6 Best RV Recliners of 2024

By Eugene WilliamsLast update: 2024-04-12

If you are going to buy an RV recliner, we think it should be in a shape and style that makes you smile. We found that the best RV recliners could be a double or a standalone design, as long as it fits and hugs your body shape perfectly.

Below are the 6 top picks we’ve tested from the market:

Here are the best rv recliners you can buy in 2024:

  • Sturdy (Standalone RV Recliner): RecPro Nash 28”
  • Best Budget Option (Standalone RV Recliner): Mcombo 4901
  • Compact (Standalone RV Recliner): Thomas Payne 377054
  • Comfortable (Double RV Recliner): RecPro Charles | 58”
  • Easy To Clean (Double RV Recliner): RecPro Charles Collection | 67”
  • Easy To Assemble (Double RV Recliner): Homelegance Resonance 60”
6 Best RV Recliners
RecPro Nash 28”
  • Standalone RV Recliner
Best Budget Option
Mcombo 4901
  • Standalone RV Recliner
Thomas Payne 377054
  • Standalone RV Recliner
RecPro Charles | 58”
  • Double RV Recliner
Easy To Clean
RecPro Charles Collection | 67”
  • Double RV Recliner
Easy To Assemble
Homelegance Resonance 60”
  • Double RV Recliner

Sturdy: RecPro Nash 28”

RecPro Nash 28”
RecPro Nash 28”
  • Strong & high-quality
  • Prevent back pain - the naturally “S” curved profile
  • Great comfort – two extension settings
  • Wish the footrest locked in place when extended

The RecPro Nash 28" is a perfect choice for people who want a sturdier RV recliner over those cheap models coming with the campers yet more affordable than ones at the RV stores.

Its quality is far better than its similarly-priced counterparts, and the cushion brings excellent comfort.

Making it stand out from the rest is the natural “S” curved profile with two extension settings: One to 44" and the other to 60" - which is significantly superior to the competition.

RecPro Nash 28” Specifications


50 lbs.


34"D x 27"W x 40"H


Suprima Fabric

Highlight Features

the naturally “S” curved profile

two extension settings


The RecPro Nash 28 offers a sturdier feel than any other counterparts that we tested. It’s also lightweight, mobile, and takes up little space.

Best Budget Option: Mcombo 4901

Mcombo 4901
Mcombo 4901
  • Strong – 330 pounds of weight capacity
  • Multifunctional - 6 massage modes, 5 vibrating modes, and 3 positions for massaging
  • Easy to adjust the function – remote control
  • Hard to assemble
  • Heavy and bulky

If our first option doesn't fit your budget, check out this one - the Mcombo 4901, priced over 70% lower.

It provides you with a 360-degree swivel chair base and 140-degree reclining capacity.

Moreover, it allows you to choose from the six preprogrammed massage modes, five vibrating modes, and three positions for massaging, all can be easily adjusted through remote control.

However, the materials of this chair aren't as quality as the higher-end models. The cushion is a bit stiff, too.

Mcombo 4901 Specifications


43.3 pounds


30.6"(W) x 55.9"(L) x 43.7"(H)


Faux Leather & steel

Highlight Features

330 pounds of weight capacity

6 massage modes, 5 vibrating modes, and 3 positions for massaging

remote control


In terms of quality, the Mcombo 4901 was decidedly average, but still far better from the worst. What it might have lacked in comfort, it more than made up for in budget-friendly price and add-ons.

Compact: Thomas Payne 377054

Thomas Payne 377054
Thomas Payne 377054
  • Fit nicely small-sized RVs – measurement of 37D x 27.5W x 36.5H
  • Bring a soft, wrapping feeling - polyhydric upholstery and high-dense foam
  • Elegant and luxurious looking - majestic chocolate color
  • Might not fit big and tall people

The Thomas Payne 377054 is the most compact RV recliner that we tested. It is measured only by 37"D x 27.5"W x 36.5"H, so we're not sure if it is really comfortable for big and tall people.

However, we think it's one of the best choices for small-sized RVs or petite users.

It's extremely comfortable as it features polyhydric upholstery and high-dense foam. It also adds an elegant, luxurious touch to the space and can match well with any interior decor style, thanks to the majestic chocolate color.

Thomas Payne 377054 Specifications


68 Pounds


37"D x 27.5"W x 36.5"H


foam & PolyHyde upholstery

Highlight Features

measurement of 37"D x 27.5"W x 36.5"H

polyhydric upholstery and high-dense foam

majestic chocolate color


The Thomas Payne 377054 is the recliner to choose if you’re a small user or/and living in a modest RV as it’s the most compact option that we’ve tested.

Comfortable: RecPro Charles | 58”

RecPro Charles | 58”
RecPro Charles | 58”
  • Extremely comfortable & supportive – smooth and soft faux leather & great lumber padding and headrest
  • Space-saving - zero wall recliner design
  • Not for tall people

Of all the double RV recliners that we tested, the RecPro Charles | 58" brings extraordinary comfort.

While the faux leather feels soft and smooth on the skin, the padding on the lumbar is just right, and the headrest hits you in the base of the neck, providing perfect support when you're lying back.

We also liked that it can be fully reclined without hitting the wall.

RecPro Charles | 58” Specifications


‎170 pounds


36"D x 54.5"W x 39"H



Highlight Features

smooth and soft faux leather & great lumber padding and headrest

zero wall recliner design


We think you should check out the RecPro Charles | 58 if comfort is what you seek

Easy To Clean: RecPro Charles Collection | 67”

RecPro Charles Collection | 67”
RecPro Charles Collection | 67”
  • Easy to clean – high-quality faux upholstery
  • Extra convenient - 63 3/4
  • Wish the instructions were more helpful

For those RV-ers living with pets or/and kids, the RecPro Charles Collection | 67" might be what you're after.

