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6 Best Paper Towels For Cleaning Windows of 2023

By Eugene WilliamsLast update: 2023-12-09

Not all paper towels are strong and absorbent enough for cleaning windows. You should consider a couple of factors to ensure picking the right ones. In this article, we are going to give you the six best paper towels for cleaning windows, along with a detailed buying guide and reliable brands.

Now, let’s get started!

Here are the best paper towels for cleaning windows you can buy in 2023:

  • Minimal Lint: Viva 10036000542445
  • Soft: Georgia Pacific 21000
  • Strong: Sparkle® 22144
  • Absorbent: Kleenex 50606
  • Reusable: WypAll 5123
  • Thick: Brawny 440785
6 Best Paper Towels For Cleaning Windows
Minimal Lint
Viva 10036000542445
    Georgia Pacific 21000
      Sparkle® 22144
        Kleenex 50606
          WypAll 5123
            Brawny 440785

              Minimal Lint: Viva 10036000542445

              Viva 10036000542445
              Viva 10036000542445
              • Collect & trap dust effectively - unique weave texture
              • Cost-efficient - double-side absorbent sheets
              • Not soft as other picks

              What could be better than a paper towel that doesn’t leave little to no lint on your glass windows?

              The Viva 10036000542445 distinguishes itself from the rest for its unique weave texture that allows for collecting and trapping dust better on multiple surfaces – such as mirrors, glass, metal, and especially granite which can get unsightly fast.

              The double-side absorbent sheets increase the water-to-weight ratio so that you don’t waste too much paper for the project.

              Viva 10036000542445 Specifications


              11x5.7 Inches (Pack of 24)


              22.25 x 16.25 x 15 inches


              12.56 Pounds

              Highlight Features

              unique weave texture

              double-side absorbent sheets


              The Viva 10036000542445 is a perfect choice for people who want a low-lint paper towel that can work well on multiple surfaces and leave the surface spotless.

              Soft: Georgia Pacific 21000

              Georgia Pacific 21000
              Georgia Pacific 21000
              • Easy to fit standard dispenser – multifold design
              • Comfortable - Soft hand-feeling
              • Sophisticated look - unique emboss
              • Not so strong and sturdy

              The Georgia Pacific 21000 is a fantastic choice for those individuals who want to level up their experience when using paper towels.

              In fact, it’s one of the most used in Class A businesses and office buildings primarily due to its premium softness, high absorbency, and stack-ability. The multifold paper towels fit well any standard dispenser, whether it’s a countertop dispenser or a wall-mounted dispenser.

              As a nice bonus, its unique emboss adds a touch of sophistication to your space.

              Georgia Pacific 21000 Specifications


              16 Packs


              20.88 x 13.88 x 9.88 inches


              13.8 Pounds

              Highlight Features

              multifold design

              Soft hand-feeling

              unique emboss


              Using the Georgia Pacific 21000 as your window-cleaning paper towel, you can expect them to level up your comfort and experience due to its incredibly soft texture.

              Strong: Sparkle® 22144

              Sparkle® 22144
              Sparkle® 22144
              • Super-strong - heavy-duty material and 2-ply design
              • Versatile - extra 0.6 inches’ wide
              • Wish it was more absorbent

              Our next pick is the Sparkle® 22144!

              The perk of this paper towel over the ones above is its strength thanks to the heavy-duty material and 2-ply design.

              We also love how wide each sheet of this roll is, making it versatile enough to fit most usages, from cleaning large-size windows to handling big spills, using as placemats, or being more comfortable for large hands.

              Sparkle® 22144 Specifications


              3 Count (Pack of 6)


              15.75 x 15.5 x 22 inches


              12.45 Pounds

              Highlight Features

              heavy-duty material and 2-ply design

              extra 0.6 inches’ wide


              One of the strongest paper towels for cleaning windows is the Sparkle® 22144

              Absorbent: Kleenex 50606

              Kleenex 50606
              Kleenex 50606
              • Highly absorbent - absorbency pockets
              • Cost-effective - 600’ long/roll
              • More sustainable - proprietary coreless technology for smaller core size
              • Not easy to tear
              • Not fit standard paper towel holder

              Drying performance is one of the most concerns when it comes to paper towels for cleaning windows. Of all the options we tested, the Kleenex 50606 gains the highest points in this aspect.

              It features absorbency pockets and feels a lot thicker than other brands. The unique surface design is another beneficial aspect because it makes dust-collecting better with less issues.

              Each roll is 600’ long, which is 6x longer than standard bathroom tissue rolls. Besides, its core is only 1.75” in size thanks to the proprietary coreless technology, which offers 55% recycled content.

              Kleenex 50606 Specifications


              1 case (6 rolls/case)


              8.38 x 16 x 24 inches


              0.160 ounces

              Highlight Features

              absorbency pockets

              600’ long/roll

              proprietary coreless technology for smaller core size


              If your previous paper towels are poorly absorbent, then try the Kleenex 50606. It’s a real problem solver.

              Reusable: WypAll 5123

              WypAll 5123
              WypAll 5123
              • Sustainable – strong enough to be used again
              • Dependable – made in the US
              • Easily accessible – the banded format
              • A little stiff

              Setting these paper towels apart from other picks in this review list is its reusability.

              Thanks to the top-tier sturdiness, these sheets are not only resistant to harsh cleaning detergents to work well on ant spray-and-wipe jobs but also can be used again if you like.

              The product is proudly made in the US and earns the Climate Pledge Friendly badge for sustainability, which ensures the quality.

