How To Decorate Your Bedroom With Mirrors?

Last update: 2021-09-23

Everyone knows about the main functions of a mirror are dressing, applying makeup, and shaving through the reflections. In the interior design, decorating your bedroom with mirrors can make your space brighter, lighter, and more spacious. This requires you to set them up in the correct positions. Depending on your needs and requirement, let you check my tips and tricks below:

Making Your Space Larger

Applying A Large Mirror In A Small Bedroom

Usually, most people tend to choose small-sized furnishings or multi-functional furniture for a limited bedroom to save as much space as possible. This is right, but a big mirror is an exception. When leaning a large mirror against a wall, its reflection can open your space significantly; it adds depth and appeal to the overall aesthetic.

Using 2 Tall Mirrors

Leaning 2 full-sized mirrors against the wall can add more volume and create an extra dimension in your bedroom because they reflect the ceiling. For the best effect, you can hang a big crystal chandelier.

Hanging A Mirror Above A Table

How To Decorate Your Bedroom With Mirrors?

Don’t you have a budget for a vanity? Or simply your bedroom size doesn’t allow you to have one, right?

If so, you can create one on your own by putting a decadent mirror on a trunk, a table, or a dresser.

Placing A Mirror In A Corner

How To Decorate Your Bedroom With Mirrors?

Setting a mirror in a corner can add the new volume into your bedroom. But, make sure that this mirror reflects a good view, not a radiator, for example.

Using Mirrored Furnishings

How To Decorate Your Bedroom With Mirrors?

Mirrored furnishings are a practical solution for a small bedroom. Putting a wardrobe with mirror doors in front of the window, for instance, will reflect more natural light for a brighter and more spacious bedroom. Of course, you can also use this item to store your clothes and dress in front of it.

Setting A Mirror In The Door

How To Decorate Your Bedroom With Mirrors?

Your bedroom is too small to set up a full-sized mirror, right?

Simply affix a full-length into the bedroom door to save more space and make your room more spacious thanks to its window effect. This means it can brighten up your bedroom by reflecting views and light.

Making Your Space Brighter

Putting A Mirror Opposite The Window

How To Decorate Your Bedroom With Mirrors?

For a pretty dark bedroom, let you take advantage of even the smallest window.

How do you make use of it?

Placing a mirror opposite this window can welcome more natural light.

Making Your Space More Impressive

Setting Up A Mirror In The Back Of A Nightstand

How To Decorate Your Bedroom With Mirrors?

For a simple bedroom design, putting a mirror behind a nightstand can add interest without overwhelming.

Displaying A Collection Of Mirrors

How To Decorate Your Bedroom With Mirrors?

You can turn your bedroom wall into a museum to display your collection of mirrors in different shapes and sizes. This way can create a fun and bright look without being fussy.

Using A Mirror To Balance A Neutral Room

How To Decorate Your Bedroom With Mirrors?

A neutral bedroom won’t be out of style over time, but it’s pretty bored with improper decoration. A pair of large window-like mirrors can balance this room.

Using A Mirror As A Focal Point

Are you looking for a focal point for your gallery wall in the bedroom?

Putting an ornate gilt mirror in the center of your gallery wall can become a statement immediately.

Placing A Mirror In An Off-center Position

How To Decorate Your Bedroom With Mirrors?

Most people, including me, usually hang a mirror in the center and above a table or couch. This is right with classic designs. For desks, you shouldn’t apply this way. Hanging a mirror in an off-center position helps you focus on your study and work better because you won’t be staring at your own face.

So, why should you put a mirror on the desk?

It keeps your desk corner light and airy.

Combining A Mirror With Wallpaper

If you apply wallpaper on all 4 walls, putting a mirror on any wall can reflect the motif on the opposite wall for a seamless look. This way adds both exciting details and sparkling lighting.

Putting A Mirror In The Headboard

How To Decorate Your Bedroom With Mirrors?

This position is the center of a bedroom, so setting a mirror in the headboard will turn it into a focal point for an eye-catchy look.

Pro tips

  • Whatever your mirror reflects, they will become more critical. So, you should consider putting your mirror opposite a vital architectural element such as a painting art or a beautiful piece of furniture.

  • Make sure to hang your mirror at a suitable height for your bedroom. While you should hang art at your eye level, you need to set up your mirror opposite what you want to reflect.

  • Mirror style should fit your bedroom design to create a practical effect. While some people love mirrors with simple wood frames, others need a mirror as a focal point. You can choose from a modern, edgy, traditional, to a classic style.

  • You shouldn’t hang your mirror on a single hook with a wire because it’s hazardous. Your mirror can fall and be broken. Instead, you had better use proper wall hooks or picture hangers for safety. A heavy mirror requires you to hire professionals.

In general, placing your mirror next to the window or opposite the window can welcome more natural light into your bedroom. Putting a full-sized mirror in a corner or taking advantage of mirrored furnishings can make your space look bigger than its actual size. You can use your mirror as a focal point to create a more impressive bedroom look.

Eugene Williams
Eugene Williams

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