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Best Shoe Organizer For Small Closet of 2024: Top 8 Picks

By Eugene WilliamsLast update: 2024-07-11

Your closet is small, so how do you handle your shoe collection? The best shoe organizer for small closet can help you solve this problem,


The unique designs of shoe organizers allow you to take advantage of the vertical space in your small closet. Some of them help you use the space that is behind the door, so you won’t waste even an inch on your closet. Before anything else, check the list below to choose the best shoe organizer for small closet.

Here are the best shoe organizers for small closet you can buy in 2024:

  • Sturdy (Hanging Shoe Organizer): MISSLO 24 Pockets
  • No Assembly Needed (Hanging Shoe Organizer): ROOMTALK
  • Widest Compartment (Hanging Shoe Organizer): MISSLO Shoe Rack
  • Best For Boots (Shoe Rack): SUOERNUO
  • Smallest Capacity (Shoe Rack): BMOSU
  • Durable (Shoe Rack): HOMEFORT
  • Best For Sneakers (Others): homyfort
  • Easy To Clean (Others): Moteph
8 Best Shoe Organizers For Small Closet
MISSLO 24 Pockets
  • Hanging Shoe Organizer
No Assembly Needed
  • Hanging Shoe Organizer
Widest Compartment
MISSLO Shoe rack
  • Hanging Shoe Organizer
Best For Boots
  • Shoe Rack
Smallest Capacity
  • Shoe Rack
  • Shoe Rack
Best For Sneakers
  • Others
Easy To Clean
  • Others

Sturdy: MISSLO 24 pockets

MISSLO 24 pockets
MISSLO 24 pockets
  • Easy to set up
  • Large pockets
  • Durable, and sturdy
  • Visible for children
  • Reasonable
  • Not fit for boots

A set of cubby organizers is sturdy but takes too much space in a small closet. Meanwhile, a pocket organizer can take advantage of space on the door, but its look seems less sturdy compared to others.

Is it true?

No, at least with the MISSLO 24 pocket organizer.

With a small closet, this item is functional without losing the sturdiness.

According to customers, despite a weak and less durable look, its actual mesh pockets are stronger than what you can see in the product picture. Specifically, each pocket is sturdy enough to hold even a heavy-duty pair without ripping and tearing easily.

This item can perfectly fit in a very small closet of many customers.

MISSLO 24 pockets Specifications


9.6 ounces


22.34 x 2 x 56.5 inches




24 large mesh pockets

Highlight Features

4 hooks included

Door hanger design


This product is as sturdy and durable as cubbies and boxes, but it is more space-saving than other organizers.

No Assembly Needed: ROOMTALK

  • Space-saving
  • Good construction
  • Well-made
  • Versatile
  • Adjustable velcro strap
  • Thin fabric

Are you a busy person? Don’t you want to waste even a second on installing anything?

It’s ok because the roomtalk 8-shelf hanging organizer can solve this problem.

After opening the package, you just need to hang it on your closet as clothing and use it to assemble nothing else.

ROOMTALK Specifications


‎1.43 pounds


11.8"D x 9"W x 48"H




8 shelves

Highlight Features

Mesh pockets

Breathable non-woven eco-friendly fabric

2 hooks and a extra-wide strap


The ROOMTALK Hanging Shoe Organizer doesn’t waste any minute because you can use it immediately after unboxing.

Widest Compartment: MISSLO Shoe rack

MISSLO Shoe rack
MISSLO Shoe rack
  • Deep storage
  • No falling out
  • Quick to assemble
  • Durable
  • Flimsy

Normally, a standard-sized box or cubby is used for one standard-sized pair of shoes. You can’t store a bigger pain in the same-sized cubby. Although you can put a smaller-sized pair of shoes in this cubby size, you will waste the space inside the box. Meanwhile, your closet is small, so this isn’t worthy, right?

The MISSLO shoe rack Organizer can take advantage of every inch for your small closet no matter which shoe size you wear.

There are 6 shelves. Each of them allows you to store two 13-inch pairs on a shelf. However, if your pairs are smaller or larger than this standard size, you can still store 1.5 or 2.5 pairs on one wide shelf.

MISSLO Shoe rack Specifications


12 ounces


48 inches x 16.7 inches x 7 inches




40 lbs

Highlight Features

Sturdy fiber tubes

4 metal hooks


The MISSLO Hanging Shoe Organizer has wide shelves, so this model doesn’t lack space for big-sized shoes and leave much space when storing small-sized ones.

Best For Boots: SUOERNUO

  • Sturdy
  • Spotless design
  • Easy to assemble
  • A little confusing instructions

If your footwear is high heels and boots, invest in this shoe organizer. Why?

