Best Humidifier For 1000 Square Feet of 2022: Top 6 Picks

Last update: 2022-08-04

In the market for the best humidifier for 1000 square feet? This 2021 update includes five of the top-notch picks available.

After researching more than 20 models, we put each of the strongest candidates through some in-depth side-by-side testing to ensure our readers can find out the best one for their needs, budget, and living space. Below is our detailed review list, check it out!

Here are the best humidifiers for 1000 square feet you can buy in 2022:

  • Low Maintenance: Vornado Evap40
  • Best For Uninterrupted Performance: AIRCARE D46
  • Innovative Design: AILINKE Large Humidifier
  • Best For Kitchen: AILINKE KEECOON Large Humidifier
  • Quiet: JIAWANSHUN Industrial Ultrasonic Humidifier
5 Best Humidifiers For 1000 Square Feet
Low Maintenance
Vornado Evap40
    Best For Uninterrupted Performance
      Innovative Design
      AILINKE Large Humidifier
        Best For Kitchen
        AILINKE KEECOON Large Humidifier
          JIAWANSHUN Industrial Ultrasonic Humidifier

            Low Maintenance: Vornado Evap40

            Vornado Evap40
            Vornado Evap40
            • Easy to maintain – feature two detachable, leak-free, spill-proof tanks
            • Dependable – made in the USA & backed a 5-year warranty
            • Wick humidity to the whole space evenly - Vortex Action airflow
            • A bit noisy on high settings
            • The side grids could be sturdier

            The Evap40 is proudly made in the USA by one of the world’s most popular humidifier brands to meet all international safety standards, especially the U. S. voltage requirements.

            Unsurprisingly, it’s also backed by the manufacturer’s standard-surpassing 5-year warranty.

            Its overall performance (including spray volume, duration, and controls) is quite satisfying; it highlights a special airflow named Vortex Action with the capabilities of humidifying all the air in a certain space.

            But what truly sets this unit apart from others is its tanks.

            In our list, the Evap40 is the sole 1000-square-foot humidifier, the two tanks of which are designed to capably resist leakage and spills efficiently, making it very easy to refill and clean.

            Vornado Evap40 Specifications


            9 Pounds


            10.5 x 19.5 x 13.5 inches


            4 Gallons

            Run Time

            24 hours

            Highlight Features

            feature two detachable, leak-free, spill-proof tanks

            made in the USA & backed a 5-year warranty

            Vortex Action airflow


            The Vornado Evap40 is our most favorite pick that features two detachable tanks with leak-free and spill-proof properties for low maintenance.

            Best For Uninterrupted Performance: AIRCARE D46

            AIRCARE D46
            AIRCARE D46
            • Offer the longest runtime, up to 50 hours
            • Great controllability and customizability – four fan speed modes & digital controls
            • Extra safety – added auto-shutoff feature
            • A bit heavy

            At just 2 gallons of tank capacity, all of our testers were pleasantly surprised that this humidifier provided the longest duration out of a bunch, up to 50 hours, at the most highly competitive price. Its actual space capacity coverage is 1,200 square feet.

            And, this humidifier is the only option that features 4 fan speed modes while most of its competing models just have three or none.

            One notable feature is the added auto-shutoff for extra safety and less babysitting.

            We also like its handy digital controls where you can easily track and precisely control the machine’s humidity output.

            AIRCARE D46 Specifications


            11.25 Pounds


            10 x 15 x 26 inches


            Up To 2 Gallons

            Run Time

            Up To 50 hours

            Highlight Features

            50 hours of runtime

            four fan speed modes & digital controls

            added auto-shutoff feature


            The AIRCARE D46 is the only humidity option in this list that offers up to a 50-hour runtime, making it the shiniest contender for uninterrupted performance.

            Innovative Design: AILINKE Large Humidifier

            AILINKE Large Humidifier
            AILINKE Large Humidifier
            • Offer unlimited water capacity – able to fit water tanks at different capacity ranges
            • Ultra-powerful & offer constant humidity – feature 1500ml/h of spray volume
            • Extra convenience - three-setting timer, touch-button control panel, remote control, and 360° rotatable mist tube
            • A bit pricey

            This humidifier by AILINKE is a bit different from other counterparts; it doesn’t come with a water tank and you have to buy it separately.

