  • Burnt if you heat in the microwave too long
  • Annoying smell

The Relief Expert heating pad for the lower back can give you a comfortable feeling from the inside out.

The combination of flaxseeds, millets and clay beads in the filling can provide you with enough warmth after putting it in a microwave to relieve your back, joint, and muscle pains effectively. Meanwhile, its skin-friendly Minky cover is ultra soft to touch, so you can directly apply it on your painful body areas.

Relief Expert Specifications




Flaxseeds, millets and clay beads filling

Highlight Features

The long adjustable sticky strap and 15*4.5 inches extension straps

Unique V shape

Moist Heat & Cold Therapy


The Relief Expert heating pad for the lower back can bring a comfortable feeling from the inside out.

Best For Long-Lasting Heating: Romfox

  • Comfortable
  • Retain the heat well
  • Soothing lavender scent
  • Safe
  • Not retain cold long

I threw away my old heating pad that just warmed me for under 5 minutes. I had to reheat it many times to feel its effect. If you don’t want to experience this uncomfortable experience, choose the Romfox heating pad for lower back.

With the heat therapy, this unit can heat up to 20 minutes while its working time of an effective cold therapy section is 10 minutes.

Romfox Specifications


15.35 x 8.66 x 2.33 inches


Flaxseed, millets, and clay beads filling

Highlight Features

Multi-use heated wrap

Sectioned chamber

Double-side fabric


Although the Romfox heating pad for lower back can hold the heat long, the cold therapy is not long.

Best For Even Heating: UNCN

  • Soft
  • Quick to heat
  • Good size
  • Machine washable
  • Easy to use
  • Weird smell

If you are looking for a beautiful heating pad, this is not what you want. However, the UNCN design is a pretty simple rectangle with star-like accents on the surface which can disperse the heat to all of your targeted pain areas evenly. Thus, you can easily take advantage of its maximum heat for your pains and relaxation.

UNCN Specifications


15*9 inches


Filling: all-natural unscented millets, flaxseeds, clay beads

Cotton cover

Highlight Features

Star-like design


The UNCN heating pad for lower back can provide the heat to your painful areas evenly.

Unscented: ComfortCloud

  • Easy to fold and use
  • Comfortable
  • Wam
  • Detailed directions
  • Heavy
  • Not hold the heat long

You don’t like both pleasant and unpleasant smells, right? If so, simply choose the unscented ComfortCloud heating pad for the whole back. Whether you apply a heat or cold therapy, before or after putting this heating pad in the microwave, it doesn’t emit any smell.

ComfortCloud Specifications


22"x 13"


Clay bead filling

Highlight Features


Removable and washable cover


The unscented ComfortCloud For Whole Back doesn’t emit any smell no matter what you do with it.

Most Durable: TheraCool

  • Comfortable
  • Calming lavender scent without being too strong
  • Soft
  • Significant weight
  • Not stay hot long

Do you want to invest in a long-term and worthy product?

The TheraCool heating pad for the whole back can meet this requirement. Apart from a durable look, its filling can also be long-lasting. The clay beads are a type of clay, so they won’t mold, rot, and attract pests like other fillings. Even when you heat them up again and again, they won’t burn.

TheraCool Specifications


22” x 13”


Filling: clay beads

Cover: ultra-soft plush fabric

Highlight Features

De-stressing aromatherapy scents of lavender and lemongrass


The TheraCool heating pad for the whole back is durable from the inside out, so it’s ok to use it again and again.

How To Choose The Best Microwave Heating Pad For Back?

How Large Should A Microwave Heating Pad Be To Reach A High Effect For Your Back Pain?

Microwavable heating pads range in sizes from small to extra-large models, but you should choose one based on your needs and requirements. For instance, if you want to put your heating pad over your back, a bigger size is a better consideration. A larger size works better for different uses and purposes.

Is The Flexibility Of A Heating Pad For Back Important? Yes. The back isn't an even surface, so a flexible heating pad can contour the target area to transfer heat to your back better, raising the heating pad's effect.

What Is The Best Filling For Your Back?

Lava Sand

This is a type of legal mined sand that can absorb and keep heat very well, especially it’s durable and comfortable with an affordable price.

Lava sand is pretty safe because it won't burn you even when your fingers touch the heating pad after taking it out of the microwave. But, this type of heating pad is still warm enough for you, even though it can keep a continual temperature longer than other materials.

While it's straightforward for other materials to build up mold, bugs and rot, the lava sand doesn't have this problem. The latter is a mineral that will never go bad and attract creepy crawlies.

This type of sand is pretty heavy, so it can provide people with menstrual cramping and other pains a certain amount of pressure to relieve. Plus, it is just heavy enough to contour around the parts of your body without being bumpy.

Flax Seed

Flax seed is a seed from a flax plant. Though it can't keep heat as long as corn, wheat, and barley, it won't burn you when touching the pad that is taken out of the microwave. In particular, this filling can maintain a consistent heat compared to other fillers.

Even when heating the flaxseed many times, it won't emit the burning smell. However, this type of seed will attract weevils and other cupboard pests.

Thanks to the small size of flax seeds, they can contour your body better. This seed is lightweight, so it can't provide you with a certain amount of pressure like the lava sand.