Its faux upholstery is durable and easy to clean. Just a wipe with a damp cloth can remove most stains. The material also feels soft and smooth, not as cold or sticky as the low-end ones.

Besides, with 63 3/4" width and two cup holders, we believe it provides superior comfort to other similar counterparts.

RecPro Charles Collection | 67” Specifications


170 pounds


37"D x 67"W x 39"H


Faux Leather (Polyurethane) & Wood

Highlight Features

high-quality faux upholstery

63 3/4" width and two cup holders


The RecPro Charles Collection | 67 is comfortable, durable, and extremely easy to clean, making it a fantastic option for RV-ers with kids and pets.

Easy To Assemble: Homelegance Resonance 60”

Homelegance Resonance 60”
Homelegance Resonance 60”
  • Easy and quick to assemble – Assembling the seats into the base
  • User-friendly - lever action reclining mechanism
  • Lighter than other double RV recliners
  • Wish the padding was thicker
  • Not ideal for tall people

If this is your very first time assembling a double RV recliner on your own and you're not a handyman, the Homelegance Resonance 60" is your best bet.

What you need to do is attach the seats into the base, and clip them in, which takes no longer than 10 minutes for non-experienced people.

It's also easy to use thanks to the lever-action reclining mechanism that with a gentle pull, you can adjust the chair to your comfort zone.

Homelegance Resonance 60” Specifications


129.1 pounds


62"D x 37.5"W x 38.5"H


Leather & microfiber

Highlight Features

Assembling the seats into the base

lever action reclining mechanism


The Homelegance Resonance 60 is a great choice if you want a high-quality, easy-to-assemble RV recliner.

How To Choose The Best RV Recliner?

Determine The Area For A Recliner

Moving furniture into an RV is difficult. Therefore, you should:

  • Measure the door of your vehicle carefully
  • Determine where you’re going to put a recliner in and how large it is.

Make sure that the furniture does not take up too much room in the already limited living area. It also has to be lightweight for easy maneuverability.

30” RV recliners are compact enough to fit inside a standard motorhome, RV, or trailer without feeling crowded. If the chair is wider than 30”, it might be difficult to get through the door of older RVs.

You should also inspect the chair’s clearance.

Regular recliners need 12” of wall clearance to completely recline. If your RV is narrow, invest in a wall-hugger recliner that only requires 3” to 6” of wall clearance.

Reclining Motion

This element contributes to the comfort level of the tool.

Speaking of the reclining motion, there are two common types:

  • Manual recliners
  • Motorized recliners

To learn more about the main characteristics, pros, and cons of each, please take a look at this comparison table:

Manual recliners

Motorized recliners


Sturdier handles and levers



Less wear and tear & easy to repair

Easy to recline


More difficult to recline

Heavy & bulky

High initial cost

Expensive to repair or maintain

Who suit it

People who don’t have bad backs and joint pains

People who have joint and muscle pains

Type Of Upholstery

Make sure your RV recliner is comfortable, but also solid and durable to support you the longest.

From that point, the type of upholstery is vital.

Fabric is known for its excellent breathability, but it's not easy to clean. While it is elegant, it is not advised for pet owners due to pet hair adhering to the chair.

Leather is stylish and resistant to rips and spills. But its poor ventilation is a real concern, especially during summer use or if you live somewhere tropical.

To ensure optimal comfort, you should also consider the pad and cushion thickness. Big cushions can be comfortable but stuffy.

Which Brands Make The Best RV Recliner?


Located in Bristol, RecPro has been the nation's biggest RV manufacturer and related furniture. They also distribute other well-known name brand items, such as SHURflo, Suburban, and Atwood at highly competitive price ranges. Speedy shipment is another of their strengths.


Mcombo began in 2011 as an international commerce enterprise, then has gradually developed to build up its own brand in numerous catalogs, such as RV recliners, outdoor furniture, and pet products.


Homelegance Inc. has been a famous American international furniture manufacturer based in California since 1984.

They are known to provide products with the finest quality, value, and service possible for the price, along with a wide range of options to fit every lifestyle and environment.


Can I replace my RV couch with recliners?

Yes, you can. New RV furniture alternatives have made it simpler than ever to replace your outdated furnishings. And, RV recliners are a good example.

What is the most durable material for RV recliners?

The most material for RV recliners is stainless steel or solid wood (for the frame), and real leather to synthetics (for the padding).

How can I make my RV recliners more comfortable?

To make your RV recliners more comfortable, you can add a small cushion or tuck a rolled towel against your neck or lower back.

How far back do recliners go?

Footrest and headrest distances from the wall or other furniture should be no closer than 5” when the chair is fully extended. Besides, a 135-degree reclining position is proven to help reduce risks of back pain and put the least pressure on the spine.

How do I clean my RV recliner?

To clean an upholstery RV recliner, use a soft brush or hand vacuum to remove dirt. Next, use upholstery cleaning solvent (follow the instructions), then remove excess liquid by using a dry towel.

To clean a faux RV recliner, use dish detergent mixed with warm water, then absorb the excess liquid by using paper towels or a clean rag. Finally, apply faux leather polish if you like.


Comfort, compactness, and strength when sitting on, laying back, or standing up were all taken into consideration during our testing of RV recliners. We are certain that our thorough and comprehensive review will help you choose the best RV recliner that also fits your budget. Thanks for reading!

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