            In turn, this innovative design gives you the freedom in tank capacity choices, meaning that it fits various humidifying needs.

            You can pick either a water storage container or a water bottle with the desired capacity, just make sure its opening size meets the humidifiers.

            Its ultra-large humidification capacity is also impressive, which is up to 1500ml/h - nearly five times more than conventional humidifiers. The added UV light also comes in handy to make sure the water input is bacteria-free before being wicked to the air.

            Compared to the two 1000-square-foot capacity humidifiers above, this one is a bit pricier, however, there are some practical additions. Such as the three-setting timer, touch-button control panel, remote control, and 360° rotatable mist tube.

            So, considering the price and innovative construction, it’s still a worthy investment.

            AILINKE Large Humidifier Specifications


            4.4 pounds


            14.3 x 12.9 x 9 inches


            5 gallons

            Run Time

            Over 48 hours.

            Spray Volume


            Highlight Features

            Offer unlimited water capacity

            feature 1500ml/h of spray volume

            three-setting timer, touch-button control panel, remote control, and 360° rotatable mist tube


            The AILINKE Large Humidifier is innovatively designed with your convenience in mind, with an emphasis on giving no restriction in the water tank.

            Best For Kitchen: AILINKE KEECOON Large Humidifier

            AILINKE KEECOON Large Humidifier
            AILINKE KEECOON Large Humidifier
            • Easy to maneuver – four transporting wheels
            • Perfect for narrow kitchen - two 360-degree adjustable nozzles, slim-profile design, & whisper-quiet operation
            • Look modern and cool
            • Wish it had instructions in English
            • No humidity thermostat

            The AILINKE KEECOON Large Humidifier overlook really wowed us. It features a transparent 4.2-gallon tank with a top-refilled design, a visual LED digital screen control panel on the side, a modern color scheme, a slim-profile build, and four transport wheels.

            It is the perfect space-saving option for narrow areas plus the whisper-quiet operation at just 26 decibels will never interrupt your work.

            It also comes with two 360-degree adjustable nozzles for superior customizability and a more comfortable environment based on your demand. Also thanks to these added features, the KEECOON is great for extended use in kitchens.

            The other features of this humidifier are quite identical to the manufacturer’s previous version, with 1500ml/h spray volume, three fan speed settings, remote control, and a timer.

            AILINKE KEECOON Large Humidifier Specifications


            6.16 pounds


            34.25 x 18.5 x 6.75 inches



            Run Time

            more than 48 hours.

            Spray Volume


            Highlight Features

            four transporting wheels

            two 360-degree adjustable nozzles, slim-profile design, & whisper-quiet operation

            modern design


            If you’re looking for the best 1000-square-foot capacity humidifier for kitchens, the AILINKE KEECOON is our recommendation.

            Quiet: JIAWANSHUN Industrial Ultrasonic Humidifier

            JIAWANSHUN Industrial Ultrasonic Humidifier
            JIAWANSHUN Industrial Ultrasonic Humidifier
            • Run very quietly – ultrasonic technology
            • Safe and credible – auto-shutoff & reminders of too-low water levels
            • Look minimalist and modern
            • Heavy and cumbersome with no wheels
            • Expensive

            The JIAWANSHUN is one of the most powerful industrial-grade humidifiers we tested. To give you a better idea about what we’ve just said, it - at the lowest operating mode - works as strongly as if you're running three regular humidifiers simultaneously.

            It distributes constant humidity thanks to the added tube with multiple angle adjustments, and the transparent water tank allows for easy tracking to know when it needs refilling.

            But what impressed us the most is its ultra-quiet operation, even at the highest fan speed setting, which is a big thank you to the ultrasonic technology.

            Besides, the JIAWANSHUN is very reliable and convenient. It will remind you when the water level is too low as well as automatically shut off if no water is added.

