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5 Most Accurate Infrared Thermometers of 2024

By Eugene WilliamsLast update: 2024-07-11

Nowadays, when the disease is more and more prevalent, everyone pays attention to hygiene problems.

Is there any way to take temperatures of many people without touching their skin and cleaning devices continuously?

The most accurate infrared thermometer allows you to get readings from a far distance.

Here are the most accurate infrared thermometers you can buy in 2024:

  • Easy To Clean: iHealth No-Touch Forehead Thermometer
  • Best For Baby: Hotodeal Forehead Thermometer
  • Easy To Read: LPOW Digital Thermometer
  • Fast Reading: DISEN Non-Contact Thermometer
  • Multi-Functional: Mueller Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer
5 Most Accurate Infrared Thermometers
Easy To Clean
iHealth No-Touch Forehead Thermometer
    Best For Baby
    Hotodeal Forehead Thermometer
      Easy To Read
      LPOW Digital Thermometer
        Fast Reading
        DISEN Non-Contact Thermometer
          Mueller Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

            Easy To Clean: iHealth No-Touch Forehead Thermometer

            iHealth No-Touch Forehead Thermometer
            iHealth No-Touch Forehead Thermometer
            • Easy to hold, use and read
            • Well-made
            • Accurate
            • Inexpensive
            • Nice design
            • In the brighter lighting conditions, it’s hard to read the temperature with a white LED on a white background.

            iHealth No-touch forehead thermometer has a minimal design without having many unessential function buttons and details on the thermometer body. This model only has a single button, and a clear and bright extra-large LED screen fixed into the body, minimizing areas where collect a lot of dirt and dust.

            You just need to use a clean cloth to wipe down dust on the surface.

            iHealth No-Touch Forehead Thermometer Specifications


            3.17 Ounces

            Response Time

            1 second

            Highlight Features

            No-touch design

            PT3 Built-in infrared temperature sensor

            An ultra-sensitive infrared sensor

            Single-button control design

            A large LED screen


            iHealth No-Touch Forehead Thermometer doesn’t have hard-to-reach areas, so you can clean this device easily and quickly.

            Best For Baby: Hotodeal Forehead Thermometer

            Hotodeal Forehead Thermometer
            Hotodeal Forehead Thermometer
            • Handy
            • Clean and simple user interface
            • Quite useful instruction manual
            • Easy to read and use
            • It doesn’t work with rechargeable batteries

            Why does the Hotodeal Forehead Thermometer work best for babies?

            Babies can’t tell you that they are ill. It’s up to you to recognize the signs of illness through the number on the thermometer screen, so you need an exact result. You won’t want to leave your baby with a fever at home just due to an inaccurate reading.

            Your baby also doesn’t have enough patience to keep a specific position to wait for your thermometer’s result in more than one minute. Trying to hold him down easily causes a mistake and results in an inaccurate reading.

            Luckily, this thermometer has advanced infrared technology and a high precision sensor, so you can expect an accurate reading result only within one second.

            Babies love wriggling continuously, so it’s hard to take orally, rectally, and axillary temperature. Hotodeal can help you solve this problem because its non-contact infrared technology can read temperature from a far distance (5 - 8 cm) without needing to touch your baby’s skin.

            Hotodeal Forehead Thermometer Specifications


            3.84 Ounces

            Response Time

            1 second

            Upper Temperature Rating

            For Human Body: 35.0°C~43°C (95°F~109.2°F)

            For Object: 0°C~93°C (32.0°F~199.4°F)

            Highlight Features

            Non-contact design

            The advanced infrared technology and high precision sensor

            Multifunctional design

            Automatic memory

            LCD backlight with 3 colors


            Hotodeal Forehead Thermometer comes with safe and convenient features, suiting to use for your babies.

            Easy To Read: LPOW Digital Thermometer

            LPOW Digital Thermometer
            LPOW Digital Thermometer
            • Accurate
            • Affordable
            • Easy to use
            • User-friendly
            • Lightweight
            • Some accuracy problems if you use the device improperly

            Whether you use LPOW Digital thermometer at night or in the daytime, you can easily read the result quickly.

