6 Most Comfortable Hanging Chairs of 2024

By Eugene WilliamsLast update: 2024-06-11

It’s effortless to buy a cool, unique, and well-styled hanging chair on the current market, but not all of them can provide you with the best comfort. I am not sure that I can recommend you the most splendid designs. However, I can help you choose the most comfortable hanging chair, no matter where you want to set it up and how you want to use it.

Here are the most comfortable hanging chairs you can buy in 2024:

  • Best For Porch: Kanchimi Hanging Chair
  • Best For Garden: Christopher Knight Home 312592 hanging chair
  • Best For Bedrooms Balcony: Ohuhu Hammock Chair
  • Best For Patio: Sunnydaze Tufted Victorian Hammock Chair Swing
  • Best For Heavier People: VIVOHOME Hanging Hammock Chair
  • Best For Backyard: Bathonly Hammock Air Chair
6 Most Comfortable Hanging Chairs
Best For Porch
Kanchimi Hanging Chair
    Best For Garden
    Christopher Knight Home 312592 hanging chair
      Best For Bedrooms Balcony
      Ohuhu Hammock Chair
        Best For Patio
        Sunnydaze Tufted Victorian Hammock Chair Swing
          Best For Heavier People
          VIVOHOME Hanging Hammock Chair
            Best For Backyard
            Bathonly Hammock Air Chair

              Best For Porch: Kanchimi Hanging Chair

              Kanchimi Hanging Chair
              Kanchimi Hanging Chair
              • Well-made
              • Easy-to-follow instructions
              • Easy to install
              • Comfortable to sit-in
              • Cute look
              • An old burlap bag smell

              Do you look for the most comfortable hanging chair for porch use?

              Though there are different designs, the porch is a covered area. This place can partly protect your hanging chair from rain, snow, and wind, but it’s hard to have perfect protection. If you plan to set up a hanging chair in this area, you have to take durability into consideration.

              The cotton can offer great softness and the best comfort, but this material can’t put up with the harsh outdoor environment features.

              Luckily, the Kanchimi hanging chair is made from polyester cotton that is a wonderful combination of polyester and cotton. Although polyester isn’t as comfortable as cotton, it is very durable, strong, and flexible. Thus, this product has all the advantages of these materials. This fabric is soft, but it can keep the shape and color longer under the environment’s impact.

              Besides, its canvas fabric material is another sturdy and heavy-duty material of this chair. It is water-resistant and waterproof, suiting to put in the outdoors.

              In the past, the old version’s support bar was made from wood. Though this is a strong material, it’s vulnerable to damage due to bugs and weather like molding, rotting, and cracking. Therefore, the manufacturer has improved this part with new material - steel. It doesn’t shrink and expand over time when exposed to moisture.

              Kanchimi Hanging Chair Specifications


              9.43 pounds


              15.4 x 9.5 x 9.2 inches



              Weight Capacity

              330 Pounds

              Highlight Features

              soft and durable polyester cotton ropes
              canvas fabric
              detachable metal support bar
              a 10"*10" Built-in Side Pocket
              zipped cushions
              two extra-large pillows


              The Kanchimi Hanging Chair can bring the most comfortable sitting experience if you set it up in a covered area.

              Best For Garden: Christopher Knight Home 312592 hanging chair

              Christopher Knight Home 312592 hanging chair
              Christopher Knight Home 312592 hanging chair
              • Well-made
              • Attractive, cute, and cozy
              • Super comfortable
              • Professional installation required
              • Not included a handing stand and mounting hardware

              Among all outdoor spaces, a garden is an uncovered outdoor planned space with too much exposure to environmental elements. Thus, if you want to set up a hanging chair in this place, make sure that it is strong and durable enough to put up with any kind of weather.

              Fortunately, Christopher Knight Home 312592 hanging chair has a sturdy construction in every detail.

              The cushions are covered with a non-porous material, so they are water-resistant and waterproof. Thus, it’s okay if you leave these cushions outside while it’s raining. After the rain is over, you can clean drops of water on the surface easily and quickly.

              Its iron base and steel frame are more durable and stronger than wood and copper materials without being damaged over time.

              With the big size of this chair (38.00” W x 23.50” D x 48.00” H), it’s ideal and perfect to set it up in your garden rather than indoors. This design requires you to keep it 4.5-feet away from each way and 30 inches from each obstacle.

