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6 Best Reed Diffusers For Bathroom of 2024

By Eugene WilliamsLast update: 2024-07-19

Reed diffusers are the perfect choice to fragrance your bathroom and add a touch of style to the overall décor. When you’re on the market for the best reed diffusers for bathroom, chances are that you get overwhelmed by thousands of options. That’s why we made this list:

Here are the best reed diffusers for bathroom you can buy in 2024:

  • Strong Fragrance: COCODOR JPCOFL200PUEX
  • Milder Fragrance: NEST NEST08OS002
  • Best For Smaller Bathrooms: Xcleen Xcleen01
  • Best For Long-Lasting Fragrance: HOUZZ Interior HOUZZ-CV
  • Slow Diffusing: 4SCENT Reed Diffuser
  • Crisp Forest Fragrance: Thymes 0529964000
6 Best Reed Diffusers For Bathroom
Strong Fragrance
    Milder Fragrance
    NEST NEST08OS002
      Best For Smaller Bathrooms
      Xcleen Xcleen01
        Best For Long-Lasting Fragrance
        HOUZZ Interior HOUZZ-CV
          Slow Diffusing
          4SCENT Reed Diffuser
            Crisp Forest Fragrance
            Thymes 0529964000

              Strong Fragrance: COCODOR JPCOFL200PUEX

              COCODOR JPCOFL200PUEX
              COCODOR JPCOFL200PUEX
              • Perfect for large bathrooms – strong and bold fragrance
              • A clear and fresh scent – notes of mint, citrus, and white laundry
              • Reliable – meeting all IFRA standards and regulations
              • Not last as long as other picks

              The COCODOR JPCOFL200PUEX is definitely a great choice if you need a strong smell for a large and well-ventilated bathroom.

              This reed diffuser diffuses a clean and pure scent which is a combination of mint, a citrus note, and white laundry, leaving a texture of clean cotton.

              Rest assured, the product adheres to IFRA standards and regulations and doesn't contain toxins or harsh chemicals like styrene, xylene, toluene, etc.

              We appreciate the added fake flowers, making the whole reed diffuser set look more like a beautiful small flower vase and adding a spring vibe to the space.

              COCODOR JPCOFL200PUEX Specifications


              3.35 x 3.35 x 8.07 inches


              6.7oz (200ml)


              pure cotton

              Approximate Usage

              60 days

              Highlight Features

              strong and bold fragrance

              notes of mint, citrus, and white laundry

              IFRA certified


              Amongst the reed diffusers for bathroom we tested, the COCODOR JPCOFL200PUEX stands out for its incredibly strong fragrance.

              Milder Fragrance: NEST NEST08OS002

              NEST NEST08OS002
              NEST NEST08OS002
              • Ideal for medium bathrooms - Milder fragrance
              • Dependable – made in USA & natural, alcohol-free ingredients
              • Pricey

              If you're very sensitive to scents and looking for a reed diffuser with a milder fragrance, we highly recommend the NEST NEST08OS002.

              This product brings up a mild scent of sea salt, ocean mist, coconut, and white tea - making it a perfect way to elevate your mood.

              The scent is not overpowering but still distinguishable enough that you'll smell it after a few minutes you go into the bathroom.

              The essential oil is alcohol-free, 100% natural, and made in the USA - which we very much appreciate. In addition, it is vegan without animal testing.

              NEST NEST08OS002 Specifications


              2.7 x 4 x 8.5 inches


              5.9 fl oz



              Approximate Usage

              90 days

              Highlight Features

              Milder fragrance

              made in USA & natural, alcohol-free ingredients


              We pick the NEST NEST08OS002 for those who prefer a bathroom reed diffuser with a milder fragrance.

              Best For Smaller Bathrooms: Xcleen Xcleen01

              Xcleen Xcleen01
              Xcleen Xcleen01
              • Suitable for smaller bathrooms
              • Luxurious looking - dark blue glass vase
              • Affordable
              • Not last long for the fill size

              The Xcleen Xcleen01 is perfect for smaller bathrooms because the fragrance is so great.

              This reed diffuser works slowly but effectively. Each 110ml bottle can last up to 70 days in a small bathroom.