Both shoe types have great height, especially boots. The latter has its material covering your feet, ankle, even your lower leg, so many of them are very high. Thus, you need a spacious space between shoe racks like the SUOERNUO that is 6 inches between shelves.

This shoe organizer comes with 4 tiers. For medium-sized boots and high heels, you can put in 3 lower tiers. And the top rack is useful for very high boots because there isn't a limitation about the height.

SUOERNUO Specifications


5.24 pounds


27.95 inches x 11.42 inches x 25.59 inches


Metal Tube, Non-Woven Fabric


9-12 pairs of shoes

Highlight Features

4 tiers


Water-proof and dirt-proof non-woven fabric


The SUOERNUO Shoe Rack has a spacious space between each shelf, so this model is ideal for high shoes like boots and high heels.

Smallest Capacity: BMOSU

  • Nice, stylish, and pretty look
  • Sturdy and well-made
  • Reasonable price
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Stackable and lightweight
  • Little small for too big footwear

If you live alone and don’t have many shoes to store, why do you need to buy a large-capacity shoe organizer that takes a lot of space in your small closet? This choice wastes not only your money but also your valuable space in your small closet.

Instead, investing in this 2-tier shoe rack is a smarter decision. Despite the small size, you can put 2-3 pairs of shoes on one shelf. It means that this is ideal for those who have 4-6 pairs of shoes.

BMOSU Specifications


‎3.32 pounds


‎12.6 inches x 27 inches x 11 inches




2 tiers

Highlight Features

Multi-layer design


The small size of the BMOSU Shoe Rack is an ideal choice for a small closet, because it doesn’t take much space.


  • Stylish and cute
  • Sturdy and well-made
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Compact
  • Pricey

Although the HOMEFORT shoe rack is small to fit your small closet, this doesn’t mean that it isn’t strong. The model is even more durable than others, so it is a long-term investment.

Specifically, the HOMEFORT shoe rack is the combination of the rustic eco-friendly E1-grade MDF board and thickened metal tubes which are so durable and long-lasting. Thanks to the durable materials, you can store your heavy-duty shoes and other heavy items on the surfaces.

HOMEFORT Specifications




23.23 inches x 11.8 inches x 24.8 inches


Engineered Wood


6 pairs of shoes

Highlight Features

Metal frame and E1-grade MDF board


The HOMEFORT Shoe Rack is a worthy and long-term investment because its materials are so durable.

Best For Sneakers: homyfort

  • Spacious but fits in a small closet
  • Pretty
  • Not sturdy

It’s very easy for sneakers to build up unpleasant odors if you don’t use them for a long time. When looking at the product picture, you might think that this design isn’t ideal to store sneakers because it’s fully covered.

This shoe organizer can protect your sneakers from dust and dirt better without losing ventilation since it is made from breathable fabric that allows the airflow to go through easily.

homyfort Specifications


2.53 pounds


29.3 x 23.6 x 5.9 inches




24 pairs

Highlight Features

Clear cover



The homyfort shoe organizer is breathable enough to not leave any uncomfortable odors on your shoes.

Easy To Clean: Moteph

  • Sturdy
  • Nice look
  • Easy to put together
  • Customizable
  • Expensive

The Moteph shoe organizer is made from a combination of easy-to-clean materials.

The exterior is high-quality polyester that is straightforward to wash and quick to dry. Even its synthetic fiber properties allow you to wash it in your washing machine because it doesn’t break down from heat. Meanwhile, the interior is polyester lining, so you can easily wipe down light stains with a cloth.

Moteph Specifications


3.52 lb


19.7 inches x 15.7 inches x 12.6 inches


Polyester and polyester lining


16 pairs

Highlight Features

Internal adjustable dividers

Non-woven fabrics

Clear see-through cover

Dual reinforced handles


The Moteph shoe organizer allows you to clean and wash both the exterior and interior effortlessly.

How To Choose The Best Shoe Organizer For Small Closet?

How Many Pairs Of Shoes Do You Have?

With this question, you might think that a pair needs an organizer. However, this isn’t a smart strategy for a small closet. Instead, you can consider models with unique designs that can hold over one pair on a rack.

Which Types Of Shoe Rack Works Best For You?

Free Standing Shoe Rack

This looks like a wire rack with 2, 3 and more tiers. Every tier is a slightly sloped shelf with a drop-down ledge in the back where it is used to put the shoe heel for keeping it from sliding off the shelf. However, this design is too bulky and large for a small closet.


Despite many sizes, even a small size also takes more space than other organizer types. Each box or cubby just holds a single pair of shoes and the empty room inside of the cubbies takes valuable space in your small closet uselessly.