              Many people said that the chain’s length is too short, but it is nice to hang your chair on a stand. You know that there are not any ceilings in your garden, right?

              Christopher Knight Home 312592 hanging chair Specifications


              33.2 pounds


              38 x 23.5 x 48 inches


              Water Resistant Fabric, Faux Rattan

              Highlight Features

              a graceful teardrop shape
              a long-lasting woven finish
              water-resistant and not waterproof cushions


              The Christopher Knight Home 312592 hanging chair is extremely durable, so you can put it in uncovered places.

              Best For Bedrooms Balcony: Ohuhu Hammock Chair

              Ohuhu Hammock Chair
              Ohuhu Hammock Chair
              • Beautiful
              • Sturdy
              • Well-made
              • A bit hard to hang

              If you want to purchase the most comfortable hanging chair for indoor uses like your bedroom balcony, the Ohuhu Hammock chair is a suitable solution. The 100% handmade cotton material gives you an ultra-comfortable sitting experience. Besides, its ergonomic design plays a vital role in keeping your proper sitting posture.

              Just looking at the picture, this classic woven-net hammock can add the macrame detail’s beauty into a modern or classic bedroom balcony.

              Ohuhu Hammock Chair Specifications


              11.53 pounds


              31” x 24” x 50”


              Cotton, Iron

              Weight Capacity

              330 lbs

              Highlight Features

              all-in-one hammock chair kit
              the thick cotton ropes

              premium iron chain


              The Ohuhu Hammock Chair not only provides you with the best comfort but also adds a piece of beauty to your house.

              Best For Patio: Sunnydaze Tufted Victorian Hammock Chair Swing

              Sunnydaze Tufted Victorian Hammock Chair Swing
              Sunnydaze Tufted Victorian Hammock Chair Swing
              • Beautiful color
              • Thick and heavy-duty material
              • Sturdy
              • Comfortable
              • Not soft cushions

              Only you can use your hanging chair in your bedroom. Meanwhile, people usually use their patio for dining and recreation, so there are many users here.

              You won’t want to use a too lightweight chair that can give your kids a lot of fun but can’t support a heavy adult, right? With the dimensions of 43" L x 39" W and a 23" W seat, the Sunnydaze Tufted Victorian Hammock Chair Swing is large and strong enough to support anyone who is under 300 pounds.

              Moreover, if one day you want to reorganize and redecorate your patio with new plants and outdoor furniture, there is no need to move this chair hardly. It is very lightweight and portable, so you can quickly move it everywhere to give it a new position.

              Sunnydaze Tufted Victorian Hammock Chair Swing Specifications


              4.4 pounds


              43 x 23 x 2 inches



              Weight Capacity

              300 pounds

              Highlight Features

              Comfortable tufted design
              Multiple hanging options
              Lightweight & portable


              The Sunnydaze Tufted Victorian Hammock Chair Swing can offer good support for different people.

              Best For Heavier People: VIVOHOME Hanging Hammock Chair

              VIVOHOME Hanging Hammock Chair
              VIVOHOME Hanging Hammock Chair
              • Easy to clean
              • Simple to put together
              • Soft and comfortable
              • Stylish hammock
              • Not straightforward to separate them apart

              A lightweight hanging chair can’t provide enough support for an overweight person, so it’s effortless to get unwanted accidents. You might need to change a new hanging chair in a light circumstance, while in a more severe case, you can be hurt.

              Therefore, if you are a heavy person, you should consider VIVOHOME Hanging Hammock Chair that features 440 lbs capacity.

              The whole heavy-duty model is constructed from strong and durable materials:

              Its 2’’ thick cushion is made from linen fabrics. Among all the natural fibers, this material is the strongest one; especially, it will be stronger with washes.

              Meanwhile, its armrest is made from solid bamboo that seems lightweight, but it is 3 times stronger than timber. Even it has a larger tensile strength than steel, so it can put up more tension and stretching pressure before breaking.

              VIVOHOME Hanging Hammock Chair Specifications


              8.83 pounds


              41'' x 31.5'



              Weight Capacity

              440 lbs

              Highlight Features

              top-grade bamboo armrest

              sturdy and weatherproof materials
              a hanging hardware kit


              With 440 lbs weight capacity, the VIVOHOME Hanging Hammock Chair can easily support heavy users.

