5 Coolest Bedside Tables of 2021

Last update: 2021-10-21

The coolest bedside tables are determined by their look and functionality and how they can match your room design and other furnishings. Apart from your preference, you need to consider many elements and learn more knowledge. Before going into the details, let’s check some bedside table names below:

Here are the coolest bedside tables you can buy in 2021:

  • Easy To Assemble: VASAGLE ALINRU Nightstand
  • Mid-Century Style: Brightech Madison
  • Easy To Clean: BAMEOS Side Table
  • Space-Saving: HOMFA Nightstand
  • Water-Resistant: Best Choice Products Metal Accent Table
6 Coolest Bedside Tables
Easy To Assemble
    Mid-Century Style
    Brightech Madison
      Easy To Clean
      BAMEOS Side Table
        HOMFA Nightstand
          Best Choice Products Metal Accent Table

            Easy To Assemble: VASAGLE ALINRU Nightstand

            VASAGLE ALINRU Nightstand
            VASAGLE ALINRU Nightstand
            • Great and cute look
            • Inexpensive
            • Not too durable and well-made

            Usually, the easiest-to-assemble bedside tables are simple and compact designs with a single surface and legs, but this type of bedside table isn’t functional.

            VASAGLE ALINRU Nightstand is easy to assemble and functional because it comes with a spacious open compartment that allows you to display your items below and decorate things on the surface.

            Although this product requires you to set up and assemble, you will receive the fullest measure of assistance from the manufacturer. The package includes illustrated instructions, an Allen key, and numbered parts, so you just need to follow step by step to assemble with the Allen key. It’s okay if you are a beginner and don’t know the part names because they are numbered.

            VASAGLE ALINRU Nightstand Specifications



            Frame Material

            matte-black steel

            Load Capacity

            44 lb

            Highlight Features

            Warm rustic wood tones

            A spacious open compartment

            Illustrated instructions and an Allen key


            You can set up this VASAGLE ALINRU Nightstand quickly because this product comes full of equipment and instruction.

            Mid-Century Style: Brightech Madison

            Brightech Madison
            Brightech Madison
            • Nice look
            • Solid and sturdy
            • Easy and quick to assemble
            • Clear instruction
            • Lightweight
            • The lamp doesn’t light enough to read the newspaper

            Do you want to add a piece of Mid-century style design into your room? If yes, Brightech Madison is a great thing with graphic design from the middle of the 20th century. Specifically, it features a classic and understated look, clean lines, and gentle curves.

            The Mid-century style gives priority to functionality rather than form. The Brightech Madison nightstand is functional with a built-in lamp and charging station. So, don’t worry about knocking your lamp off your bedside table. Its 2 built-in USB ports allow you to charge your phone and your laptop directly.

            Do you see the geometric details and textures on the built-in lamp? They are uncluttered and sleek lines of the Mid-century style.

            Brightech Madison Specifications


            Line shape and a spider fitter

            Highlight Features

            Built-in lamp

            Charging station

            Two USB ports and an outlet


            Brightech Madison Bebside Table comes with many specific features of Mid-century style.

            Easy To Clean: BAMEOS Side Table

            BAMEOS Side Table
            BAMEOS Side Table
            • Lightweight
            • Easy to assemble
            • Sturdy
            • Straightforward to get scratches

            BAMEOS Side Table’s smooth surface allows you to easily and quickly clean light stains by wiping them off with a dry towel, then using a wet cloth because it is made from MDF panel material.

            Moreover, this type of wood material won’t be warped and crapped as standard wood, so dirt and dust don’t go deeper into hard-to-clean positions.

            BAMEOS Side Table Specifications



            Frame Material


            Highlight Features

            Detailed instructions

            Allen key

            Protective feet at the bottom


            BAMEOS Side Table’s smooth surface allows you to quickly clean light stains with a wet or dry cloth.

            Space-Saving: HOMFA Nightstand

            HOMFA Nightstand
            HOMFA Nightstand
            • Sleek and modern look
            • Easy to put together
            • Effortless to follow the instruction
            • Sturdy
            • A bit high price

            HOMEFA Nightstand is space-saving because of its compact size (15.4 x 15.4 x 23.6 inches). This is not everything.

            A small size doesn’t mean that you don’t have much storage space. This bedside table comes with a foldable fabric drawer and an opening shelf at the bottom to maximize your space. The drawer is removable, so you can remove and fold it to have another opening shelf that allows you to display your beautiful items.

            HOMFA Nightstand Specifications

            Frame Material


            Highlight Features

            A removable fabric drawer

            An open shelf at the bottom

            A fabric drawer


            HOMFA Nightstand is small and compact but functional, suiting any small and limited space.

            Water-Resistant: Best Choice Products Metal Accent Table

            Best Choice Products Metal Accent Table
            Best Choice Products Metal Accent Table
            • A cute and eye-catching look
            • Space-saving
            • Sturdy
            • Easy to be scratches

            Is it essential to invest in a water-resistant material for indoor furnishing that you just put inside all the time?

