6 Most Comfortable Futon Mattresses of 2021

Last update: 2021-05-04

Do you have limited space? Are you suffering from a bad back or spinal arthritis? Are you looking for long-term investment? You don’t have to consider expensive, heavy, and bulky traditional mattresses because there are different futon mattresses, meeting your different requirements. Before learning in detail how they can do, let’s check their names in advance:

Here are the most comfortable futon mattresses you can buy in 2021:

  • Easy To Wash (Innerspring Futon Mattress): Classic Brands
  • Best For Bad Back (Innerspring Futon Mattress): Kodiak Furniture
  • Durable (Innerspring Futon Mattress): Jerry Sales
  • Best For Light Sleepers (Foam Futon Mattress): MAXYOYO
  • Best For Spinal Arthritis (Foam Futon Mattress): Mozaic Trupedic
  • Easy To Store (Foam Futon Mattress): EMOOR
6 Most Comfortable Futon Mattresses
Easy To Wash
Classic Brands
  • Innerspring Futon Mattress
Best For Bad Back
Kodiak Furniture
  • Innerspring Futon Mattress
Jerry Sales
  • Innerspring Futon Mattress
Best For Light Sleepers
  • Foam Futon Mattress
Best For Spinal Arthritis
Mozaic Trupedic
  • Foam Futon Mattress
Easy To Store
  • Foam Futon Mattress

Easy To Wash (Innerspring Futon Mattress): Classic Brands

Classic Brands
Classic Brands
  • No odor
  • Removable cover
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Well made
  • Good price
  • Heavy

Cleaning and washing a bulky and very thick standard mattress is almost impossible. With Classic Brands innerspring futon mattress, you don’t have to face ith this problem anymore.

If you accidentally spill something on your mattress’s surface, there is no need to wash the whole futon. What you have to do is to clean its microfiber cover by wiping it with a wet cloth because this material is stain-resistant. Pay attention that the cleaning process will take you about a few hours to clean and let it dry.

Apart from an easy-to-clean feature, this material brings other benefits. Although the microfiber is super soft to give you a comfortable feeling while laying on it, it is durable enough to put up with general wear and tear.

Classic Brands Specifications

Assembled Dimensions (Inches)

54" W x 75" L x 8" H

Weight Capacity

63 Lbs


8 Inches

Highlight Features

wrapped coil innerspring system
microfiber polyester cover


You can take the Classic Brands Innerspring Futon Mattress’s cover off to wash and clean it effortlessly.

Best For Bad Back (Innerspring Futon Mattress): Kodiak Furniture

Kodiak Furniture
Kodiak Furniture
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Good look
  • Sturdy
  • Firm
  • After unboxing, there is a like-plastic smell, but it will leave about one day.

Usually, everyone invests in a futon because of its versatility. They can convert it into a bed or a sofa that functions as a cushion on a frame. It is not an ideal solution to sleep every night because the futon can’t provide full support as a standard mattress, let alone people with a bad back who require a high level of support and comfort.

However, Kodiak Furniture innerspring futon mattress is an exception. Whether you sit or sleep on this futon, its 13 gauge Bonnell springs will flex with your body to provide you with the most comfortable experiences and prevent back pain.

What’s more, this mattress is constructed from an easy hinge system designed to fold and bend easily to fit with your sitting and sleeping posture quickly, avoiding causing bad back.

This product features a high-density foam construction.

What are its benefits?

Typically, the more density your futon is, the more support you have. A dense mattress can perfectly contour your body and relieve pressure points, causing a bad back.

Kodiak Furniture Specifications


8 Inches

Highlight Features

276 coil hinged innerspring unit

High-density foam construction.

The decorative tufting on cover


Kodiak Furniture Innerspring Futon Mattress provides excellent support for your bad back as what a standard mattress can do.

Durable (Innerspring Futon Mattress): Jerry Sales

Jerry Sales
Jerry Sales
  • Comfortable to sleep on
  • Beautiful
  • Easy to set up
  • Not clear assembly instruction

Jerry Sales is a wonderful combination of durable details: hardwood frame and microfiber suede.

When it comes to the futon frame, there are 5 categories: oakwood, hardwood, pinewood, and metal. Though the hardwood frames are not as durable as oakwood frames, they are a cheaper and more lightweight option with high durability. In particular, it’s easier and quicker to convert it from bed to sofa.

As mentioned, the microfiber suede cover adds extra-durable detail to the whole construction.

Jerry Sales Specifications

Assembled Dimensions (Inches)

80"L x 60"W x 8"H


8 inches

Highlight Features

Hardwood frame

microfiber suede innerspring mattress futon set

soft microfiber covers


You are able to use Jerry Sales Innerspring Futon Mattress for a long time because of its high durability.

Best For Light Sleepers (Foam Futon Mattress): MAXYOYO

  • Comfortable
  • The good smell after unboxing
  • Not for heavy people

A light person doesn’t deeply sink into a super-dense futon, so it can’t contract and contour your body correctly to relieve your pressure points. You should choose a mattress with a soft feel like the 4-inch MAXYOYO foam futon mattress.