              Best For Backyard: Bathonly Hammock Air Chair

              Bathonly Hammock Air Chair
              Bathonly Hammock Air Chair
              • Easy to assemble
              • Sturdy metal frame
              • Comfortable
              • Unadjustable headrest

              Everyone usually uses their backyard for entertaining and playing, so a hanging chair for the backyard also serves the purpose of enjoyment.

              Now, let’s see how functional it is:

              The Bathonly Hammock Air Chair features a drink cup holder on its armrest and a bag for storing your book and magazines. For maximum comfort, while laying on this hanging chair, you can put your feet on the adjustable footrest and your head on the full-size breathable pillow (a great design on hot summer days).

              Thus, you can take a nap on this chair with the most comfortable sleeping posture. Or it’s okay if you just want to relax on this hanging chair, read a book, and enjoy your beverage.

              Bathonly Hammock Air Chair Specifications


              105.8oz / 3000g


              (41.30 x 31.5)" / (105 x 80)cm (L x W)


              52% PVC, 28% yarn, 20% polyester yarn

              Weight Capacity

              330 lbs

              Highlight Features

              a Plush Pillow, Arm Rests, Foot Rest, Cup Holder, and a Carrying Bag


              The Bathonly Hammock Air Chair is functional enough to give you wonderful experiences in your backyard.

              How To Choose The Most Comfortable Hanging Chair?

              What Type Of Hanging Chair Do You Like?

              Rope Hammock Chair

              This type looks casual but sweet. Although there are different designs, they are more suitable to hang indoors rather than outdoors. They are made from cotton or poly-cotton materials that can’t put up with the weather conditions. Thus, if you set it up in an uncovered place, this model can’t last long, especially, you have to wait very long to dry when being wet. In summer, this is a highlight to your verandahs and patios.

              If you are looking for a comfortable hanging chair to put in your house, you are in the right place. It provides you with enough slack to stretch your legs for relaxing. After sitting on this hanging chair type, it will immediately contour your body shape.

              Cotton is the softest material of rope, offering the most comfortable sitting experiences, but it is not too durable. If possible, you should invest in a soft-spun polyester hammock chair that is softer and more durable than cotton. What’s more, this material can dry quicker and resist mold and mildew better.

              Padded Sofa Chair

              Compared to the rope hammock chair, the padded sofa chair offers more cushioning for the most comfort because it is composed of many fabric layers.

              The popular fabric is particularly resilient dyed acrylic that is appropriate for the outdoors. It is soft-like-cotton and breathable, fading-resistant, and resistant-to-mildew for a long time.

              Hanging Basket/Egg/Pod Chairs

              This iconic and classic hanging chair’s popular material is rattan.

              For indoor use, you should pick up natural rattan material while hanging your chair outdoors requires synthetic rattan or all-weather wicker.

              Though this material is pretty expensive, you can clean a rattan chair straightforwardly and quickly.

              If you don’t want to hang your chair on the ceiling, many swing chairs are packed with independent stands.

              Bubble Chairs

              The bubble chair designs are pretty simple but sophisticated, so this is a wonderful decorative piece to add beauty to a retro-themed space.

              Whether you buy an acrylic or polycarbonate bubble chair, there is always an attached PVC cushion. It works well in indoor spaces or covered spaces.

              Patio Swing

              This design seems old, but it’s perfect for two-three adults to sit comfortably. It is an attractive piece to hang on a ceiling with covered verandahs.

              How Much Comfort Do You Want?

              Any hanging chair is designed to keep you as much comfort as possible. However, if you make the right decision, you can get the maximum comfort. While cotton provides you with a lot of ease, parachute nylon gives you both high durability and comfort.

              How Much Is Overall Weight Of A Frame Ideal?
              If you want to move your hanging chair around your yard, you shouldn’t buy a patio swing made from heavy-duty fabric about 25 – 35 pounds.

              Do You Really Need A Durable Hanging Chair?

              This feature is very important if you want to take along with a hanging chair on your camping trip. Besides, it should be made from easy-to-clean fabric because it’s hard to find soap and water outdoors.

              Even if you just put it in your yard, your chair must be durable enough to withstand harsh weather conditions like snowfall and rain.