If you heat these seeds too many times, they will burn. Therefore, you need to replace them periodically.

Walnut Shells

Walnut shells are pulverized walnut shells.

Although after heating, it's hot to touch walnut shells, they won't burn your skin. You need to spend a short time cooling them enough before using. And its warming time can be maintained within 10 minutes. This is a kind of food, so there is no need to worry about rot and bug problems.

These pulverized walnut shells are small pieces, so they can perfectly contour to your body and offer pressure. Although it is heavier and denser than the flax seeds, it is not as heavy as lava sand.

There is a smell but it is an earthy odor like walnut smell. So, it's not bad. After heating, this smell won't increase.

Wheat Berries

Wheat berries are a type of unprocessed wheat. They just removed the outer hull to last longer. They can keep heat very well, but it is very hot after taking them out of the microwave. Thus, it's pretty hot to use immediately even if you wrap up in a blanket or a dish towel. If you want to use it, wait for at least 5 minutes. This filling material can maintain the heat for around 15 minutes.

Thanks to their dense and dark features, you can reheat them many times without burning much. Don't let them be exposed to moisture. If not, they can go bad and rot.

These things can't contour your body as effective as small grains, so its comfort level is not too high. But, they can offer you a certain amount of pressure.

This filling material comes with a faint earthy smell that won't rise unless they are overheated and burnt.

Pearl Barley

Pearl barley is barley grains with the outer hull and the removed barn.

Like the wheat berries, the pearly barley is also too hot to touch after taking it out of the microwave. Wait for 5 minutes before using it, but it can keep a comfortable temperature for over 25 minutes.

These things are small grains, so they can contour your body to heat perfectly.

Without being heated, it won't create any smell. However, it will smell when being burnt.

Steel-Cut Oats (Irish Oats)

They are cereal grains or hulled kernels which are chopped into small pieces.

After first removing irish oats from the microwave, it's still hot and uncomfortable to touch, but this filling material can retain pretty well (not good as wheat, pearly barley, and walnut shells).

These small pieces can contour your body more and offer adequate pressure to you. Its smell is the same as the traditional oatmeal.

Corn Kernels

They are dried corn, but not the same version of popcorn. You don't have to worry about burnt popcorn when heating the heating pads. They are used as animal feed, especially bird food.

Compared to other types, this filler performs poorer, even its heating time is also shorter. Besides, they have many signs of deformity, mold, and rot.

The corn pieces have an enormous size, so they can't contour your body well, especially it's more bumpy, and bulkier than others.

Before heating, the corn has a faint dusty corn smell on the cob. And this smell will be stronger when being heated longer.


Though rice is a popular food, it is not good to use as a filling for a heating pad.

Its heat retention is good and the heating time is pretty long, about 25 minutes. But, it's very hot when first removed from the microwave, requiring you to wait for 5-10 minutes before using.

Though the rice is smaller and heavier than the corn, it's pretty bulky.

After heating a few times, you can easily recognize a burning smell.

Cherry Pits

Cherry pits take up to 10 minutes to wait for cooling.

When heating, there is not any sign of burning. In particular, although they do not rot and mold, it's easy to break.

Because of the large round size and lightweight density, they don't perform well with zero pressure.

Clay Beads

Clay beads don't retain heat well since they are large and round, and lightweight and its heating time just lasts about 5 minutes.

Because of the clay, this filling doesn't mold, rot, and attract pests. Thanks to the low heat retention, even when you heat it many times, it won't burn.

Which Brands Make The Best Microwave Heating Pad For Back?


This brand specializes in producing the softest and most relaxing therapy products. Since 2019, Huggaroo has become a recognized and respected brand internationally.


Are microwavable heating pads good for your back?

Yes. This heat therapy helps you relieve back pain, stiffness in your back, joint pain, and muscle spasms because it can boost circulation to let the nutrients and oxygen go through joints and muscles easily.

How long do microwave heating pads stay hot?

Normally, a microwave heating pad can retain its heat within 35-45 minutes.

How long do microwavable heating pads last?

A good microwavable heating pad can last at least 4 years.

What material is best for a heating pad?

The best material for a heating pad should meet the following requirements:

Apart from durability and comfort, it should be able to retain heat for a long time without having an unpleasant smell after using it repeatedly.

For me, lava sand is the best filling material for a heating pad. Although this material is more expensive than others, it's value.

When should you not use a heating pad for back?

If your back has damaged skin or a recent back injury, you shouldn't use a heating pad on it.

For a recent injury, it's best to apply cold therapy within 1-2 days. After this time, you can switch to a heat therapy like using a heating pad to stimulate blood flow and heal.


Why should you buy the best microwave heating pad for back? It can help you relieve your back pain and other uncomfortable body parts by providing the heat to warm them long. How to use it is extremely simple and convenient. Because without using an electricity source, you can carry it with you to anywhere for using.

If these pads can't help you ease the back pain, then you should consider some muscle stimulators that uses electricity to give you an amazing massage experience.

Hi, my name is Eugene, the ultimate home enthusiast! I write buying guides and ideas on how to create a warm and welcoming home. Join me on my journey to make everyday in your house a staycation in the comfort of your own space!

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