This thin, lightweight, and soft model brings benefits that a dense mattress can never give you as follows:

You can easily roll and fold it to store in a limited and small container. Plus, this product is packed with a storage bag and straps, allowing you to carry it everywhere to use as an outdoor bed on your camping and backpacking trip.

MAXYOYO Specifications

Assembled Dimensions (Inches)

4" thick x 54" wide x 80" long

Weight Capacity

13 lbs


17 cm

Highlight Features

mattress dustproof cover, 1 pair of bandage, 1 canvas storage bag


MAXYOYO Foam Futon Mattress is soft enough for light people to get the most comfortable sleeping experiences.

Best For Spinal Arthritis (Foam Futon Mattress): Mozaic Trupedic

Mozaic Trupedic
Mozaic Trupedic
  • Easy to set up and fold into a sofa
  • Affordable
  • The like-plastic smell after unboxing

The Mozaic Trupedic is a foam futon mattress with a resilient temperature sensitive material, reacting to your body heat and weight. Therefore, when laying down, the foam will properly contour your body. This feature can support your better spinal alignment, minimizing some aches and pains.

There are three foam futon mattresses here, so what is the best part of Mozaic Trupedic?

It features a cotton-wrapped foam construction that can add comfort and support for your spinal.

Mozaic Trupedic Specifications

Weight Capacity

45 Pounds


8 inches

Highlight Features

polyester and foam materials


Mozaic Trupedic Foam Futon Mattress keeps your proper sleeping posture for spinal alignment.

Easy To Store (Foam Futon Mattress): EMOOR

  • A warm blanket in spite of a thin design
  • Comfortable
  • Beautiful
  • Easy to clean
  • It isn’t designed for 2 people to sleep on

Whether you need a solution for your small room or follow a minimalist lifestyle, you also should consider the EMOOR foam futon mattress. This is a basic futon set with a comforter, futon mattress, and pillow, but the comforter and mattress are only cotton sheets. You can easily fold them up to store them in your closet when not in use.

This design frees up your room so that you can take advantage of this free space for anything else. For example, you can put a folding table here for working or having breakfast. Even it’s okay to use this space for practicing yoga or karate.

Do you want to know their specific sizes?

Refer to the information here:

  1. Mattress Futon: 37.41 x 76.80
  2. Comforter: 59.07 x 78.77
  3. Pillow: 16.93 x 24.81

It is very convenient, right?

However, you can’t expect a perfect product. This futon mattress is pretty thin compared to others, requiring you to combine it with paddings like a bed-mattress, a Tatami mattress, or a foam mattress.

EMOOR Specifications

Assembled Dimensions (Inches)

Mattress Futon Size: 37.41 x 76.80 in (95 x 195 cm), Comforter: 59.07 x 78.77 in. (150 x 200 cm), Pillow: 16.93 x 24.81 in. (43 x 63 cm)

Weight Capacity

15.54 Pounds

Highlight Features

A set with a Comforter (Kakebuton), a Futon Mattress (Shikibuton), and a Pillow


You can fold EMOOR Foam Futon Mattress into a compact package for storing in your closet.

How To Choose The Most Comfortable Futon Mattress?

What Is Your Purpose When Buying A Comfortable Futon Mattress?
Specifically, you have to know if you lay on your futon regular or not.

For example, if you sometimes let your guests use your futon, a cheap and soft futon made from cheap materials like cotton is good enough for this occasional case.

However, if you buy a futon mattress to use on a regular basis, it’s better to purchase a high-quality and reliable one because you will sleep on it every single night. I strongly recommend you to choose a coil-filled futon with good structure and comfort.

With back pain and spine problems, make sure to pick up a suitable futon mattress that can provide you with the right sleeping posture. If not, your mattress can play a significant role in causing your serve deformation and other consequential issues like a back misalignment.

Do You Care About The Aesthetics Of A Futon Mattress?

Many current futon mattresses can meet the requirements of both comfort and appearance, specifically, holding and maintaining the original shape for a long time of use.

But, this isn’t right with all futon mattresses. For instance, the coil-filled futon mattresses can provide you with the best comfort, but they will lose their shape over time.

Comfort, comfort, and comfort

I know that all of you here are looking for the most comfortable futon mattress. Here is what you are caring about.

Keep in mind that the most comfortable unit must allow you to sleep and sit on it well because most people buy it for 2 purposes.

Typically, the materials are the decisive factor of comfort.

Which Thickness Is The Most Suitable Level?

In general, there are 2 thickness options: 6-inch and 8-inch futon mattresses.

If you just consider a futon mattress’s appearance, a thin unit looks more beautiful a bulky futon. But, this choice can’t offer enough comfort for a hard surface like a wooden sofa bed. The thicker your futon is, the more comfortable you will feel. Of course, the thicker products will cost you more money than thin ones.

