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6 Best Affordable Sleeper Sofas For Small Space of 2024

By Eugene WilliamsLast update: 2024-05-09

Do you have a small room and a tight budget and want to save money by investing in a sleeper sofa? This type of sofa can function as a bed and a sofa in the same model, but the different products can meet the different requirements. For example, while some are so small and compact that you can save a lot of space, others are added a thick mattress to offer better sleeping experiences. Thus, to pick up the most suitable item, you have to determine what you really want.

Most high-quality sleeper sofas available on the market aren’t cheap. However, if you wish to buy a 1-or-2-seat sleeper sofa for your small room, I recommend you choose one of the best affordable sleeper sofas for small space below:

Here are the best affordable sleeper sofas for small space you can buy in 2024:

  • Best For Hot Sleepers (1-Seat Sleeper Sofas): Esright
  • Best For Lighter People (1-Seat Sleeper Sofas): IULULU
  • Best For Heavier People (1-Seat Sleeper Sofas): Vonanda
  • Easy To Assemble (2-Seat Sleeper Sofas): SLEERWAY
  • Sturdy (2-Seat Sleeper Sofas): POWERSTONE
  • Max Comfort (2-Seat Sleeper Sofas): SLEERWAY
6 Best Affordable Sleeper Sofas For Small Space
Best For Hot Sleepers
  • 1-Seat Sleeper Sofas
Best For Lighter People
  • 1-Seat Sleeper Sofas
Best For Heavier People
  • 1-Seat Sleeper Sofas
Easy To Assemble
  • 2-Seat Sleeper Sofas
  • 2-Seat Sleeper Sofas
Max Comfort
  • 2-Seat Sleeper Sofas

Best For Hot Sleepers: Esright

  • Comfortable and big
  • Effortless to convert from chair to bed
  • Supportive and functional
  • Attractive, cute, and beautiful
  • Simple to put them together
  • Not soft enough for pregnant women

Breathable linen fabric can’t provide you with good support, and thick foam isn’t breathable. But, the Esright 1-seat sleeper sofa combined with breathable fabric and high-density foam upholstery has these wonderful advantages.

When sweating, the breathable linen fabric will absorb moisture; especially, the airflow and wind allow your body to dry quickly. Meanwhile, this sofa’s thick foam offers a soft feeling and good support so that you can enjoy the most comfortable relaxing and sleeping moments on this sofa.

Esright Specifications

Assembled Dimension

38 1/2” L x 35 7/8” W x 33 7/8”H



Weight Capacity

330 lbs

Highlight Features

3-in-1 convertible sofa

3-level adjustable backrest

Sturdy frame & breathable fabric


Esright 1-seat Sleeper Sofa brings a cool feeling for hot sleepers without losing the softness of a sofa.

Best For Lighter People: IULULU

  • Easy to use and move
  • Affordable
  • Sleek and modern design
  • No assembly required
  • Convenient and comfortable
  • Not for overweight people

The manufacturer said that the weight capacity of the IULULU 1-seat sleeper sofa is 260 lbs. According to practical experience, this product is not suitable for heavy people due to its thin padding.

However, this is an excellent solution for light people. Its pretty high-density sponge cushion supports good enough for lighter users at an affordable price.

Bear in mind that a thick cushion isn’t always the best. You don’t need to waste money to invest in an expensive product with highly thick padding unessentially.

IULULU Specifications


‎35 pounds

Assembled Dimension

37.5"L X29"D X29"H

Weight Capacity

260 lbs.

Highlight Features

90 ° to 180 ° adjustable backrest

Foldable design

The click-clack mechanism, hidden legs, and foldable mattress


IULULU 1-seat Sleeper Sofa is luxuriously soft and sturdy enough to support one light adult.