            JIAWANSHUN Industrial Ultrasonic Humidifier Specifications


            15.4 pounds




            3.4 gallons

            Run Time

            about 10 hours in heavy fog

            Spray Volume


            Highlight Features

            ultrasonic technology

            auto-shutoff & reminders of too-low water levels


            Making barely any sound when operating, the JIAWANSHUN Industrial Ultrasonic Humidifier becomes the quietest option in this list.

            How To Choose The Best Humidifier For 1000 Square Feet?

            Tank Capacity

            A big water tank capacity is one of the most important things when considering a humidifier for the entire house.

            Those models that are built with a 3- to 4-gallon water tank can constantly run for up to 36 hours/filling. For ultra-large houses or spaces, like 1000 square feet of area size, the machine can last around 14-20 hours/filling.

            That means the bigger the water tank capacity, the longer the runtime plus the fewer the refill times.

            Noise Levels

            Most users don’t like a loud humidifier when it’s operating.

            If you are one of them, when going shopping, pay attention to this feature – which is also the main noise source of any humidifier type – its mist-dispersing technique.

            Humidifiers, supposed they offer the same coverage capacity, are constructed of different mist-dispersing techniques that will create different noise levels. There are currently three main types of humidifiers:

            • Evaporative humidifier
            • Ultrasonic humidifier
            • Console humidifier

            Among them, the ultrasonic models are the quietest whereas the evaporative ones are the noisiest.

            Humidifier Types

            However, the types of humidifiers not just affect the noise levels created during operating, but also many other things, such as coverage capacity, prices, energy efficiency.

            Shall we learn more about each of them?



            Evaporative humidifier

            Affordable prices

            Ultra-large coverage capacity

            Work noisily because they use fans to disperse mist to the air

            Ultrasonic humidifier

            The quietest, thanks to the added high-frequency sound vibration

            Able to provide a cool and warm mist

            Low operation cost

            Built with multiple additional features

            Not as large coverage capacity as the evaporative humidifiers

            A bit complicated to use

            Console humidifier

            The most energy-efficient

            Provide the largest coverage capacity, perfect for the whole house with many rooms

            Compatible with a house’s HVAC system

            Expensive prices

            Costly installation fee

            Which Brands Make The Best Humidifier For 1000 Square Feet?


            Vornado is one of the longest-standing companies in the US that specialize in manufacturing indoor-air-improving products, like electric fans and humidifiers.

            It was started by Ralph K. Odor and O.A. Sutton in the early 1920s and owns the famous Power Vortex design as well as the Vornado Fan™. Through the years, they built and kept their worldwide reputation for five-star customer service and forward-thinking products.

            AIRCARE Products

            With over 70 years of experience in manufacturing humidifiers, AIRCARE Products deserve the 1st position in both the US’s and the world’s ranking chart of the largest humidifier manufacturer where you can easily buy top-notch quality products.


            What size dehumidifier do I need for 1000 square feet?

            The right dehumidifier size for a 1000-square-foot area should be 14 pints and 17 pints if the space is very damp.

            Can a humidifier be too big for a room?

            No, it can’t. A humidifier too big for a room will encourage mildew and bacteria growth, which is not good for your health.

            Where should I put a humidifier in my bedroom?

            A humidifier should be placed either on the floor or a shelf, at least 3’ away from a bedroom.

            Can a humidifier cause mold in a room?

            Yes, it can. A humidifier can cause mold in a room if it’s not frequently maintained or not maintained properly, which breeds mold or bacteria. In some cases, a too-large humidifier also boosts mold growth in space.

            Is sleeping with a humidifier good for your skin?

            Yes, it is. A humidifier keeps your skin from dehydrating within eight straight hours at night, even if you don’t apply moisturizer on your skin. This device also helps reduce acne, irritation, redness, and flaky skin.


            This is the end of our buying guide.

            We believe that, through it, you’ve got more pieces of information about how to choose the best humidifier for 1000 square feet, which brands are reliable to purchase from, and so on.

            Our team is proud of the work we’ve done to round up all the five options and honored to be a part of your decision-make process. Thanks for reading!

            Eugene Williams
            Eugene Williams

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