In the event of an adult, an 8-inch futon mattress can give you more comfort than what a 6-inch model can do.

A heavy sleeper requires a thicker mattress to prevent his or her body from bottoming out.

In case a futon mattress is your investment for both primary sitting and sleeping location, you should pick up a unit with extra couple bucks. You don’t need to care about the thickness if you use it as a couch rather than a bed.

How Many Folds Are Ideal?

When it comes to this aspect, there are 2 choices: a bi-fold futon and a tri-fold futon.

The former means that once is folded in 2 separate pieces.

The latter means that the futon is folded into three separate pieces.

Generally, the answer to this question depends on the frame type. If you want to buy a new futon mattress for your existing bed, let you check the number of your old futon’s folds to find a fitted one.

Which Frame Is An Appropriate One?

Did you use a futon in the past?

If no, investing in a frame is a must.

In case you plan to use your futon mattress for a long time, you should invest in a durable wooden frame. However, if you don’t intend to use it for over a few years, it’s okay to buy a cheaper unit. In this situation, you can consider a wood composite or particleboard frame.

There are different frame sizes designed to fit a standard full-size bed or a queen-size futon. Before making a purchase, remember to measure your futon mattress.

The futon frame materials have 2 types: metal and wood, but I always suggest choosing the most durable one.

Do You Need A Durable Futon Mattress?

If yes, you had better choose materials that can last longer. Besides, it’s also essential to take the warranty into consideration.

Does your manufacturer provide you with a long warranty?

It should be an extended period.

Which Size Of Mattress Works Best For Your Frame?

I can’t offer a specific number, but it ought to fit the frame size.

Which Material Is The Best?

I mentioned the materials of futon mattresses during this part, but here are the details.

Compared to traditional mattresses, futons don’t have many material options because they are reversible.

Here are some common futon materials:

  • Cotton
  • Foam
  • Spring

Cotton is the most common and affordable material. The futon cotton doesn’t like what you see in your pillow. It is made from 100% dense cotton, so this type is pretty hard, suiting those who love a firm mattress.

The memory foam is softer than others, so it can perfectly contour your body. This choice is a comfortable solution for people who have neck injuries or lower back pain.

In fact, a spring futon is a combination of inner springs and cotton. This type is divided into 2 styles: springboard style of springs and futon wrapped springs. Your final choice depends on your budget.

If possible, you had better choose the wrapped coils to provide you with better balance when laying down on the futon. Meanwhile, the springboard produces plenty of bounce, so this is not an ideal option for people who share their bed with a partner.

Is your health your top priority?

If so, you had better select health materials instead of polyurethane, which is not good for your health.

Please consider the following choices:

Anti-bacterial cotton fiber and high-quality foam

Which Brands Make The Most Comfortable Futon Mattress?

Classic Brands

Before changing the name to Classic Brands in 2002, this brand was called Classic Corporation. In 1971, it started producing waterbeds and became one of the leading waterbed producers all over the world.

After this period, the company expanded manufacturing extra mattresses and accessories like bed frames and pillows. Now, you can easily find out different Classic Brands mattresses for different types of sleepers and budgets. Here are some examples: futon mattresses, sofa, cool gel foam mattresses, memory foam, hybrids, and innerspring.


Do futon mattresses have springs?

Yes. Typically, the innerspring futon mattresses are constructed of many springs and foam layers.

Is an innerspring mattress good?

Yes. The high-quality innerspring mattresses can provide you with a very comfortable sleeping surface.

Is it OK to sleep on a futon every night?


How thick should a futon mattress be?

For the most comfortable experience, you should choose an 8-inch futon.

How can I make my futon more comfortable?

There are more solutions than one. Please choose the most suitable one among the ways below:

Put a featherbed on top of your futon mattress

The featherbed looks like a down comforter used to sleep on top of it rather than having it on you.

This layer can add extra softness and warmth between you and your futon mattress.

Add extra support at the bottom of your mattress

Over time, your futon mattress tends to sag down. You can recognize this problem through the sign of feeling the wooden slats under your futon mattress. Adding a plywood sandwich or extra slats at the bottom can keep you from discomfort while sleeping. Moreover, this way also helps your mattress more durable.

Add a memory foam mattress topper

This is a common way to make a mattress more comfortable. It’s straightforward to roll up the memory foam and put it away when you fold back your futon mattress.

Put an air mattress on the top of your futon

The air mattress is a very comfortable solution, but you have to make sure that the air inside doesn’t deflate overnight. Naturally, the majority of futons are pretty thin and close to the ground, so this way can increase your futon’s height. However, its drawback is to deflate quickly.

Layer comforters

This tip is able to add warmth and comfort to your futon mattress.


The most comfortable futon mattress is so flexible that you can use it as a bed and a sofa. Although it isn’t as thick as a standard mattress, this type can provide you with good support for people with a bad back and spinal arthritis.

Eugene Williams
Eugene Williams

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