            Its large LCD screen allows you to see the readings in a dark and weak lighting condition. In urgent cases, you can recognize the temperature level through colors. This device has 3 backlight indicators: normal temperature: 35.5℃ to 37.3℃ (green), the little high temperature: 37.4℃ to 38.0℃ (yellow), and the high temperature: 38.1℃ to 42.9℃ (red).

            LPOW Digital Thermometer Specifications


            5.61 Ounces

            Response Time

            1 second

            Upper Temperature Rating

            109.2 Degrees Fahrenheit

            Highlight Features

            A contactless infrared body thermometer with sensor technology

            Dual Mode

            Big LCD Screen With 3 Backlight Indicators

            Temperature Reading Memory Storage


            LPOW Digital Thermometer provides you with the best lighting condition to see readings at night.

            Fast Reading: DISEN Non-Contact Thermometer

            DISEN Non-Contact Thermometer
            DISEN Non-Contact Thermometer
            • Easy and simple to use
            • Very accurate
            • Reasonable
            • Compact
            • Stylish
            • A little bit hard to switch modes due to the lack of buttons

            While the traditional thermometers require you to hold it simultaneously for around 30-40 seconds to read the most accurate results, DISEN non-contact thermometer just takes you one second. Moreover, you can keep the device far away from what you need to read the temperature in the range of 0.39 - 1.18 inches. This is great for babies who quickly move around without sitting in place.

            DISEN Non-Contact Thermometer Specifications


            4.59 Ounces

            Response Time

            1 second

            Upper Temperature Rating

            0.39-1.18 inches

            Highlight Features

            Non-contact design

            Celsius and Fahrenheit units

            Storage of 35 Readings


            DISEN Non-Contact Thermometer works very quickly to give you the final reading result.

            Multi-Functional: Mueller Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

            Mueller Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer
            Mueller Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer
            • Fast to read
            • Accurate
            • Easy-to-follow instruction manual
            • Easy to hold
            • Lightweight
            • Not accurate if you use from a too far distance

            This professional-grade thermometer is designed to perform different tasks like taking a forehead temperature, of course, and checking the temperature on many surfaces. You can read the results in Fahrenheit or Celsius units.

            This device can store your 9 readings to keep an eye on your object’s temperature. You don’t have to delete the history because it can’t memorize more than 9 at a time. This thermometer itself will delete the oldest reading.

            If you don’t use Mueller within 30 seconds, it will automatically turn off, saving a lot of energy.

            It is designed with sound notification to tell you when the battery is low, or the temperature is over high. You can mute the sound when checking the temperature of a baby who is sleeping.

            Mueller Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer Specifications


            5.64 Ounces

            Response Time

            1 second

            Highlight Features

            A contactless infrared body thermometer

            LCD display

            Sensitivity sensor technology

            9 Readings Memory Recall


            Mueller Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer has many great features and functions for different using purposes.

            How To Choose The Most Accurate Infrared Thermometer?

            How Many Types Of Infrared Thermometers Are There?

            Based on the differences of the lens, there are 3 types as follows:

            No-Lens Thermometers

            With no-lens thermometers, the infrared light will go from a funnel of reflective material to a small area.

            This type is smaller than others, straightforward to use, and works well in cold environments.

            It’s inexpensive due to the lack of a lens, which can’t protect your infrared thermometer from the harmful effects of hot environments.

            Although the funnel design doesn’t require a resting period when moving from environment to environment, it can’t work a long distance. You need to come close to what you need to read for the most accurate result.

            Fresnel Lens

            Although this type isn’t as versatile as Mica thermometers, the Fresnel lens’s narrow temperature range can cover both ends of the spectrum. It is used in the food industry and restaurant environment commonly.

            You need to be careful when using the Fresnel lens thermometer because its plastic material can change its shape when being exposed to drops in temperature all of a sudden. Moreover, it takes a bit of time to adjust when moving from environment to environment.