This type has interior shelves or cubbies that are hidden behind a cabinet door, so it looks like a piece of furniture. But, the cabinet shoe rack takes up a lot of space in a small closet.


Benches come with 2 or 3 rows of low cubbies and a flat surface for sitting, so this design is the combination of a seat and an organizer. Everyone usually puts a bench shoe organizer in a mudroom, an entryway or an enormous closet that you use as a locker room, because it is too large and not functional for a small closet.


This is ideal to be built into a closet as a permanent fixture. The design comes with shelves or cubbies without being covered with a cabinet door, so you can save a small amount of space.


This design is ideal to hide your shoes, but it isn’t essential when you store your shoes in a closet.


A HANGING SHOE ORGANIZER IS A SPACE-SAVING SOLUTION. Whether you choose narrow cubbies, hanging from a rod in the closet or panels with many pockets, hanging over the back of the closet door, they can help you store more shoes with less space in your small closet.


This solution seems convenient, but this type of organizer is usually too small to hold big, wide, and heavy-duty shoes.

Which Brands Make The Best Shoe Organizer For Small Closet?


MISSLO brand was founded in 1998. They are a professional producer in developing, designing, and manufacturing different organizations.


How do you organize shoes in a small closet?

Sort all of your shoes by seasons so that you don't have to turn over everything to find a suitable pair of shoes. Then, group them into smaller categories depending on your needs:

Which one do you wear regularly or on special occasions? If you have a large amount of shoes, you can store pairs you wear the most regularly in clearly visible areas. Meanwhile, storing pairs for special occasions in hidden areas, even somewhere else, if your closet is too small.

Which one you don’t wear anymore? In this case, you can donate your look-new and functional pairs of shoes and just discard your old and useless pairs. Your closet is small, so you have little space for storing everything including shoes you haven't worn for a long time.

Clean, polish and repair before putting your shoes in the organizers if essential.

How many and which type of shoes do you need to buy? This shows which type of organizers you should buy. Below are some storing-shoe solutions, but you should invest in something that is functional but takes less space in your closet.

Shoe cubbies allow you to take advantage of the vertical space beneath your hanging clothes, so this solution is good for small closets and your shoes that you don’t wear often.

Putting a door or closet rod over the door helps you access your shoes easier. Although this simple design takes less space in your small closet, you can store a lot of your shoes. Finally, it’s easy and quick for you to install this type of shoe organizer.

With boot hooks, you can hang tall boots from your closet rod to make sure of space in your small closet.

Bins and drop-front organizers put in shelf space or stacking drawers are suitable for shoes that you don’t wear frequently. Though they take more space, these solutions can keep your shoes from dust better and provide you with visibility to access them quickly.

How many pairs of shoes can a shoe organizer hold?

This depends on each model, but the shoe organizer can range from 7 to 50 pairs.

Where should shoe organizers be placed in the house?

Near the doorway

If you put your shoe organizer near the doorway, you can quickly take them off at the door without making your carpet and floor dirty with mud or dust.

Laundry room

This place allows you to accommodate shoe racks, which helps you manage your shoes easier and more effectively. This area is concealed, so you can hide your dirty shoes from your guests’ vision.

Under the staircase

The area that is under the staircase is usually dull and empty, so you can make sure of this space for storing your shoes. This visible place reminds you to wear more regularly and doesn’t let them collect more dust.


This place is suitable for shoes that you don’t use a lot or you just use for special occasions. Just remember to store them in a sheltered corner to keep it from water and sun damage.


Attic can protect your shoe racks from the open environment better, fitting big and bulky shoe racks because this place is pretty spacious for a shoe rack.

Why are my shoes dry rotting in my closet?

The inside of the closet is a warm and dry environment. If your shoe material lacks moisture and the oil completely evaporates, the material’s fibers will become brittle and crack, leading to permanent damage like dry rotting.

Do shoes deteriorate in an organizer?


Some organizers can cause irreparable damages, affecting the wearability of your shoes.

If you don’t take care of your shoes properly, rarely wear them or don't let them be exposed to the fresh air, the glue will dry out leading to your shoes to fall apart, even, the heels can break away or crumble. Below are some reasons:

The lack of air circulation

The environment factors

The improper storage ways

In particular, the plastic storage boxes can cause your shoes to crumble, peel, mold, fall apart, and disfigure the framework and material, leading to shoe deterioration.


The best shoe organizer for small closet not only helps you organize your shoe collection properly but also keeps your shoes from dirt and dust. Importantly, the solutions above take little space in your small closet, even if they help you use each inch more effectively.

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