            Even if you plan to set up a bedside table in your bedroom forever, you should consider a water-resistant material because you can spill your drink on the surface anytime.

            While the regular iron is prone to corrosion when contacting water and oxygen, the Best Choice Products Metal Accent Table is made from water-resistant iron that can withstand the impact of water and oxygen.

            Best Choice Products Metal Accent Table Specifications



            Frame Material

            Water-resistant iron

            Load Capacity

            200 lbs

            Highlight Features

            Many diamond and hexagon patterns on the leg


            Best Choice Products Metal Accent Table is beautiful, durable, and water-resistant, so this is a long-term investment.

            How To Choose The Coolest Bedside Table?

            The coolest bedside tables must meet these vital needs of users. If not, this furnishing just creates a mismatch or a mess in your room. Please answer the questions below:

            Do You Love Symmetry Or Mixing Everything Up?

            In case your small room doesn’t have enough space for 2 bedside tables, it’s okay to use only a small unit on one side. This idea makes your room less formal. You can easily find out many excellent room decoration ideas with one bedside table on the Internet.

            Your room is large, and you love symmetry; setting up 2 bedside tables next to the top sides of your bed is possible. This solution is helpful to pull your bedroom together. Most people think that they must choose a matching set when buying 2 bedside tables. It’s not essential because you can go to mismatched bedside tables, depending on the different needs of you and your partner.

            How Many Items Do You Have?

            The more items you have, the bigger size of the bedside table should be. A large bedside table surface is a must to display many things. You know that you can’t put lighting, a glass of water, an alarm clock, a smartphone, a vase of flowers, and a scented candle on a too-small bedside table surface, right?

            In the event of a small space and many items, you can choose a model with some chests of drawers and opening shelves to hide your items (your charger and books) away or show them below.

            How Tall Should A Bedside Table Be?

            Your bedside table and the top of your mattress (or the mattress topper, if any) should be nearly the same height so that you can effortlessly reach anything on the bedside table surface.

            In case you can’t find out any table matching your mattress’s height, you should pick up an item that is higher on your mattress because it gives you a more beautiful look. Do you need specific numbers? Refer to the information below:

            • The top of the mattress from the ground: 18-22 inches → 16-18-inch bedside table
            • The top of the mattress from the ground: 22.5-25.5 inches → 23.5 bedside table
            • The top of the mattress from the ground: 30-33.5 inches → 28 inches (at least)

            How To Get A Perfect Proportion?

            You should buy a small nightstand to match a small bed and a big model for a larger bed. However, you shouldn’t add an extra bedside table into a medium-sized room with a pretty big bed. Squeezing bedside tables can make your bedroom cramped.

            Which Material Is The Best?

            Despite many bedside table materials, you should choose one based on your need.

            • Wood can add texture and color to your room, but this material requires you to take care of it more carefully and regularly.
            • Whether you choose a metal bedside table or metal and wooden one, this type of material can make your room more industrial.
            • Although glass provides a more contemporary feel, it tends to mark on a glass surface without using it carefully. It shows smudges & dust very clearly, but you simply need to clean and wipe down with a piece of old clothes.
            • Stone (concrete and marble) is heavy but beautiful, of course. Though you won’t move this furnishing around, you should consider its weight before buying.

            It’s better to purchase one based on how look you want to achieve:

            Can it match other furnishings or create some contrast?

            Which Brands Make The Coolest Bedside Table?


            This brand is a leader in producing home and kitchen storage items because they always try to design and make the best and most high-quality furniture items at affordable prices.


            Should bedside tables be taller than bed?

            Yes. The rule is that the nightstand surface should be level with the top of your mattress or your mattress topper. It can be 2-4 inches taller as long as you can quickly grab anything on your bedside table.

            What can I use instead of a bedside table?

            • The floating bedside table doesn’t have legs, allowing you to see the floor beneath, creating a light and airy feel and making your room bigger. Some designs just give you a simple surface, while others have storage space. A group of floating drawers mounting on the wall allows you to store more items.
            • Box shelves are an ideal solution to maximize your storage space. Moreover, you can decorate your room by displaying your items and accessories here.
            • A simple wood stool can function as either a minimalist nightstand or an extra chair.
            • A rustic tree trunk table is for those who want to add a piece of Mediterranean style into their room.
            • A wooden ladder is helpful in a small room.
            • Headboard with storage is a clutter-free solution because it allows you to put many items on it.

            Do I need two bedside tables?

            This depends on your storage needs and your style. Some people need 2 bedside tables to create symmetry in the overall room design and raise storage space.

            How can I make my bedside table look nice?

            • A lamp is an anchoring point on your bedside table, so you should put it before other things.
            • A whole bunch of fresh flowers or just a stem is enough to provide your room with a natural feeling.
            • You can add a piece of your favorite art or any decorative item for a big bedside table.

            How do you match bedside tables with beds?

            The key is the height. Ensure that the bedside table’s height isn’t too lower or higher than your bed’s height.


            Which solution above works best for you? Don’t forget to tell me about your choice in the comment section below this post.

            Eugene Williams
            Eugene Williams

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