            Mica Lens

            The complex lenses are made from mineral glass, so it is the most expensive type, but you will get what you pay for. This type of infrared thermometer is applied in industrial settings because it can read as accurately as possible, especially from far distances. However, the mica lens is more susceptible to damage than other thermometers.

            What Will You Use Your Infrared Thermometer For?

            The different infrared thermometers work best for other purposes, so you should check the information on the label before buying.

            Some, for example, can check faulty terminations of high-powered electrical circuits and locate overloaded circuit breakers, while others identify fuses near or at the rated capacity. You can easily find infrared thermometers designed to read food temperatures and people’s internal temperatures.

            How Much Accuracy Do You Need?

            Of course, it should be as accurate as possible because this feature is essential. Inaccurate readings can end up with major issues.

            To avoid accurate thermometer shows inaccurate readings, don’t let your thermometer be affected by temperature environments. After using your thermometer in a warm environment, it needs time to acclimate to use in a cold environment.

            How Much Infrared Energy Can Your Thermometer Put Out At A Time? (emissivity)

            This feature affects the ability to read different materials. The emissivity ranges from 0.00 to 1.00. At 1.00, your thermometer can accurately read most organic materials, but it’s a little hard to read the metal and synthetic materials’ temperature.

            It’s best to use a thermometer with an adjustable emissivity level. Tweaking the emitted infrared energy allows you to compensate for energy reflected due to the material itself.

            Which Design Is The Best?

            You should choose rugged designs. The no-lens and fresnel lens thermometers are made from a durable polymer that can keep your model safe. However, it’s straightforward for mica lens thermometers to crack their lenses, so it needs a durable shell and a carrying case to prevent this from happening.

            Do You Need A Backlit Display?

            This function isn’t a must, but it’s helpful to read your thermometer in weak lighting conditions.

            Is The Recording Function Vital?

            This feature isn’t essential unless you need an item’s temperature information continuously. The recording function can tell you the average temperature of an object in a period.

            Which Brands Make The Most Accurate Infrared Thermometer?


            iHealth was found to help everyone of all ages with a better life by managing their health.

            They have designed and produced many consumer-friendly and innovative personal healthcare products. All of them are very easy to use, even for beginners.

            Here are some great product lines of iHealth:

            • Activity and sleep trackers
            • Pulse oximeters
            • Body analysis scales
            • Blood glucose monitors
            • Blood pressure monitors


            Are infrared thermometers accurate?

            Yes, but they require you to apply the correct thermometers in proper environments. No-lens thermometers, for example, work in cold environments better than hot environments.

            What’s more, you should give your thermometers time to acclimate before moving from a cold environment to a hot environment and vice versa.

            Can I use an infrared thermometer on a person?

            Yes, you can. But, make sure that you use an FDA-approved infrared thermometer. “FDA approved” means that your thermometer has been tested and approved for safety when using on both infants and adults.

            You shouldn’t use a general-purpose infrared thermometer on people because it emits infrared radiation more efficiently than others.

            How do I take my temperature with an infrared thermometer?

            • Set the reading measurement by moving the toggle switch to change to Celsius or Fahrenheit.
            • Select what you need to read: your body temperature or food temperature.
            • Turn on the thermometer by pressing the power button.
            • Aim the thermometer to what you need to read the temperature.
            • Press the button for an infrared reading.

            Is taking the temperature on the forehead accurate?

            Yes, but rectal temps are the most accurate positions. Oral and ear temps can also give an accurate reading result, but they require you know how to do it properly.

            Putting the thermometer in your armpit provides the least accurate result.

            What is considered a fever with an infrared thermometer?

            The infrared thermometer shows the result over 38°C.


            Now, you might recognize the benefits of the most accurate infrared thermometer in the medical context. Besides, it can help you check the temperature of various other objects that you can’t touch, such as running engines, kilns, cooking pots, or industrial freezers.

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