              We also like its banded format, which lets you easily access your paper towels when in need.

              WypAll 5123 Specifications


              9.10" x 10.25"


              21.01 x 12.25 x 10.63 inches


              11.66 Pounds

              Highlight Features

              strong enough to be used again

              made in the US

              the banded format


              If you want something that’s disposable yet strong enough to be reusable when in need, grab a pack of the WypAll 5123

              Thick: Brawny 440785

              Brawny 440785
              Brawny 440785
              • Thick & Suitable for large cleaning jobs - 11”x 10.2”, 2-ply sheet design
              • Environmental-friendly – made from responsibly sourced trees
              • Easy to tear - perforated design
              • No complaint

              The Brawny 440785 is a perfect balance between thickness and ease of tearing, thanks to the perforated design.

              Each of its rolls features 56 two-ply sheets, which is 35’ longer than standard paper towels. The size of each sheet is also perfect for large cleaning jobs.

              Another unique thing about this product is its material, which is responsibly sourced from Sustainable Forestry Initiative(r) Fiber Sourcing Standard. Besides, it’s safe enough for use in the kitchen or during cooking, aside from cleaning windows.

              Brawny 440785 Specifications


              6 Count (Pack of 1)


              14 x 9.5 x 11 inches


              2.91 Pounds

              Highlight Features

              11”x 10.2”, 2-ply sheet design

              made from responsibly sourced trees

              perforated design


              If you’re looking for ultra-thick paper towels for cleaning windows, the Brawny 440785 is the best to have.

              How To Choose The Best Paper Towel For Cleaning Windows?


              When considering the material of paper towels for cleaning windows, you should pay close attention to these elements:

              • It should not leave lint on the window glass surface
              • High absorbency


              Low-range paper towels have a tendency to leave lint and cause scratches – which affects the windows’ aesthetics and quality.

              To choose lint-free paper towels for cleaning windows, read the product description and read the customer review if you’re shopping online.


              This term represents the amount of liquid that a paper towel sheet can soak up before breaking.

              The higher the absorbance of a paper towel, the more the usability.

              For cleaning windows, the paper towels that you choose should absorb well and fast. Here are some tips to choose paper towels with high absorbency:

              • Those rolls coated with a translucent resin layer tend to be stronger than those that aren’t.
              • Two-ply paper towels are higher in absorbency level than the one-ply
              • Paper towel sheets embossed with numerous tiny air pockets can soak up water better


              Speaking of sustainability, paper towels are divided into three categories: standard paper towels, reusable paper towels, and recycled paper towels.

              Standard paper towels are the least eco-friendly because they’re made of wood – the material that requires dozens of years to renew, and bleached with chlorine for a beautiful white color. They are undoubtedly the most wasteful and leave the biggest impact on the environment.

              So, we don’t recommend that option!

              Reusable paper towels are mostly made of bamboo – a fast renewable material that often takes a couple of months to regrow. Above all, you can wash them to reuse.

              While there’s no general rule for the number of reuse times, some manufacturers claim that theirs can last up to 100 washes.

              For cleaning windows, as the paper towels don’t come in contact with grease, cooking oil, or food residue as those used in the kitchen, we highly recommend opting for rolls with high reusability.

              Recycled paper towels, as the name implies, are partially or fully made of recycled paper. They may be reusable or not, depending on the brand.

              Which Brands Make The Best Paper Towel For Cleaning Windows?

              Georgia Pacific

              Georgia-Pacific is a US brand, founded in 1927, and one of the biggest manufacturers and distributors of paper towels, pulp, and tissue in the world with over 300 Georgia-Pacific locations globally.

              They have earned a lot of prestigious awards, such as two 2021 AF&PA Sustainability Awards and U.S. EPA SmartWay Environmental Excellence Award.


              Another dependable address for high-quality paper-based products is Kleenex, established in 1924 in the United States. Nowadays, they have manufactured in 30+ countries and sold in more than 170+ countries. One of their most recognizable brands are Viva, Huggies, and Cottonelle.


              Are paper towels good for window cleaning?

              As long as the paper towels are lint-free, highly absorbent, and strong, they are good for window cleaning.

              Will paper towels scratch car glass?

              Some paper towels with rough texture may scratch your car glass. To avoid that, you should opt for those rolls with soft texture, high absorbency, and little to no lint left behind. Or, microfiber cloths are another good alternative.

              Why should you use a single-use paper towel instead of a cloth towel that can be reused?

              A single-use paper towel is convenient to use and popular to buy.

              However, a cloth towel that can be reused is more eco-friendly and cost-efficient due to its high reusability.

              Which other items can I use to clean windows?

              Here are the basic items you will need to clean windows:

              • Lint-free towels or rags
              • Dish soap
              • A 5-gallon bucket or a sprayer
              • A ladder and a ladder stabilizer (optional)
              • A sponge or a scrubber
              • 10”-12” squeegee

              What are the best cleaning tips for streak-free glass?

              To clean your window glass with no streak, try this tip:

              Fill a sprayer with the mixture of vinegar and warm water (the ratio of 1:10). Apply the mixture onto your glass, rub it with a soft, lint-free paper towel or microfiber cloth.


              Material and sustainability are the two criteria that our testers relied on to find the best paper towels for cleaning windows. We hope that our sharing is helpful to you to aid in your search and decision-making process. Thanks for reading!

              Hi, my name is Eugene, the ultimate home enthusiast! I write buying guides and ideas on how to create a warm and welcoming home. Join me on my journey to make everyday in your house a staycation in the comfort of your own space!

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