              The scent Escape is very fresh and clean and reminds us of a light men's fragrance. It's so subtle yet signature that you can notice it right when you go to your bathroom.

              As a nice plus, the dark blue glass vase adds a touch of luxury to your space. Besides, the bottle opening is narrow, which helps minimize essential oil evaporation.

              Xcleen Xcleen01 Specifications


              3"L x 3"W x 11"H





              Approximate Usage

              55-70 days

              Highlight Features

              Suitable for smaller bathrooms

              dark blue glass vase


              For smaller bathrooms, we find the Xcleen Xcleen01 a great choice because of their subtle scent.

              Best For Long-Lasting Fragrance: HOUZZ Interior HOUZZ-CV

              HOUZZ Interior HOUZZ-CV
              HOUZZ Interior HOUZZ-CV
              • Efficient & Long-lasting fragrance – a 5-ounce bottle for approximate usage of over 120 days
              • A sweet and fruity fragrance
              • Unique and modern-looking reeds
              • Not easy to flip the reeds
              • Not for large bathrooms

              What surprised us the most when testing this reed diffuser from HOUZZ is the scent lasts for a very long time.

              On average, each 5-ounce bottle of this can last over 120 days, nearly 35% longer than the NEST NEST08OS002 (although the NEST08OS002 is 5.9 ounces in size, a bit larger).

              So, it's not exaggerating to say that the HOUZZ Interior HOUZZ-CV is the most efficient option that we tested.

              The fragrance is sweet and fruity. It's a combination of sugar, cream, and coconut with base notes of Vanilla and Cedarwood and middle notes of Lily of the Valley and Rose.

              We also like the decorative reeds and modern-looking glass bottles that will surely suit any bathroom decor style.

              HOUZZ Interior HOUZZ-CV Specifications


              3.13 x 1.82 x 4.75 inches


              5 oz.


              Essential Oils

              Approximate Usage

              over 120 days

              Highlight Features

              a 5-ounce bottle for approximate usage of over 120 days


              If you are searching for a long-lasting fragrance reed diffuser for bathroom, our favorite pick is the HOUZZ Interior HOUZZ-CV

              Slow Diffusing: 4SCENT Reed Diffuser

              4SCENT Reed Diffuser
              4SCENT Reed Diffuser
              • Elegance & luxury – white artificial gardenia
              • A sweet and floral aroma – notes of blooming citrus, peach, and wild strawberry
              • Slow diffusing – rattan reeds
              • No complaint

              Unlike most other reed diffusers in this review list, this one from 4SCENT diffuses slowly. It will take about a day for reed sticks to absorb the fragrance oil to release scents fully. In turn, the fragrance lingers very long, up to three months for a 6.7-ounce bottle.

              This will be a perfect choice if you like a sweet and floral aroma. A great combination of blooming citrus, peach, and wild strawberry.

              The added artificial gardenia adds charm and elegance to the reed diffuser.

              Note: This option is recommended for a 200-square-foot room.

              4SCENT Reed Diffuser Specifications


              10.24"L x 2.96"W x 2.96"H


              6.7 fl oz



              Approximate Usage

              up to 3 months

              Highlight Features

              white artificial gardenia

              notes of blooming citrus, peach, and wild strawberry

              rattan reeds


              Made from rattan reeds, the 4SCENT Reed Diffuser is slow-diffusing compared to other counterparts.

              Crisp Forest Fragrance: Thymes 0529964000

              Thymes 0529964000
              Thymes 0529964000
              • Crisp forest fragrance – a combination of sandalwood, cedarwood, and Siberian Fir needles
              • Minimalist design
              • Expensive

              This reed diffuser from Thymes will fill your bathroom with a crisp, relaxing, and heartening scent of sandalwood, cedarwood, and Siberian Fir needles.

              Each 7.75-ounce essential oil bottle can last several months, depending on the room area.

              And like most other picks in this list, the Thymes 0529964000 is made in the US with cruelty-free and toxin-free formula.

              A huge compliment for its minimalist and artisan design.