Best For Heavier People: Vonanda

  • Comfortable
  • Convenient
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Not clear instructions
  • Heavy

The Vonanda 1-seat sleeper sofa’s weight capacity is 400 pounds, ideal for supporting heavy and overweight people. Everything happens for reasons:

Its industry-style black metal legs are sturdy enough to support both heavy people and the whole sofa stably.

The core part includes high-resilient sponges that are the best foam to use as cushions because it’s strongly responsive for a quick return action and offers additional bounce for a comfortable sitting experience.

Its serpentine springs are zigzag across the sofa to provide the best comfort and durability to withstand overweight people’s weight.

Finally, the metal frame keeps your sofa from deforming when used for a long time.

Vonanda Specifications

Assembled Dimension

Sofa Dimensions :(L) 35'' * (W) 34'' * (H)37''

Bed Dimensions: (L) 75'' * (W) 34'' * (H)15''


Linen, metal, and sponge

Weight Capacity

400 pounds

Highlight Features

The convertible two-in-one sleeper sofa

The sofa cushion

The industrial-style black metal legs


Vonanda 1-seat Sleeper Sofa is sturdy and durable enough to put up with the weight of heavy people.

Easy To Assemble: SLEERWAY

  • Soft
  • Straightforward to convert into a bed
  • Sturdy
  • Cute, stylish, but functional
  • Easy to move around
  • A bit uncomfortable to use too long

Don’t you want to waste a lot of time assembling a sofa or are you a first-time user and don’t have a lot of experience installing a sleeper sofa conveniently right?

I have an efficient solution for you here. It’s straightforward to assemble the SLEERWAY 2-seat sleeper sofa. You just need to insert 2 armrests into the seat and mount the legs into the bottom of the sofa. The whole installation doesn’t require any tools. Without any experience, you can complete installing the sofa within 30 minutes.

SLEERWAY Specifications


Net Weight: 66 LBS

Gross Weight: 76 LBS

Assembled Dimension

Sofa dimension: 31.10'' H x 68.11''W x 33.07'' D

Sleeper Bed Dimension: 16.54'' H x 61.02'' W x 36'' D


Velvet, Polywood, Foam, and Metal

Weight Capacity

700 lbs

Highlight Features

A convertible design


You don’t have to spend much of your time and effort on your part to assemble the SLEERWAY 2-seat Sleeper Sofa.


  • Nice look
  • Easy to assemble
  • Pretty lightweight, so it’s easy to move
  • Compact
  • Comfortable
  • Not attachable armrest

The POWERSTONE is constructed from sturdy elements: hardwood frame, high-resilient foam, solid foot support, strong springs.

In particular, this sofa is made from waterproof leather that is the most durable material. With proper maintenance and treatment, this sleeper sofa can last for a lifetime. Thanks to the waterproof feature, this model doesn’t accumulate much dust and many dirty spots, helping you clean it easier and quicker. Moreover, this material is resistant to wear and tear.

POWERSTONE Specifications

Assembled Dimension

Sofa Dimensions: 64 inches x 31.5 inches x 28.5 inches (L x W x H)

Bed Dimensions: 64 inches x 36.6 inches x 15.4 inches (L x W x H)


Glass, Leather, Iron

Weight Capacity

550 lbs

Highlight Features

Click-clack technology

Optional cup holders

Convertible sofa bed


POWERSTONE 2-seat Sleeper Sofa is a worthy and long-term investment because it can withstand many outdoor elements.

Max Comfort: SLEERWAY

  • Sturdy
  • Comfortable, soft, and cozy
  • Easy to install
  • Nice and modern look
  • The center is a bit harder.

The thickened cushion is filled with a high-density sponge, providing remarkable resilience. It has twice the density of low-density foams, so your body is supported better.

Meanwhile, the coil springs keep the sofa in its original shape without deforming to provide resistance and support.

Although it is offered full of support for maximum comfort, this sofa isn’t hot when used for a long time. Its breathable linen will absorb moisture and dry your body when sweating.