              Usually, the highest-quality hanging chair is made from A grade fabric that won’t wear and tear under harsh weather conditions because it is weather-resistant.

              How Much Money Can You Spend On A Hanging Chair?

              Even if you choose the highest quality hanging chair, it doesn’t bankrupt you. It’s straightforward for you to pick up a useful and budget-friendly model from a reputed brand. The price range is between $50-$200.

              Of course, there are many more expensive versions than this price range because they provide you with better durability. Apart from your budget, make sure that you have enough space for setting up these big models. No one requires this type of hanging chair for personal purposes because it’s too large to put in their house.

              Do you want to invest in a one-time hanging chair or accept buying a new one after a few years? The first choice is expensive, but you can use it for a very long time. Depending on your need, let you choose one to give you an ideal balance between quality and price.

              How Large Should Your Hanging Chair Be?

              Here is the rule:

              The hanging chair’s width respects its comfort level. This means that the larger the chair is, the more comfortable you sit inside. Although a wider model can make it bulkier, this is a worthy sacrifice.

              How Strong Is Your Hanging Chair?

              An excellent hanging chair should provide you with enough strength to protect you from a risk of a severe injury.

              Which Brands Make The Most Comfortable Hanging Chair?

              Christopher Knight Home

              The Christopher Knight Home was founded by many industry veterans. So, that is no wonder when it has become one of the highest-quality brands for furniture in the United States.

              When it comes to the living room furniture, they have chairs, tables, sofas, and ottomans.

              Besides, the Christopher Knight Home also sells dining room furniture such as dining tables and a significant collection of dining chairs in different styles and colors.

              You can also find many high-rated bedroom furniture products. Here are some of them: side tables, bed frames, nightstands, poufs, storage benches, chaises, drawer tables, headboards, chairs, and storage ottomans.

              This company also specializes in producing high-quality office furniture, such as storage shelves, cabinets, desks, tables, and different types of chairs.


              Are hanging chairs comfortable?


              How much weight can a hanging chair hold?

              A standard hanging chair can hold up from 260 pounds to 300 pounds.

              Can hanging chairs damage trees?

              If you directly tie a hanging chair’s rope into a branch, it can damage your tree. When swinging, the rope will rub against the branch to strip off bark pieces and leave the tree open.

              To avoid this case, let you slide a rubber tube on the rope. This way protects your tree from the direct contact of the rope.

              Drilling into the branch or popping in eye bolts can also damage your trees.

              Although the mature and healthy trees can heal their own wounds over time, drilling into bark is very dangerous. You can’t make sure to keep your trees 100% safe in the future.

              How do you hang a hanging chair?

              Step one:

              Where will you hang your hanging chair on your ceiling joist? Determine this position. If you don’t want to get any unwanted accident, make sure that it is at least 2 x 6 inches that are strong enough to support your weight and your chair’s. If you get a covered porch ceiling, a stud finder can help you locate a joist. This tool requires you to find the center point where you will hang your hanging chair by marking both sides of the joist and marking between the 2 lines.

              The ideal spot should allow three feet of space behind the swing and 14 inches on the other sides to avoid hitting a wall and railing.

              You shouldn’t hang your hanging chair into a small joist that doesn’t provide enough strength. In this case, it’s better to reinforce your chair with beams. If you are a beginner DIYer, you should ask for help from professionals because it requires some skills.

              Step two: After determining a suitable position, let you make a three-inch hole with a drill bit.

              Step three: You have to carefully install the eye screw into the pilot hole as long as the wood won’t split. Let you twist it until you don’t see any threading on the screw.

              Step four: Attach a locking carabiner or an S-hook to the eye screw.

              Step five: Attach one end of the rope to the carabiner or S-hook at the eye screw and another to the chair’s hanging device.

              For this step, the different types of hanging chairs need to be installed with other methods. Thus, let you follow the instructions packed with your hanging chair.

              Are hammock chairs good for your back?

              Yes. A good hammock chair can relieve pressure points on your spine and joints, reducing inflammation and pain.


              The most comfortable hanging chair can give you the best relaxing moments. However, you have to choose one suiting your needs. If not, it only wastes your money. For example, you are looking for a comfortable hanging chair for outdoor use, right? A 100% cotton model is extremely comfortable, but it is less durable under outdoor conditions.

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