              Thymes 0529964000 Specifications


              4"L x 4"W x 9.25"H


              7.75 Fl Oz



              Highlight Features

              a combination of sandalwood, cedarwood, and Siberian Fir needles

              Minimalist design


              Check out the Thymes 0529964000 if you’re seeking a reed diffuser with crisp forest fragrance.

              How To Choose The Best Reed Diffuser For Bathroom?

              When it comes to reed diffusers for bathroom, they all aren’t created equal.

              There are a wide variety of factors that go into making a quality diffuser, so it's important to do your research before making a purchase. Here are the essential factors for you to keep in mind:

              Size Of The Reed Diffuser

              When choosing a reed diffuser for your bathroom, it is important to take into account the size of the diffuser.

              The diffuser should be large enough to disperse the essential oil evenly throughout the room but not too large that it becomes overwhelming.

              In terms of height, reed diffusers can range from just a few inches to over a foot tall.

              If you have a larger bathroom, you may want to choose a taller diffuser so that the fragrance can reach all corners of the room. For smaller bathrooms, a shorter diffuser will suffice.

              Width is another important factor to consider when selecting a reed diffuser.

              Diffusers can range from narrow and slender to wide and bulky. Choose a width that best complements the size of your bathroom and allows for easy placement on a shelf or countertop.

              Fill Size

              When choosing the best reed diffuser for your bathroom, you'll want to consider the fill size. The fill size is the amount of fragrance oil that the diffuser can hold.

              A smaller fill size will mean that the diffuser will need to be refilled more often, while a larger fill size will last longer.

              Surface Area

              Keep in mind that diffusers with a large surface area will diffuse the fragrance more quickly than those with a small surface area.

              Other Factors

              Scent Option

              Once you've narrowed down the style, take a look at the scent options.

              Some diffusers come with multiple scent pads that can be swapped out, while others are only meant for one specific fragrance.

              Pick a scent that you know you'll love and that will help relax you while you're getting ready for your day or unwinding after a long day.


              Think about the overall design style of your bathroom. Is it modern or traditional? Do you want something that will blend in or stand out?

              There are diffusers available in all sorts of styles, so it shouldn't be too difficult to find one that matches your bathroom.

              But if you're having trouble deciding, consider going for a more neutral option like a clear glass diffuser.

              You should also take into account the overall design of your bathroom.

              A large, ornate diffuser may look out of place in a small, minimalist bathroom. Conversely, a small diffuser may get lost in a large, cluttered bathroom. Choose a diffuser that fits in with the overall design of your bathroom.

              Which Brands Make The Best Reed Diffuser For Bathroom?


              For nearly 20 years, Cocod'or has been Korea's leading diffuser and candle company. As a pioneer in fragrance, Cocod'or uses only natural ingredients in our diffusers. They are eco-friendly and affordable.


              Nest was founded in 2008 and is best known for launching a wide variety of scented products that help people live happy healthy lives. Founder Laura Slatkin has been recognized by the fragrance industry as a game-changer who combines the familiar with the exotic to create a breathtaking experience, unlike anything they've tried before.


              Are reed diffusers good for the bathroom?

              Yes, they are. Reed diffusers are a great addition for the bathroom as they help fragrance the space and lift up your bathing experience.

              Are reed diffusers better than plug-ins?

              We would say each type of diffuser has its advantages and disadvantages.

              Reed diffusers provide a more constant, less hassle stream of scent plus no tangled power cord problems. They don’t need to be turned on/off or require placing near an electric socket.

              But plug-in diffusers allow you to control the stream of scent.

              How often do you need to change the reeds in a reed diffuser?

              You need to change the reeds in a reed diffuser every 2 or 3 months.

              Do you put all the sticks in a reed diffuser?

              No, you don’t have to put all the sticks into a reed diffuser. The more the sticks put in the diffuser, the more diffused fragrance and the larger coverage.

              So, the number of sticks depends on your preference and the room area.

              Where do you put the reed diffuser in the bathroom?

              You can put a reed diffuser on a countertop or top of the toilet in your bathroom.


              The best reed diffusers for bathroom are those that are specifically designed to be used in bathrooms. There are many great products on the market, which might make it hard for you to pick the perfect one.

              We hope this comprehensive guide and review helped you find the one that works best for you and your needs. Thanks for reading!

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