SLEERWAY Specifications

Assembled Dimension

Sofa Size: L75" x W33" x H29"

Sleeper Size: L75" x W39.4" x H23.8"


Polyester, Foam, Wood

Weight Capacity

600 lbs

Highlight Features

Coil springs

3 reclining angles for a backrest

The built-in mechanical design

2 matching pillows


SLEERWAY 2-seat Sleeper Sofa makes you feel so comfortable no matter how long you use the sofa.

How To Choose The Best Affordable Sleeper Sofa For Small Space?

What Is The Ideal Size?

You are looking for a sleeper sofa for a small space, so most people think about a small and compact model.

However, How Small Is It?

To get a specific answer, you need to measure your space and take the sleeper sofa dimensions from the manufacturer to make a comparison. Make sure that the folded and unfolded sofa sizes fit your room well.

Is Weight Your Matter?

If you plan to set your sofa in place, the weight isn’t a matter. But, once you want to move it from place to place regularly, don’t purchase a heavy sofa with metal frames. Instead, consider a compact, small, and lightweight model like a fold-down, futon-style sofa bed.

How Will You Use Your Sleeper Sofa On A Regular Basis?

Any sleeper sofa has 2 functions: bed and sofa use. You should choose a converter type based on your primary purpose. If you usually use your sleeper sofa as the main sofa and rarely unfold, you can invest in simple designs like futon-style, twin-size sleeper, and fold-down converters.

In case you want to sleep on a sleeper sofa permanently, a pullout sofa with an innerspring or memory foam mattress is softer to sleep on for a long time.

Which Brands Make The Best Affordable Sleeper Sofa For Small Space?


Esright is one of the leading brands in America. This brand deals in high-quality sofas. In particular, they have other spotlight product lines as follows:

  • Lift recliner chairs are designed for people with mobility issues and chronic back pains or those who are recovering from surgery.
  • Manual recliners feature reclining and massage functions. This type of chair suits to relax after working or studying for hours.
  • Room dividers are used to divide your rooms into smaller areas and add unique atmosphere and style into your room.
  • Glider recline allows your body, your back, even your feet to relax comfortably.
  • Besides, this brand also provides their customers with other product lines such as pets cages and outdoor firepits.


How much should a sleeper sofa cost?

An affordable sleeper is around $600. Even if you don’t have a large budget for a sleeper sofa, you shouldn’t choose a too-cheap model that isn’t long-lasting.

Are affordable sleeper sofas uncomfortable?

Not all affordable sleeper sofas are uncomfortable. Choosing the right product, you have a comfortable sitting and sleeping feeling on it.

Can you sleep on a sleeper sofa permanently?

Yes. The traditional sleeper sofas are only a temporary solution because they are not comfortable using too long. Nowadays, sofa mattresses are thicker, even many of them are made from high-quality and comfortable PU foam for long-term comfort. Thus, it’s possible to sleep on a sleeper sofa permanently.

How long does it take for a new sleeper sofa to soften?

A new sleeper sofa requires at least one month to soften.

How much weight can a sleeper sofa hold?

The exact answer depends on your sleeper sofa size and other considerations, but you can refer to the following information:

  • A twin sleeper sofa can hold a person up to 250 pounds.
  • A full-size sleeper sofa holds 2 250-pound people (500 pounds in total).
  • A queen sleeper sofa can hold 600 pounds.
  • A king sleeper sofa holds 630 pounds.


First, not all products are good in every respect. You can buy a 2-in-1 model, using it as a bed and a sofa to save more space at a reasonable price. This seems to be an ideal solution, but you will have to sacrifice some unimportant aspects to reach your primary purpose. For instance, a sofa with a thick mattress can bring a comfortable sleeping experience, while a thin-padding sofa is more compact, smaller, and easier to move around. So, do you want to permanently sleep on your sleeper sofa or sometimes use it as a bed for your guests? Now, you might determine which is the best affordable sleeper sofa for small space? Don’t forget to let me know by leaving your comment below.

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